How to save time and minimize the tension when getting started in the car window tinting industry.

Among the hardest issues for novices to grasp when beginning in the car window tinting business is making correct patterns or templates for your installation. I will offer you today a few basic practices that could make your film template making a little easier.

As a novice you want to reduce the number of steps that could trip you up as you study your art, one of these is producing your film patterns on the vehicle. By cutting on the car with your extremely sharp knife, you stand a high risk of cutting and damaging one of the rubbers that run close to the side of the window.

Now how do we simplify this process and decrease the risk of creating this possible damage? Ok, my first suggestion for you can be used when you are making a template or pattern for a roll-down window, so that’s a regular window in the car that goes up and down.

Clean the glass in question previous to doing any type of installation work, you need to reduce the levels and possibilities of dirt in the finished installation wherever you can. For this process, you need to work with a scrap piece of film liner, this is the protective clear part of the window film that you will generally throw away during the installation.

Wet the window in question and set your clear release liner onto the window, smooth it down into place on the glass with a hard card, white colored card is usually great for this job. before you make any changes to this pattern, you need to decide if you will leave inner door trim panels in position or remove them?

If leaving the door panels in place, then you can overlap the bottom edge of the clear release liner below the outer plastic on the car by .5 of an inch, when you’re leaving the door panels in place, then sit the release liner virtually on the top of the outer trim on the window. You must look on the inside of the door glass as evaluate how much overlap you’ll actually need as all vehicles are different.

So, you know have the release liner on the glass, with a marker pen, apply the pen up the area of the rubber trim – at the place where the glass meets the rubber trim at the sides of the window.Now you should have 2 vertical lines on your release liner, make certain the middle of the release liner is tacked down in position and reduce the glass, now cut the top exposed edge of the glass, do not fear if this cut isn’t 100%, because it is only a basic pattern for our actual piece of film.

You can now move this piece of release liner on to the top of your actual window tint, then using your knife cut the edges to be about 5mm past the black lines on the release liner, then cut your top edge about a quarter of an inch past the pattern of the release liner – now you can mount this piece after you’ve shrank the window on the glass.

When making templates in this way it is more suited for shaving the top edge of the film for a factory finish. In forthcoming articles i will let you know more about this shaving method – it is a great one to use and can increase your standing in the automobile window tinting industry.

Discover tips, tricks and techniques that will help you get into the Auto Window Tinting business.

Free Membership To Exclusive Social Media Site Offered To Owners Of Ford Trucks

Owners of Ford trucks have the opportunity to take advantage of free memberships to a new and unusual social networking website. Using the site, owners can connect with other owners, share ideas, and even help one another troubleshoot potential problems. Those who drive Fords are among the most loyal drivers out there, due to the brand’s ongoing reputation for long-lasting quality vehicles.

While driving a truck can certainly be fun, for many people it is just as much a matter of convenience and practicality. The extensive cargo space offered by a pickup makes moving furniture, tools, and other large items easier than it would be in any other vehicle. Those who spend a great deal of time traveling for work, particularly those who must transport tools or equipment, find the convenience of driving a pickup truck is simply unparalleled.

Driving a pickup can be a uniquely fun experience. The feeling of sitting high over the road below affords a sense of power and security that is difficult to match in an ordinary vehicle. Customizing your truck with larger wheels can lift it even higher, giving you the sensation of being the only person out on the road.

Your truck can be taken to places an ordinary car cannot. Some people love the excitement of mudding or all terrain driving. Quality pickups, like Fords, are built to withstand harsher conditions with a lower risk of damage.

For campers, fishers, or hunters, a truck can be the ideal solution to the dilemma of packing and unpacking gear. Items can simply be stowed in the bed and tied down if necessary. Upon reaching the destination, they can be just as easily removed, saving plenty of time and allowing for a more enjoyable overall outdoor experience.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, owners of Ford trucks can meet a network of other people with similar interests and hobbies. They can also take advantage of a revolutionary new concept in social networking. This is just one more in the long list of ways driving Fords can be beneficial to your entire lifestyle.

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New And Revolutionary Social Media Site Offers A Connecting Place For Ford Truck Owners

Ford trucks have been around for many years, and so have their loyal owners. One thing that most owners have in common is a need to share common experiences. Thanks to modern technology it is possible for people to get together in new and innovative ways. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Before the Internet, communicating with others is slow and ineffective. For example, you could pick up the telephone and form a discussion group but you would be limited to the number of people that you can contact. Also, it is very difficult to have more than one conversation at one time.

It is possible to start a local discussion group in your own neighborhood. This method allows for personal and up close conversations. Yet, there are only so many people in the area that qualify. This is why many people are turning to the Internet, as the possibilities are limitless.

It is possible to take advantage of the many online discussion sites about certain kinds of vehicles. This allows for a lot of interaction and sharing of information. For example, online discussion groups can help you find information on improving gas mileage and performance. You also can learn about the many aftermarket parts and accessories that are available.

Social media websites provide all of the advantages of past communications with modern technology. At your favorite social network you can talk to others in online chat. You also can upload your favorite video or images to the group.

