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Chrysler invests in $500 million in Toledo

The Chrysler Group has declared plans for a serious investment in its Jeep production complex in Toledo, Ohio. According to Automotive News, Chrysler will invest $500 million in the Toledo North Complex, where Jeep and other vehicles are made. Growth of facilities and an additional work shift will be the result.

Toledo to expect more workers

Currently, Chrysler’s Toledo North facility, which is part of the larger Toledo Assembly Complex, can only deal with a single shift of employees. Fox Toledo Online explained that the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro will have increased production. In order to do this, 1,105 hourly and salaried jobs had to added-on by Chrysler.

To accommodate the added staff, the Toledo North Assembly Complex will be expanded by almost 300,000 square feet. Improvements to the on-campus body shop quality lab, paint shop and material handling companies will occur before the end of 2012. In 2013, the new manufacturing shift will start.

Just in time for 2013

Chrysler believes that this change to the Toledo North factory will be just in time. The 2013 Jeep Liberty SUV will be out soon after it is done. DaimlerChrysler released the current Liberty in 2008. It was intended to have Jeep Cherokee in it just a little bit. Cherokee production had ended in 2001 after a 17-year cycle.

The brand new Liberty will be Chrysler’s first vehicle to ride on a Fiat platform, notes Automotive News. There will be eight automobiles that get this platform in North America. It is called a CUSW platform.

In 2006, the Dodge Nitro SUV came out. It was intended to be a version of the Liberty that had been altered.

Chrysler’s $1.7 billion retooling effort

After the UAW contract was redone, Chrysler put $1.7 billion into changing its companies. The Toledo expansion will be one of the first projects done with $500 million.

Chrysler sought lower price for Jeep complex

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The Powerful Features Of ECU

Auto computer or ECU is a digital machine that is constituted of a series of actuators and a microprocessor. The major function of this electronic equipment is to establish the very best running performance of the internal burning engine. In addition, it grows engine power likewise greatly improves fuel efficiency. ECU controls, monitors as well as performs all the critical purposes of the car’s system.

Nowadays, almost all vehicles come with various car computers and sensors. The car computer has become an integral part of the modern vehicle engine control. An Engine Control Unit is mainly consisted of a thirty two bit, four hundred megahertz processor that ministers various actuators and features to provide optimal functioning for the vehicle’s engine. Without these tiny computer chips, modern vehicles would not function at their optimal capabilities. If you want to sustain optimal performance from your engine, make sure to install a car computer to your vehicle’s electrical system.

ECU is commonly considered as the most highly effective computer on a lot of automobiles. It is a digital tool that recognizes all the things pertaining to the car. This computer chip is incorporated with a control process that manages the end products of a process to carry out the inputs to a system. Your vehicle’s Motor Control Unit manages your motor’s discharges in addition to markets gas efficiency and economy. It collects information from many sensing units that are located at several parts of the auto.

After the data is gathered, the automobile’s Motor Control Unit will at that point execute numerous calculations every next to make superior engine performance. The computer chip may be sure that the motor may have its best usage also most affordable discharges. In addition, it makes sure that the auto is running in a relatively safe and sound kind as well as velocity.

Similar to standard computers, your jeep ECU additionally has to be remapped and updated. If you prefer to have much better torque, security and horse power from your engine, have your automobile computer process updated as well as remapped. In addition, it may aid you maintain the driving requirements that you need from the automobile.

If you are planning to have your jeep ECU remapped and updated, make sure to have it done by an authorized technician or mechanic. Keep in mind that users are prohibited from accessing and touching the computer system. Slight errors and variations in the updating procedure of the computer’s system can cause severe damage to both your engine and computer system.

Aside from boosting the engine’s performance, the jeep ECU is also used for car diagnostics. Since this computer system stores data and information, mechanics can now easily diagnose the car’s problems. Without these computer systems, mechanics will have difficulties in diagnosing vehicle problems and troubles.

If you are searching for a reasonably priced and trustworthy ECU, you must consider buying it in online shop. Nowadays, there are a number of on-line automobile computer stores that offer economical auto computers. Prior to acquiring car computers online, make sure to buy from a reliable and authorized online dealer. To obtain the best and most affordable car computer, compare their prices and services from various online dealers.

