Go-Kart Carburetors Are So Crucial To Performance!

A correctly tuned carburetor is the life of any engine and will result in maximum utilisation of the horse-power of your go kart engine. Tuning a carburetor is important and there is no universal setup for each engine. A setting that may augment the performance of one engine will not necessarily do the same for another engine and so each carburetor must be jetted for each engine. This is a very specialized job but when you have mastered the method you'll soon learn by having a look at the plugs what adjustments have to be made to extract the best performance from your engine.

Which Carburetor Is Best?

The quality of your go kart carburetor is most important! If you've got a super engine but a unresponsive carburetor your performance will be greatly impaired. We basically sell two types; the Tillotson and Walbro range. These are famous for the standard of their engineering and are among the most well liked brands employed in go kart racing. The Comer-Tillotson HL166B carburetor is one of the finest on the market and is brilliantly designed and engineered for max power and throttle reply.

Tillotson is one of the earliest manufacturers in the world with operations dating back to 1914. Float carburetors were first made by Tillotson Manufacturing in Toledo and in the latter 1940s they invented the diaphragm carburetor which replaced the float one and meant that engines could operate in virtually any angle or position. This was a revolutionary invention and led on to the production of lawn and garden equipment including chain saws and blowers that could be operated, even the other way up.

Straight after that, it was found that if you mounted a chainsaw or mower engine on a framework with 4 wheels you had a go kart and so this form of transport was developed. Tillotson?s leading edge and superbly engineered carburetors became the standard for longevity, trustworthiness and major performance. These have continued to be improved with the result that the respected and commonly used Tillotson HL166B is now one of the most famed in all of the world and has remained for most, the carburetor of choice for all ambitious go kart racers.

In 2007 Tillotson introduced a new line of go kart carburetors, particularly engineered for the KF class engines. The HW-10, HW-11 and HW-12 are built to maximize the power potential of your go kart engine. Fit one and it will not take long before you are certain that few other carburetors come near vis reply, power and performance.

The other brands we recommend and sell confidently is the Walbro range. Mention the Walbro WT-644 and the Wa-125 to any go kart enthusiasts and they'll right away recognize the standard of these carburetors. We also stock a big range of Walbro carburetor parts. If you actually want the best from your go kart you have to ensure that you are using the best carburetors and so we unhesitatingly recommend the Tillotson and Walbro models for perfect performance. Settings will be prescribed by the engine manufacturers and adjustments can be made accordingly so that your machine is wonderfully tuned and delivering maximum performance.

Trustworthy parts for Go Karts can be discovered shopping with us. We stock only famous and trusted brands! Read our article on go kart engines.

turning the idle screws seem to make no diffrence


I have a 1967 Chevy C20 pickup w/camper, 81m org miles 327 all org has set for set for several yrs. We cleaned out the fuel system & it runs but rough. It has a 4bbl carb, turning the idle screws seem to make no diffrence is there any other adjustment that cam be made? we’ve replaced the points & plugsĀ 


If turning the idle screw does nothing then you more than likely have a vacuum leak !