Where can I get Vacuum and Wiring Diagrams ?

1997 Pontiac Firebird









I need info on where to get a vacuum diagram, and a wiring diagram for a 97 Pontiac fire bird/ trans am with a 5.7. i have chiltons and haynes and they don’t go over those diagrams. i have a password for checker online, carquest does not have anything, the dealer could not pull up any diagrams. i have very a good rep with all those places for i am a mechanic.

Already Tried:
checkers, dealer carquest, chiltons, haynes, some online but have got no were


I have the solution for you! If you want all the premium wiring diagrams that are available for this vehicle that are accessible on-line right now, for just $16.99 you can have full on-line access to everything you need including wiring diagrams, vacuum diagrams, fuse and component locations, repair manual information, factory recall information and even TSB’s ( Technical Service Bulletins ). This is the same information that the dealers use. It is Mitchell, a division of Snap-On. I use this in my shop all the Time. Well worth the few bucks and easy to use. You get everything you need and then some.

Oh, did I mention they now include a parts and labor estimator for no additional cost. Check your vehicle to see if it qualifies for a discount. LOOK UP NOW

There are some additional places to get wiring diagrams and vacuum diagrams for example: FreeAutoMechanic.com offers Free Wiring Diagrams. You can view them online or have them sent to you to print. I know many sites will tell you how easy it is to just use a search engine to look one up and they are right, you will be presented with a slue of wiring diagrams with no way of knowing if they are for your exact vehicle, so pretty much worthless when you crawl under the hood.

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Exactly how to discover problems that are most likely to happen with a blown head gasket

The actual head gasket of your vehicle should certainly avoid your car or truck from getting too hot and it likewise helps prevent cooling water from becoming merged along with the motor oil. Any kind of difficulty with your head gasket could lead to significant automobile complications plus swapping the blown gasket can often be regarded as a high priced event. By using normal routine service, it is easy to safeguard any cars or trucks gasket, however maintenance cost is far less for everybody who is prepared to acknowledge any head gasket fixing in an very early point. Quite a few car possessors take no notice of minor signs and then forget that it could possibly end in a substantial vehicle problem.

Once your engine is actually cold, open up your motor vehicle bonnet and check the actual coolant levels as well as colour. Depending upon the kind of coolant you select, it may be either blue as well as green and when anyone add antifreeze, it must be the colour of the antifreeze. All of the coolant solution must be clear along with thoroughly clean. Whenever it appears dirty, there is for certain some trouble with your own gasket. A radiator can provide an indication about the failures of the head gasket. A soapy, thick and creamy deposit will surely point out oil together with water pollution and this is really a immediate warning sign of head gasket failure.

It is extremely hard to foresee problems with the head gasket, however, if that you are cautious enough to see the minor signs or symptoms that the vehicle will give you, you can set up preventive servicing approaches to decrease the impact. A number of drivers love to use coolant system conditioners that ought to be used only once in a two years. That should maintain the gaskets in good condition, but in some cases, a poor conditioner can cause a completely new threat. Usually, you are able to pick conditioners that will be suited perfect for the type of gasket found in your vehicle.

All the fractures inside a gasket produces a leak in between the cylinder as well as the coolant chamber. This may let the cooling water to penetrate directly into the actual cylinder. Water should certainly remain in the cooling chamber and as a result issues will unquestionably appear whenever it rises up in to the cylinder. It’s possible that you’ll end up with very white tailpipe smoke for the reason that cooling water is getting combined on the inside the entire cylinder. Very often, this trouble is simply not considered merely because motor vehicle proprietors infrequently take note of the tailpipe smoke.

Handling your engine can immediately assure safety of the head gaskets. The oil temp really should be at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit before you attempt to ramp up to 3000 rpm. You can actually drive your motor vehicle at a very low pace just before stopping in a parking zone unexpectedly. If you notice steam or smoke coming from boot lid vents, look closely at it without delay to avoid calamities that may arrive at a later point of time. Regular and professional checking out of compression pressure utilizing a pressure gauge definitely will inform you regarding the status of this gasket. A leak down test is performed by specialists to make sure that your gasket isn’t leaking any kind of engine liquid.