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Military Jeeps Through the Years

The first “Jeep” utilised by the Army was produced in 1940, and they started with 70 of them. These were made by the American Bantam Auto Company of Servant, Pennsylvania. That very same year, Willys built 2 quads for the Army in a contest. Ford also tried to get into the game with the Pygmy, though it was a very enormous car, and both the Ford and the Bantam dropped to the power of the Willys power. After 1941, Bantam was no longer being ordered by the army, and all that remained was Willys, and Ford. In mid-1945, the term “jeep” came to be, to explain the military automobiles.

Jeeps were employed in each branch of the military, and had diverse purposes. Each infantry regiment were issued about 145. Some of many uses for the Jeep included being used as firefighting pump carriers, wire laying, tractors, and carrying the hurt, solely to cite a couple. It was truly a multi purpose vehicle, and it got around quickly and easily.

When the Army figured the Bantam company wasn't large enough to make all of its needed automobiles, it gave the plan to both Ford and Willy with directions to make small changes of their own. All of them looked similar in style, and 1500 of them were chosen for field testing. While heavy, the Willys engine was quite strong for its time, and that was a massive reason explaining why they won that contract.

In World War II, America provided to Great Britain and the Soviet Red Armed forces roughly 30% of their Jeep production. And amusingly, in Korea, troops came up with a JEEP acronym, Just About Enough Necessary Parts, as their jeeps were very basic. After the war, Jeeps became available in surplus sales. And in parts of the Earth where America had been, some Jeeps were left behind, and then used in varied ways,eg being used as taxis in the Philippines. And for the military, in recent years it saw the Jeep slowly replaced by such vehicles as the Humvee.

The Jeep has had many nicknames. And has gone thru various owners. From 1944-1953, Jeep proprietorship belonged to Willys-Overland. From 1953-1964, it was Kaiser-Jeep, more famous as Willys Motors. From 1964-1970, it was known as Kaiser-Jeep. From 1970-1987, the product belonged to AMC/Renault. And ultimately, possession of the name dropped into the hands of Chrysler in 1987. In 1998, Daimler Chrysler combined, but up to this day, Jeep remains the registered trademark of Chrysler.

Jeep history has a storied and proud army history. Through out the years, the Jeep has served lifesaving functions, has had practical applications, and has represented America in numerous proud ways. There are stills that show Jeep has played a role in making history, and helping the world become a better place for all humankind. Its practical functions made it what it was. And its style and usefulness keep it what it is. Jeep holds a place in army history, and it's a place it earned and deserves.

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Caring For Your Suede Jeep Seats

So you finally replaced your stock Jeep seats with suede ones – that’s really great. And as you feel classier with the suede seats, it is important that you do not forget to take good care of them. In this way, you will not have to spend a lot of money having to replace your seats each time it gets stained or ruined. Keep in mind that elegant suede seats are more delicate than the stock leather seats, although they can still be resistant to damage caused by normal wear and tear. Caring for your suede seats are not all too difficult, and you can adopt the cleaning routine as easy as brushing your teeth.

On top your list should be to vacuum your suede Jeep seats regularly. We all have our different definitions of “regularly” but generally, you can be good with giving the seats a vacuum a couple of times each week if you frequently take your Jeep for a ride. This can help much in getting dirt and food crumbs off your seats. And it is quite important that you do not forget to vacuum along the seams of the seats as these are the places that tend to collect more debris.

Next is to give your suede Jeep seats a good brush – this time, occasionally. If you are the obsessive-compulsive type, you might even make this a habit each time you get on your Jeep. And as you brush the seats, see to it that you brush with the grain of the suede, unless you want to ruin its beauty. If you think brushing is no longer necessary, you might want to double take on that because brushing can remove loose residue that the vacuum might have left out.

And what about the stains – oh how we loathe the stains on suede seats! You have to remove the stains as they develop but do not panic. Ink stains can be dealt with through spraying a thick coat of hairspray and letting it sit for about 10 seconds before scrubbing it off with a clean cloth. Other types of stains generally come off with a layer of non-gel toothpaste.

And to top off your care for your suede Jeep seats, apply some suede conditioner to help restore moisture, especially on areas where you had stains removed. In this way, you can enjoy your suede seats for as long as you could.

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