Are You Considering Roof Racks?

For owners of any type of vehicle, from all-terrain jeeps to sedans, there undoubtedly will be storage limitations. When you want to make a special trip and bring suitcases, sports and camping equipment, you’ll find there simply isn’t any room left. By adding a roof rack to your vehicle, you’ll find an easy solution to the problem.

Roof racks facilitate the transportation of any type of loads and free up extra car storage space for you to access inside your vehicle. They also free up leg room and seat space and provide a strong platform to carry surfboards, bikes or camping equipment.

Roof racks are attached to rails on your vehicle’s roof. Although many newer vehicles are equipped with factory-installed roof rails, your car may not be. You will need to start by making sure you have rails installed on the roof.

Once the rails are in place, only a small amount of clamping devices will be necessary for your roof rack. You can now decide which rack is right for you.

The choices in sports racks are numerous, the best of which can hold your cargo while limiting the amount of wind noise. By combining stainless steel engineering with heavy duty plastic fixtures, sport racks are not only effective but also stylish in appearance, as manufacturers know it’s not all about function. The bolts should be strong enough to send any thieves away without incident.

For heavier loads, consider a heavy duty rack capable of hauling any type of cargo. The size and weight limits will nearly go out the window with this option. Of course, it is important to ascertain whether your vehicle can handle such an amount of weight. The heavy duty roof rack will keep out much of the tedious wind noise as well, combining industrial strength with sleek designs.

Roof racks are ideal for a surf safari. Whether you’re on the road in Australia or in Northern California, you can bring all your surfboards, camping equipment and sleeping bags to make your trip a true adventure in the wild.

For fishermen and camping enthusiasts, the roof rack lets you stock all the tools of your trade and keep the fish your number one priority. Any fishing poles or cooking accessories can come along for the ride.

If you want to take the plunge and hit the wild river rapids, strap a canoe, kayak or other small craft to your vehicle and you’ll be ready to test your skills in the water.

The big family trips will become a true pleasure with the use of a roof rack. There will be plenty of room for extra suitcases, bicycles or any other must-have items for the kids. Since your passenger space will remain as is, everyone can relax and enjoy the sights with plenty of room to stretch out.

Because there are so many benefits to owning a roof racks and the prices are so reasonable, this decision is an easy one to make. Any kind of vehicle is ready for a roof rack, even the bigger trucks. Customized roof racks will make sure any car is ready for the road.

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A Roofrack for Your Vehicle

There can be no doubting the fact that ours is a country that is in love with the open road. We are, in effect, a nation of car lovers, as proven by the wide ownership of vehicles. It is a part of our very American dream to go out on the open road in search of something exciting or better, hence our love affair with the endless road trip. The thing about such long and extensive road trips is that it is necessary to bring along a fair amount of stuff on the ride; hence the ubiquitousness of roofracks on vehicles on all of America’s roads.

Most cars out on the road today are typical sedans and other passenger cars, all of which have one thing in common: extremely limited and minimal storage area. Based on that reality, somebody at some point had the marvelous idea of developing an alternative storage cabin on their roof, thus giving birth to the roofrack. Through the use of a roofrack it is possible for drivers to travel with more of their personal items as well as allow for more space inside the car which provides for greater comfort and safety while driving, not to mention the ability to bring along one’s unwieldy sporting gear (such as kayaks, surf boards, skis, etc.).

Exactly what kind of roofrack a person will end up putting on top of their car is going to be greatly influenced by exactly what it is that they planning on putting in it, or on top of it, as happens to be the case. There are very basic and typical roofracks that are suited for simply bringing along light items like some extra clothing and other trifling materials, while in order to mount very heavy and bulky objects such as extreme sports gear, etc., it is important to count on the support of a more sturdy and heavy duty roofrack.

Additionally, the precise kind of car that you are driving will be a determining factor when deciding the kind of roofrack to be employed; the way in which your car’s roof was designed at the factory will have a lot of effect on the final decision. In general, it seems like old cars were generally built with the sort of roof gutters suitable for installing roofracks, though today’s models generally are not manufactured in this way. No need to fret, however, as practically any kind of roof can be fitted with a stable roofrack with a little effort.

If you do happen to have a car with some variety of roof ribs or roof gutters then you are half-way towards your goal; then, if you have no such features on your roof then there is the possibility of strategically placing hooks or clamps in your door frame to serve as the basis for a roofrack.

The basic conditions that your roof must meet for installing a roofrack are as follows: two roof rails that run along the sides of the roof, and one or more cross bars connecting them. Each component here is absolutely fundamental, especially the cross bar, so don’t try to hook up a roofrack without them.

If you do not have any roof rails on your vehicle, there happen to be do-it-yourself kits that allow you to bolt sturdy rails onto your roof all on your own…though you have to get over the fear of drilling a hole in your roof before you can do so! When done right, there are no safety or aesthetic concerns related to such an operation.

Of course, there are roofracks and roofracks: you won’t want to use the same thing to ride with your entire family’s mountain bikes that you use to store your spouse’s extra suitcase, so be sure to make a wise decision and get some advice before choosing what kind of roofrack to buy.

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Are You Taking Care Of Your Boat? Try A Boat Cover

If you have been able to crown your dream of buying a boat, you might be very disappointed if over time your boat is not looking as good as it did when you made the purchase. So what do you think went wrong; did you make a bad investment or could it be that the type of boat cover you bought to protect it was a bad choice?