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Kansas City Detailing Shops on Google Places

Because there are such large numbers of automobiles located in Kansas City and everyone loves to make sure that that they keep fresh and clean, car washes coupled with car detailing businesses continue to stay fairly hectic. Even though the truth is that there’s a big distinction between a car rinse and a detail, the majority of people in fact do not have an idea. Are you ready to learn the differences? Let’s go then.

Here a scuff, there a scratch, everywhere a scratch, scratch. The next in line is the youngster that purchased a garden hose along with a bucket and now wants to “detail” your car up. If you don’t mind a scratch here, some faded wheels there and wax in your cracks everywhere, go head… make his day. You don’t need to risk your car by letting the guy touch it.

If you want to have swirls on your car and get your plastic, rubber and trim dried out, proceed to the Kansas City aut-o-mat-e-co scratch wash. It’ll save lots of time and money in the short term. The automatic washes are extremely hard on your vehicle. Plus, have you ever seen those kids that dry the cars drop towels that they are spinning and the dry you car off with it. It happens all of the time.

Kansas City also has good old high-volume $99 detailing shops. Get them through as quickly as possible here. Absolutely no playing about. When the dirt isn’t coming off, just rub as hard as you can and get that vehicle out of the shop. Don’t waste time using the high-volume car detail business. It’ll just be more headache in the end. Brown tires, cracking dash, swirled paint and so on.

Finally we come to the high-end expert car detailing businesses. These are the businesses that will be more than ready to shell out a very high price for the world’s most desirable products. They typically will hand choose very specific waxes, rim chemicals, microfiber towels and more to guarantee that each part of the detailing process is optimized. Should you actually want to get yourself a top-notch detail, they are the people to make it happen. They’ll cost you a little more cash though so anticipate to spend a few extra dollars.

Since you now are knowledgeable in regards to the four various levels of car detailing, you are ready to start the hunt. Do you want to pick the budget detail shop, any local car wash, your neighborhood kid or the professional detailer? It’s your call which route you’re going to go.

Since you found this article doing an internet search, continue on with the lesson we’ve learned today and find your soon to be favorite detailer. It really shouldn’t be hard.

Be patient if you have to. And, don’t allow the ideal car detailing shop pass you by simply because you feel they may cost a little to much. Finding the right Kansas City auto detailing shop will be worth the hunt..

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Do you need a good auto detailer in another city or state, feel free to get ahold of us. We would love to help you out!!!

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The Basics of Touching up Car Paintwork

Some people cry over a scratch on their car like it’s the end of the world. It’s really not. You can fix things yourself if you’ve half a mind to, and actually if your car is newer there’s even less reason to despair – your paint will easily match the touching up pot you order for the job. If you are going to commit to doing the job yourself it helps to follow a few handy hints.

The first thing to assess is whether this is a small enough job for you to do on your own. Any large areas of paintwork that need patching up – anything larger than a scratch really – will look fairly poor if you decide to fix it with a little touch up paint. For this you’ll need to either take it to a garage, or invest in a spray can and apply a comprehensive re-spray in a well ventilated area. The problem is that the paint colour of your car changes dramatically in a fairly short space of time, due to exposure to the elements, so even if you carefully choose your match pot, you’ll find it doesn’t quite fit with the existing colour of the car.

With that settled you can go shopping. In your basket there are some obvious essentials, namely the paint you’re going to use. The colour should be able to be determined easily by looking at the details beside the serial number of your car. Most pots of paint also come with their own little brush or applicator, and for tiny jobs you’re sometimes better off using a matchstick anyway. Also buy some paint primer, and possibly some rust protector, if you’ve noticed rust on the damaged area.

To prep the car for its paintjob the process is the same however severe the scrape is. Get some tape around the affected area, and rub it with some sandpaper. If the scratch goes down to the plastic or metal you’ll definitely need to put some primer on. If it goes down to the metal and it’s corroded you need to put some rust corrector on. If it’s a shallow scratch with existing paint in tact, you just need to apply fresh paint.

