Some Technical terms about immobilizer Immobilizer bypass

A transponder bypass (immobilizer bypass, bypass kit, databus bypass) is a pretty simple idea. Some different techniques are involved, depending on whose product you are using, but the idea is the same. Put a working, programmed transponder key in the vehicle, and you can use an auto starter for example.

The problem of course is that you render that wonderful transponder protected ignition redundant. You now have nothing better than a plain ignition switch protecting your car. In many cases, these ignitions can be picked or bypassed in a matter of moments by a pro.

You better have them wire up your cutoff switch to the auto starter, because without fuel the starter is kinda pointless.

I know of vehicles that have been stolen right from peoples parking lots and driveways while the eat dinner. Being near to your car is no guarantee of security.

One guy I met had his truck stolen while he was in a coffee shop. When he called the insurance company, they asked him if he had an auto starter. They couldn’t NOT pay him, because the thieves still had to pick the lock, because he took his keys with him. Still, it shows you just how fast you can lose a vehicle.

[pic: 1-mercedes ak500]

Keyless entry system

A keyless entry system for an automotive vehicle permits a plurality of operation to be achieved from outside the vehicle by one who is knowledgeable of predetermined digital codes. Functions such as unlocking the door of the vehicle, opening the rear deck lid, opening the rear deck lid, opening a roof window, lowering the windows or programming the system with a user preferred digital access code are all performed by proper sequential operation of a digital keyboard mounted on the outside of the vehicle.

How to get pin code?

Then when the car owner forgets pin code, how to get it when they lose their car key and want to make a new key? I am here to offer two kinds of solutions; one solution is to ask the 4S for car immobilizer pin code, since as I know most car’s IMMO PIN CODE cannot be calculated by a pin code reader. Another solution is to buy a pin code reader.

[pic:pin code reader for chrysler]

You may want to know some pin code reader:

Renault PIN Code reading Key programming

PIN CODE READER for Chrysler

Schedule Feature Key Synchronization

You can use your Management Server to schedule a Feature Key synchronization for one or more of your managed devices.

In the Scheduled Tasks section:

1. Click Schedule Feature Key Synchronization.
The Synchronize Feature Keys wizard starts.

2. Read the Welcome message and click Next.
The Select the devices page appears.

3. Select the check box for each managed Firebox or XTM device with a feature key that you want to synchronize. Click Next.
The Select the Time and Date page appears.

[pic: synchronize feature keys]

4. To synchronize feature keys immediately, select Synchronize Feature Keys immediately.

To schedule the feature keys to synchronize at a future time, select Schedule feature keys sync.

5. If you selected Schedule feature keys sync, select the date from the Date drop-down list, and set the time in the Time text box.

6. Click Next.
The Schedule the Feature Keys Synchronization page appears.

7. Click Next.
The Synchronize Feature Keys Wizard is complete page appears.

8. Click Close to finish the wizard.
The feature keys are synchronized if you selected Synchronize Feature Keys immediately, or scheduled if you selected Schedule feature keys sync. The number of scheduled tasks appears in the Scheduled Tasks section.

[pic: schedule tasks]

You may want to know which car key programmer support synchronization:

GM Tech 2

As a repair technician who mainly fix GM car like: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Pontiac, I guess questions may come to you asking: How to clear the service engine light on a GM car with a scan tool? And how to program a GM car model with a specific tool?

For these quetions, I think you will agree with my suggestion to use GM tech2 to read & erase the trouble codes; TIS2000 dongle hardware key to work with GM tech2 and realize the function of programming; and get an additional card to support programming the other cars models beside GM, like OPEL,SAAB,ISUZU,SUZUKI.

GM tech2 for turning off check engine light
As a specialized test tool that most GM technicians will choose for GM vehicles.It contains the Vetronix Tech 2 with Authentic GM software. And supply an on-board diagnosis on all GM systems from 1992 to 2010.
You can learn more details at:

TIS2000 and dongle key support programming
You need an TIS2000 to support programming GM cars normally from 1992 to 2007.

Additional 32MB card for OPEL, SAAB, ISUZU, and SUZUKI supply two kinds of 32 GM card. One 32 GM card used for SABA, OPEL, GM and ISUZU, and another 32MB card used for GM,OPEL,SAAB,ISUZU,SUZUKI.The cards work together with tech 2. 32MB card for GM tech 2 includes a 32MB PC Card loaded with the latest release GM Software.
You can choose one software to be loaded to this card.

VCM engaging and disengaging – Honda


I have a 2008 Honda Accord 3.5 V6 w AT. I feel the VCM engaging and disengaging. There is a sickening surging sensation – a hybrid like torque feel that is incessant, particularly at highway speeds with cruise control on. What gives? Honda denies any problem – “operating within normal tolerances” Is there a widespread problem with VCM? 


I’ve recently had a few 08’s with this problem. If the dealer uses the HDS scan tool and goes into the power-train side of the computer they can scan for updates and install the latest software patch and that should fix the problem. Also I would reset and follow the crank sensor calibration procedure to ensure the problem goes away. It’s worked so far for me to do those two things to fix it.