A social media group for people that own Ford trucks allows people to share important experiences. You have the benefits of personal conversation with anyone on the planet. You pay nothing to join these sites and enjoy the many benefits. If there are recalls or things to know about maintenance, you can be one of the first people to find out.

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How Many Ways Can You Ship a Car?

For decades, Amtrak has had an auto shipping service which they call “Auto Train.” To take advantage of this service you drive your car to the Auto Train Depot nearest you where you and your car will board the train together. At your destination, you both disembark the train and head out for your new job or vacation spot. Auto Train is equipped to handle cars, SUVs, motorcycles and many other types of vehicles. The service is available for transporting vehicles and people in the area between Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida.

There are also companies who deal in nothing but auto and vehicle shipping. These companies offers services of an open transport similar to the ones you see delivering new cars to the Auto Dealerships, and they offer enclosed transports very similar to the ones that race car owners used to move their valuable race cars from track to track. The normal time for transport and delivery of your vehicle is approximately anywhere from the same day to 14 days.

These companies offer shipping from the location of your choice to the final destination you specify. You may want to consider what is referred to as “terminal shipping.” Terminal Shipping is a cost saving option when compared to door to door delivery. The vehicle to be transported generally does not have to be in running condition, either. All the car has to be able to do is roll, break and steer.

The mechanical condition of a vehicle is not related to the cost to ship it, but it must be able to perform the three minimum requirements mentioned above: Roll, brake and steer

If you are relocating with your furniture and personal belongings, you can also ship your auto with your household goods. Cars, mini-vans, pickup trucks and boats can be transported to your new home by most van lines. All carriers require that automobiles have less than one quarter tank of fuel or less in the gas tank; and your car should be checked for any oil, battery acid or radiator fluid leaks. If you should have any of these problems, you would need to have them repaired before your vehicle could be loaded onto a moving van.

If adding hundreds or thousands of miles to your vehicle does not distress you, you might opt for a professional driver to drive your car to your destination. The cost for this service includes fuel, any required unforeseen repairs and the driver’s meals and lodging along the way.

Once the professional driver delivers the car, if the time of delivery is later in the day, you are expected to pay for his overnight lodging at the destination. If the driver has no way of getting back to his starting point, you will be expected to also buy him an airline ticket to take him home. A trusted friend comes in very handy to perform this duty and with the economy the way it is today, your friend could probably use the money.

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The History of Transportation – Auto Shipping Made Possible

The history of anything makes for a fascinating study as it provides the student with insights as no other subject can. There is a written history of just about anything that ever happened in this world we live in, many by the most eminent scholars of their time. History allows us to learn great lessons while we travel to another time and place where we can imagine ourselves living as the people did then. By going back we can move ahead with new innovations into the future.

History lends itself to most aspects of our livese and certainly the auto shipping and transportation industry is one of those that has been influenced greatly by past events and discoveries. The industry’s background is a modest and rudimentary one that has blossomed in modern times into a thriving global business. This article will review some of the historical events pertaining to vehicle transportation letting the reader form a better understanding of this complex industry.

Commercial transportation in America, one of the most industrious countries in the world, dates back to the “canal-building era” of the early 1800’s. Developing around the convergence of Rondout Creek and the Hudson River was the town of Kingston, which was one of the nation’s first transportation hubs. In close proximity, trading trails and an expansive water system, Kingston was perfectly set to take its place in transportation history.

Robert Fulton designed the first steam engine in 1807 giving rise to an efficient form of transportation. With his invention came much exhilaration about what the transportation possibilities were for the young country. The Erie Canal was completed in 1825 allowing the connection of key waterways to greatly expand transportation and the industry began to thrive. The steam engine advanced rapidly in use, pushing transportation to its limits. At the same time, the demand for commodities was a year-round event and residents moved out farther and farther away from each other causing railroads to become the preferred mode of transport. Rail cars and railroads woke up some bright minds to the possibilities of an automobile industry where people could ride in privacy and comfort to any destination quicker than every before.

The conclusion is obvious that there would be no auto shipping without the automobile industry. The auto industry’s history in itself is extremely interesting. The industry was created by such giants as Henry Ford, Karl Benz, George Selden and Wilhelm Mayback. The automobile has come a long way since these early innovators through companies like Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Ford and Pontiac. These companies set the stage for the automobile to become an integral part of culture all over the globe.

As time has changed, we have come as far as electric and solar powered vehicles, cars that can reach high speeds, and a slew of other features like navigation, self parking and air bags. With such a rich history and ready made for both utility and enjoyment, the automobile was destined for greatness. Increasingly popular, the car has pushed forward to compliment and create many great side industries. Auto shipping companies are now reaping the benefits of this historical trend. Car transportation is fast becoming a very important part to the success of our lives, and learning more about will only benefit the curious.

Right now, auto shipping is a critical service. Cars can be transported by boat, train or car, thanks to the passions of several throughout the automobile’s history. The great thing about all this is the auto shipping industry itself undergoes continual evolvement to new peaks and is creating its own history as you read this. Auto shipping transportation has played a major role in many lives and has a rich history well worth studying.

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