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GM’s acquisition of Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1909 has sparked the establishment of GMC trucks. During this time, Rapid Motor was a maker of commercial trucks that are equipped with one-cylinder engine. Purchasing the company, GM has opened another line-up of vehicle production, the GMC trucks. The production of this truck though did not start until another automaker, Reliance Motor Car Company, was procured by GM. Upon mergence of the two acquired auto maker in 1911, the production of GMC trucks started. And in 1912 the very first GMC trucks were displayed in public through the Motor Show in 1912 apprehended in New York.

It was at the beginning of large-auto production by General Motor Corporation when the company decided to change the company name to General Motors. This is to avoid mix-up with the GMC trucks brand name. GMC then became a name that refers only to the huge vehicles manufactured by GM. An addition to the GMC trucks was made available in 1943 when GM totally took over the Chicago bus maker company, Yellow Coach. By having acquired this company, Coach Division of GM was put up. The expansion of GMC trucks continue to swell when the US government asked GM to fabricate military trucks for the US military troop during the WWII period. More than 600,000 vehicles were put up by the company during this period. These days, GMC is creating large vehicles like military trucks and tanks, Lorries, SUV’s and other huge autos for the auto market of Middle East and North America.

The progress in GMC trucks and buses persist until the late 80’s. Center in Canada was constructed just to meet the increasing demand on buses and large vehicles then. However in 1987, GM was required to put on sale the bus and coach rights to Transportation Manufacturing Corporation Company and Canadian Coaches Corporation because of the progressing rigid competition in the market at that time. As of today, GMC is a maker of large vehicles like SUV’s and pick-up trucks. There was a time though when the company also offered other large vehicles that include military tanks and trucks, fire trucks, ambulance, coaches and mobile homes.

Under the GM umbrella, GMC and Chevrolet are the two divisions that put forward auto models with about the same look and form. The variation can only be in the style of the grill and the nameplates, other than those the autos are the same. The quad headlights in the GMC grille are distinct among the GMC models offered from1962 up to 1972. Chevrolet models on the other hand make use of the dual headlights. The advantage of GMC over Chevrolet is on the marketing strategy. Chevrolet can only be availed through Chevrolet dealers while GMC can be bought in Cadillac and Pontiac dealerships too. The manufacture of Chevy and GMC models with same appearance was ended in 2007 when GMC offered the new and particular models Sierra and Silverado.

The sales of Chevrolet and GMC vary in different territories. There are locations where Chevrolet is more favored as compared to GMC, like in the US, and there are also areas where the opposite is true. In Canada for instance, GMC is far more popular than Chevrolet. There might be differences in demands per location but still Chevy and GMC are relatively big makers in the auto market that can guarantee GM’s place on top among the big auto providers. GM’s reputation worldwide was built with its vehicles that are reliable and big. V:21

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Chrysler began in 1908 when Walter P. Chrysler, who loved cars very much, went into Chicago and joined a car show. He was working in a railway company and was only thirty three years old at that time. Even though he was employed in that particular industry, his love was not for trains but for automobiles. When he saw a white locomobile for sale, he did everything he could just to buy it. He even went to the extent of getting into a lot of debt, since he borrowed money to make the purchase. He was always fiddling with the car. That was why he learned how to drive the vehicle pretty late.

In 1920, he left his job and took over the Willy Overland Company and the Maxwell Chalmers Enterprise. These corporate groups were losing and Chrysler tried to revitalize these companies, so that they could compete in the industry and make progress in their line of business. The first car in the Chrysler line was developed four years later. Amazingly, Chrysler’s first release had a very positive outcome which encouraged him more. Just three years after Chrysler bought the Maxwell Chalmer’s enterprise; the Chrysler brand was already gaining a lot of income and was making a name for it. All in all, Chrysler created a number of famous car manufacturer brands; the Desoto, Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler. Chrysler was considered a full-fledged car manufacturing company just after another five years. This is a testament to what the Chrysler brand is capable of doing, in a short span of years. Chrysler was now strong enough to compete against the two leading car manufacturers in the industry, which were GM and Ford Motors. Chrysler attempted to dislodge these two giant manufacturing companies in the market.

After ending his trade with the two companies in 1920, he worked once again. Chrysler tried to perk-up the sales of two companies that were not making progress in their field of business. These two companies were Willy’s Overland and Maxwell Chalmers. In 1924, that was another four years later, he introduced his own brand with his name carrying it. It was his first taste of success in the industry. More successes followed. After three years he bought out Maxwell. Chrysler was not only a brand of a car but also a successful manufacturing company. He introduced more lines such as the Desoto, Dodge and Plymouth as additions to his Chrysler brand. After five more years, Chrysler was now an entirely car manufacturing company. This was one of the more important highlights in the history of Chrysler. Slowly, the company he started became bigger and bigger. The company is now ready to face more serious challenges ahead and make a name for itself, in the industry. One of its challenges is to compete with the world’s two leading car manufacturers General Motors (GM) and Ford. A large percentage of the automobile market belongs to these two manufacturing giants. Chrysler would like to increase its share in the market.

After another five years, Chrysler became a major automobile manufacturer in the country, and was now ready to compete with the two leading automobile manufacturers in the world, namely GM and Ford Motors. These two giant companies were monopolizing the automobile the industry when Chrysler was trying to make waves in the industry. However, in 1934, there was a set back for Chrysler when a brand, Airflow, did not do well in the market. Followed by the Great Depression of the 1930’s, many companies were shut down. Chrysler was able to sustain its operations during the economic recession. During the Second World War, demand for automobile was very low. In order to survive, Chrysler manufactured military vehicles for sale to the government. Despite these challenges, Chrysler continued to progress. In 1951, it developed the Hemi V8 engine. The company is always ahead in the development of new technologies to create better and quality cars.

The past few decades gave Chrysler numerous good and bad times. Sometimes, they are at the top and, sometimes, they are at the bottom. Technological discoveries, wars, and economic problems all helped prepare and forge Chrysler into what it is today. It has always manufactured fine cars that grab the attention of the public. One thing is sure. Chrysler is here to stay.

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