The importance of buying a good boat cover to protect your boat cannot be undermined if you want your boat to look its best, and there are a lot of factors you really need to consider when buying one.

A good boat cover should allow water to exit, but it should not allow water to get in. The same can be said for the UV rays from the sun. And, it is very important for the cover to fit the boat perfectly, and to leave no gaps uncovered.

This is the beauty of custom made covers. They might cost more, but they ensure the type of protection your boat needs.

Since they are a perfect fit for your boat, they cannot be adequately substituted by standard covers. They keep water, sun rays, dirt, dust, and even rodents, away from your precious boat. By having the cover tailor made, you have the choice of color you want and the flexibility to have it customized, which would otherwise not be possible if you bought it from a shop.

Their relatively higher cost is a deterrent for some people.

Semi-custom covers can sometimes be too big or too small. While it is easy to imagine why a small cover wouldn’t do, it is important to realize that a cover that’s too large is also not good, especially because it will require additional time to tuck in the excess. Aside from not looking good, pockets of water can form in the folds, leading to mold and mildew.

Eventually whatever you buy, it is a major expense and one should ensure to get a decent warranty.

And even if choosing a tailored cover is fairly easy, you still have to consider your options when it comes to materials and colors. Ask questions and don’t be in too much of a rush, just because you can’t wait to get on that boat and sail away!

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Towbars for Motor Vehicles

The freedom of the open road beckons so many people from all over the country every year, and being able to get as much of one’s belongings into the car and on the road is very appealing to many people that decide to undertake a road trip.

Of course, there is only so much that a person can fit into their ordinary vehicle, which is why many people choose to buy a trailer of one sort or another.

To properly tow a trailer, it is necessary to have a standard and strong towbar, also known as a tow hitch, installed that can deal with heavy loads and ensure that the vehicle and the trailer move in relative synchrony, preventing excessive disarticulation between the movements of each.

Not just any old towbar fits that bill, which is why it is important to check industry standards and get the advice of a professional before deciding what sort of hitch to get installed in your car and/or what size/weight of a trailer to hitch to it.

There are two basic forms of towbar on the market: one version which includes a towball mounted on a tow bracket, and another which incorporates a tow pin and jaw along with a trailer loop. The former variety will allow for greater articulation of the trailer’s and car’s movements, whereas the latter variety is a little more rigid (though if there is enough slack in the pin the same result can be achieved, more or less).

What is known as a receiver-type towbar is a version that has a detachable tow ball, while on the other hand a fixed-type towbar usually will have tow ball and other components incorporated directly into the vehicle’s frame. In both cases, the towbar is connected directly to the chassis, which permits the driver to tow a heavier load. For better weight distribution and therefore a safer tow, with less risk of accidents, there are special square receiver sockets designed for such purposes.

It is incredibly important that when connecting the trailer to the vehicle, the loading of the tow ball be performed correctly both horizontally and vertically – people without experience in performing such loading operations should seek out the advice of someone that does know what they are doing, and that way prevent possible damage to property and persons.

There is hardly a towbar safer than the Lunette Ring variety of coupling. This variety is made up by the Lunette Ring itself and the pintle hook on the vehicle; these couplings are recommended for people towing trailers on uneven or rugged terrain such as out in the country.

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10 Must-Have Items On Your Boat

Keep reading to learn the ten handy and helpful reminders as well as mandatory and suggested items that you should keep on your boat. This summer, there is an inland boating season and you can try to get your boat ready for that.

The Importance of Push Button Signal Horn & Aerial Signal Kit. Having an air horn on board is a must in case there is an emergency, fog, or warning signal. You can have it stored anywhere in your boat. In case you are stranded on a large lake, it is also a good idea to keep an aerial signal kit such as a flare gun kit.

What about PDF’s or Personal Flotation Device? Make sure you have enough PDF’s on board so that every passenger has one readily available. Providing children with one that fits them correctly is also important. Also, you need to make sure that they are USCG Approved.

The Importance of First Aid Kits. Having a first aid kit handy is a great idea in case there is an emergency. Be sure that it includes some of the basics such as bandages, gauze, instant cold compress, alcohol cleaning pads, aspirin, antibiotic cream etc.

Boat Anchor. Make sure that you have the correct size anchor if you plan on docking, going to the beach, or in an emergency situation. We suggest that you have an anchor onboard for the rear of the boat and for the front.

The Importance of Tow Ropes. In case you or someone else is stranded on the water, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an extra tow rope with you. You will then be towed to shore by someone in the event that you or someone else breaks down and needs a lift.

What about Fire Extinguisher? Keeping a fire extinguisher with you while you are on the water is a must. Get a quality A-B-C extinguisher to keep on your boat. You may never need to use it hopefully but if you do, then at least it’s there.

What about Universal Boat Cushion? On the boat, you should keep a few brightly colored boat/life cushions. You can use them to toss to anyone that happens to fall over or needs a hand swimming back to the boat.

Boat Registration. It’s also important for your registration to be current and on board with you. It’s a fact that the DNR can pull over anytime to check and see if your boat is legal.

The Importance of Dock Lines. A few dock lines should be kept for docking your boat to your pier or to someone else’s pier. Having a few loops already tied into the rope is what we would suggest to make it handy when you need different sizes.

Cell Phone or Radio. Be sure that you have an onboard radio, cell phone or walkie-talkie with you. When you need to get a tow back or if someone wants to come and join you for a ride, then these will come in handy.

Go ahead and enjoy a great and safe summer on your boat this year!

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