Can There Be Motor Bikes As Good As Suzuki Scooters?

One kind of scooter that’s popular around the market place is the Suzuki scooter. What follows includes several of the principal reasons why the people owning Suzuki scooters are so satisfied with their bike.

One can choose from a number of bold colors, such as black, blue, and gray, and they are renowned for their stylish designs. They feature, not just an exhilarating performance, but also a cushy ride, as can be seen in their fantastic engines and sleek bodies. The rider is often comfortable when heading long distances, as a result of adjustable back-rest and stepped seat, and it has room for a second person. Both rider and passenger have a good amount of leg room as a result of concave floorboards. The suspension of your Suzuki scooter is definitely impressive, and there is plenty of shelter from the wind given by the aerodynamic fairing.

Inside of the access of the rider, there are three forward compartments, besides the lighted, under-seat compartment for storage. The Suzuki scooter provides each rider a lot of comfort for excursions, and also has convenient locations for storing whatever is necessary to take along. The rider could easily go into the front compartments, if needed, and they are big enough to hold change, or even keys. Things that are larger or must be secured, can be placed in the compartment under the seat. The liquid-cooled motor unit of a Suzuki motorbike has pretty strong acceleration, and at the same time, makes almost no noise. Additionally it is simpler to steer as a result of advanced fuel injection system that it uses. Smooth and uncomplicated acceleration is created by the v-belt along with automatic clutch.

Something else that will certainly never let the rider down, stands out as the great set of brakes it has. As it will get 75 miles to the gallon, this specific scooter will definitely lower your gas expense. This needs to be taken into account, when you comprehend how high gas prices have gone. One can find plenty of satisfied customers of the various types of Suzuki scooters, and most have confessed that their scooter has never let them down. They already have journeyed a lot of hassle-free miles using their vehicles, because most of them have had their scooter for more than two years. After nearly nine months of use, they generally need a new set of tires, but no other servicing. Yet another good aspect is that virtually no oil is leaked at all, because of the oil gasket being tightly capped. One buyer even discussed using the scooter and then taking it into his living room area.

The Suzuki motor scooter has got a list of fantastic benefits, but the best thing is probably the price. The users will, no doubt get more than what they are financing. As one example, in comparison to the other high-end scooters, a cost of $6,000 for a 400 cc scooter can be quite cheap. Considering the wonderful designs, extraordinary performances, and low price, what more could you want than a Suzuki scooter?

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I have heard a knocking sound that increses as I accelerate


I have a 2004 Suzuki Forenza and recently I have heard a knocking sound that increses as I accelerate, do I have a rod knock or could it hopefully be something else? 


What you have described is a classic description of a rod knocking. The engine is done. Its time to replace or rebuild it. If you choose to have it replaced, I recommend Jasper Engines as they come with a 3 yr/100,000 mile parts and LABOR nationwide warranty. This means if there is a problem you pay nothing. If you have a junk yard engine out in and there is a problem, you will have to pay the labor again.