The Ford Mustang Was Descended From the Ford Falcon Economy Car

Released at the New York World’s Fair in April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was produced by Ford Motor Company in which it became phenomenal due to its stylish design and looks. Ford Mustang was made with resemblance of Thunderbird and Ford Falcon. This was no accident. Ford Motor Company had been revitalized by Ford president Robert McNamara. Mr. McNamara. Robert Strange McNamara later went on to became the infamous Secretary of Defense blamed for managing “body counts ” and stats as Secretary of Defense , under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson . There is little doubt about the fact that McNamara was a pioneering “stats guy”, as opposed to running a business (or war), by the seats of your pants. Robert instituted statistical management during Word War 2, and created the whole “whiz” kid group that revolutionized US business after the war. Indeed the very name badge derived from “Mustang” admiration of the US World War II P-51 Mustang Fighter Plane. However to drive home the point, this label was not blindly applied by “yes men management”, like you might find at other auto industry market leaders in the US at the time., Robert J. Eggert was in-charge of the company’s new model names. He only included “Mustang” on his research and proceeded only to adopt it after extensive testing and evaluation by special focus groups and testing with potential consumers.

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