Some Details about the Jeep Wrangler YJ

It was 1987 when Jeep introduced the YJ as its first product marketed under the popular Wrangler banner. All production at that time took place in a plant in Ontario Canada until 1992 when production moved to Toledo, OH. The Ohio plant produced the Jeep YJ until 1995. This vehicle came after the CJ and engineers designed it with a wider wheelbase and slightly less ground clearance. It had a more comfortable interior and the suspension was stronger with the addition of a trackbar, wider leaf springs and a swaybar. Critics of the vehicle most often cited the rectangular shaped headlights as the biggest flaw in styling. All Jeep models made earlier came with round headlights. The bodies have few differences visually and only slight modifications are required to swap bodies between the two vehicles. If an older body becomes damaged or rusts, a newer YJ body can be easily adapted for replacement.

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