And then it’s just a case of applying the paint. Less is more in this instance. If you put too much on the paint will bubble or run onto the existing paint. Just put on enough to bring it to the level of the other paintwork.

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Five Ways to Make Driving Abroad Easier

There are a lot of ways to go wrong when you’re driving in a new country, but a few ways of making things a lot easier for yourself. It’s a no-brainer to take some small steps before travelling to make the whole thing a lot better once you arrive. The first thing you can do is know your foreign road signs, and learn some road markings too. In addition you’ll want to brush up on basic driving rules. It might seem like enough to know which side of the road to drive on, but once you get to your first junction you’ll find yourself panicking if you don’t know the guidelines for sure.

Be aware that most accidents occur within the first hour of your arriving in the new country. This is because people are fatigued, and overwhelmed by the combination of new rules and practices, as well as possibly a new car to get to grips with. Give yourself a few moments to get used to the vehicle, adjusting your seat positioning and familiarising yourself with the controls before heading out on the road. If you rush things it can be disastrous.

A good journey plan is half the battle once you’re out on the open road. With so many tools available these days there really is no reason to go astray. You can get apps for your smartphones to tell you where to turn, as well as the usual GPS and map book devices that are tried and tested. Don’t just trust in technology though – know the route from memory as best you can.

Ask yourself honestly if you’re giving yourself enough time to rest and get out of the car between travel. There are too many instances of people getting into trouble because they drive through the night to get from one place to the next. You should take your time and relax.

You might also consider learning enough of the language to get by as a driver. As a minimum you should know the number for the emergency services, and how to report a problem.

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Tips for driving in icy or snowy conditions

The idea of venturing out into cold, slippery conditions with the possibility of hugely decreased visibility is daunting for any driver, and driving in very bad winter conditions is of course, best avoided. However, if you really must brave the weather, there are several alterations you can make to your driving style, which can help you reach your destination safely.

If you can’t get your car fully serviced by a professional, then check the following yourself. Make sure your lights are all clean and working and your battery is fully charged. Car batteries have a life of around five years, so if yours is old it might be time to invest in a new one as the darker conditions of winter will put much more strain on your battery than it had to cope with during the summer months.

When driving, use the following advice. Don’t try to keep up to speed limits, in very bad weather these are often much too fast to be safe; if you don’t feel in control of your car, you probably aren’t. To avoid sliding and skidding drive smoothly, allowing up to ten times the normal distance for breaking, avoiding sharp steering and keeping a good distance between yourself and the next car. Braking on an icy or snow covered bend is extremely dangerous. The centrifugal force will continue to pull you outwards and the wheels will not grip very well. This could cause your vehicle to spin. To brake on ice and snow without locking your wheels, get into a low gear earlier than normal, allow your speed to fall and use your brakes gently.

Ideally, a skidpan-driving course should be taken to prepare the driver for icy and slippery conditions, if this is not possible however; here are a few tips for handling ice and snow. Use second gear to start on a slippery surface, not first, this helps stop wheel spin. You may need up to ten times the normal breaking distance to stop or slow down, so apply pressure slowly and gently to minimise the chance of skidding, the same goes for cornering – always drive slowly and gently to avoid losing control.

However experienced you may be at winter driving, don’t take silly risks such as starting off with only a small portion of your windscreen clear, or not allowing adequate extra time to prepare your car and allow for possible delays on route. Be prepared to be late to arrive at your destination, your safety is more important that your punctuality.

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Basic Car Maintenance Tips

At some point we’ve all fallen victim to a dead battery or flat tyre disaster, usually when there is the least amount of time available to deal with it. If you find yourself in a similar predicament ensure that next time you know how best to deal with it quickly and efficiently, without having to wait for a time-consuming third party rescue.

