What You Should Do To Be Considered A Good Driver

The best drivers have certain characteristics and skill sets that keeps them safe on the road. To become a better driver you could consider doing a number of different things. This article is about the attributes that make up a really good, safe driver. Read on to lear what these characteristics are, and think about which ones you meet. It’s important that you do all of these things if you want to be a safe and effective driver. Safe drivers are good drivers.

Good drivers always act defensively when they are behind the wheel. Defensive driving is a term that is become more popular in recent years for good reason defensive driving means that you’re always in a defensive position reacting to what happening around you instead of being as aggressive this includes trading cars people bicycles, motorcycles and other roadway conditions correctly.

Defensive drivers never drive distracted. Distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents in America today. You might think it’s drunk driving, but it’s not, it is distracted driving. Distracted driving includes things like having the music too loud talking on your cell phone or checking Facebook none of these things are good to do while driving.

A great defensive and save driver never drives if there are more people in the car and there are seat belts. It is critical that everyone in the car has to seatbelt securely fastened. This is very important for the safety of other passengers good drivers always buckle up. No exceptions to this rule. There is a reason that stewardesses on airplanes spend so much time talking about seat belts. Seat belts save lives, this is a known fact. They can only save lives if they are buckled.

Good drivers can drive both a manual and an automatic transmission even though fewer and fewer cars are being made with manual transmissions nowadays it is still a good and important skill set to know. Ff you ever drive in Europe or want to drive some nice sports cars like we will need to be able to drive and handle the stick shift.

If you want to be a great driver consider attending drivers ed training, to become a defensive driver. Checkout our site first.