If a flat tyre stops you short, secure the car into place with both the handbrake and heavy, sturdy objects like house bricks or something of a similar weight. Wedge them in front and behind the remaining tyres. Remember to alert other drivers of your presence with the hazard warning lights. If you have been driving a while the wheel is likely to be hot, ensure a spare pair of gloves are worn. The car manual will give the correct position of where to put the jack so as not to crack the framework. Before lifting, loosen the wheel nuts. Once the car has been raised fully remove the nuts and extract the flat tyre from the axel. The new tyre should be lined up with the wheel bolts and secured in place. When replacing a tyre it’s often a good idea to replace the tyre located on the opposite side of the axel at the same time. Different tyres can affect the vehicles handling, but if you’re caught off-guard with a flat this likely isn’t an option.

Checking your tyres are in top condition is particularly important as they are one of the crucial parts of the car; poorly fitted or worn tyres can affect the how well it manipulates corners, the braking distance and make the general handling of the car far less responsive. The minimum central tyre tread depth should measure no less than 1.6mm and 3mm for the outer strips. Regularly checking the tyres for glass, nails and debris before your journey will also help to avoid the risk of slow punctures.

Tyres that aren’t fully inflated will use up more fuel per mile, which can be costly in itself, but over-inflated tyres can be equally as harmful, reducing grip and again hindering the cars handling with an unstable ride. Ensure the tyres are cold before attempting to check their pressure; the heat caused by long journeys leading to increased tyre pressure. If leaving it overnight isn’t possible, spare at least a few hours before attempting to use a pressure gauge. Not forgetting to regularly check the spare, if you have one.

Every couple of weeks, or before long journeys, take time to pop the bonnet and have a quick check that everything is functioning inside. The brake fluid keeps the brake pedal working properly. A brake fluid reservoir that empties too frequently can sometimes indicate a leak. If the oil is below the minimum line on the dipstick, fill it up a small amount at a time. The owner’s manual should specify the correct variety of oil to use, but if you’re unsure a good quality engine oil like Castrol will be sufficient. Another port of call under the bonnet is the coolant tank. Checking it before long journeys or once a fortnight is a good rule of thumb, in the colder months adding a little anti-freeze to the tank.

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Walmart tire and lube is the best place to get cheap oil changes, if you know where to look for discounts. Find out more.

Walmart is a one stop procuring destination. At Walmart, you can even get your vehicle’s oil changed while you shop for groceries. Proper car maintenance is necessary to keep your car in good ailment. Regular oil changes are a large part of a automobile upkeep program.[I:http://autorepairarticles.com/autorepairarticles/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/TrentonSkolfield0.jpg]

Most mechanics advise changing the oil in your automobile every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, Whichever comes first. If you commute long distances to work, you may dr more than 3,000 kilometers in a month or two. Likewise, if you live in a city, you may not need to dr as much. However, you should still change your automobile oil regularly.

In buy to change the oil in your automobile, you will need to remove the old oil and put in new oil. You really should also put a new oil filter on your automobile when you change the oil. Of course, you need to properly dispose of the used oil too. Depending upon your mechanical capabilities and the make of your car, you may not be able to change your oil by yourself. Even if you are capable of executing an oil change, you just may not want to do so. For these reasons, you may want to take your car for a walmart oil change.

There are several unique types of oil change packages available at Walmart. With most oil changes , you can have your windshield washer fluid levels checked as well as the power steering and other fluid levels. Technicians will also make sure that your tires are properly inflated. In addition, they will verify your brake lites and turn signals to make sure that they are properly working. In most cases, technicians will also vacuum the interior of your car too. As you can see, the Walmart oil change company is a fantastic way to make sure that your entire car is being taken care of properly.

Most Walmart retailers have a Tire and Lube Station wherever the oil changes can be done. However, it is best to check. It is also important to check the hours of procedure. Most Tire and Lube channels have unique operating hours than the Walmart shop. Just because the station is located at a 24 hour Walmart does not mean that the station will be open for 24 hours.

When you arrive at the station, you will be asked to fill out paperwork on your vehicle. Then, you will be given a bar code and an estimated time of completion. You can verify your vehicles progress at any price tag verify machine in the retailer working with the bar code. When your vehicle is done, you will receive a call or text on your cell phone. If you do not have a phone, the station will make an announcement over the shop’s intercom system. If any concerns are noticed during the oil change, you will also be called back to the station.

Of course, there are often some risks when getting any type of mechanised work done on your car. There is the opportunity that the incorrect oil could be put on your machine. Overall, getting your oil transformed is a very low risk type of event.

Although Walmart oil changes are reasonable in price tag, you may want to use walmart coupons for oil changes. You can find Walmart coupons online. You can also find Walmart printable coupons here too. making use of the available deals, you should be able to save a few dollars on your oil change.

Walmart will also selling price match up. This means that if you see an oil change advertised less expensive than it is advertised at Walmart, you can get a value match up. To do this, just take the advertisement to the Tire and Lube Station when you go for your oil change. Some Walmart retailers may also honor other shop deals. This depends upon the procedures established by the supervisor. If this is the case, you can use coupons issued by other retailers to get an even better price tag on your oil change.

In most cases, your oil change will be done in less than an hour. This means that you can get your shopping done while you wait for your vehicle’s oil change to be done. What could be better? You can save time and money by getting your oil changed at a Walmart Tire and Lube station.

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Safe driving on country roads – 5 simple tips

Country roads can be slightly intimidating if you’re more used to driving around the city. However, safe driving on country roads is perfectly easy if you remember just a few things. Firstly, country driving isn’t fundamentally different from driving anywhere else. You still need to make sure that you’re in a fit state to drive and that your car is in good condition.

Two – keep to a sensible speed limit. Most country roads use the national speed limit, which is 60 mph. Often however you should travel at a much slower speed, especially if you are unfamiliar with the route you are taking or the road is particularly bendy and tight. As always, remember to reduce your speed further in bad weather conditions.

Three – don’t try and match the speed limit. Although the national speed limit is 60 mph, the intention of such a limit is not to have you try and get as close to it as possible. Some country roads are far too narrow and winding for safe driving at such speeds, so make sure you don’t drive too fast, especially when you don’t know what’s around the next corner.

Watching out for other road users is the fourth tip for safe country roads. While driving along some country roads you may well come across pedestrians, people on horses, other animals and large farm vehicles. Make sure when passing pedestrians or animals that you slow right down and leave plenty of space so that country roads can be safe for everyone that uses them.

The final tip is that in spite of the caution you need to exercise, confidence can also help you to drive safely on country roads. Ways of building confidence might include driving in country lanes that are wider and less windy at first or driving with a more experienced driver as a passenger. You might even want to consider extra lessons. With these five tips in mind, safe driving on country roads is possible for everyone.

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Basic Maintenance Tips for your Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz make some fine looking cars, but they’re only as good as the person looking after them. If you’re spent all that money on a vehicle that’s one thing, but it’s the time you put into it after the purchase that will see to it retaining its value, and its quality. People tend to know the basics for looking after a car, but that doesn’t mean they always stick to them. Here is a little refresher on those essential tips to make sure you’re making the most of your Mercedes at the moment.

Maintaining the outside of the car is something that especially falls on the driver. There are plenty of ways to make sure your exterior is well taken car of. The sun can really damage the look of a car’s body work over time, and if you have an older vehicle this is even more relevant. Take care of your Mercedes by keeping it in a garage as much as possible, or at least getting some kind of cover over the paintwork. It’s not difficult to arrange, but it makes a big difference.

Winter really takes its toll on bodywork too. Here the tips are simpler than you might think. Car soap and water are the best line of defence you have against the elements, as washing gets rid of road debris and the niggly bits of salt that lodge on the body. People sometimes conveniently forget about the need to wash the car in winter, what with the cold weather on your fingers and the endless nature of the task. But this is actually when it’s most crucial to get your bucket in action.

Under the hood with all modern Mercedes is very much locked down, with no room for tinkering unless you’re a professional. The things you can maintain yourself are straightforward fluid refills. The only one you’re likely to need to refill between services is your windscreen washer, but check the oil and coolant regularly too.

So there you have it. It’s super simple to do those little things that make a big difference for your car. You just have to stay diligent.

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