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Jul 042011

What makes car dealership unique today? It is the creation of their specific language. At the present, many salespeople use common terms to mean to or point some to things and events involving cars sales and the purchase of vehicles. Most of the time these terms are used by salespeople among themselves. Then again, since these terms have become a part of their vocabulary it cannot be avoided that they use these terms while speaking with their clients. Thus, if you want to understand what the salesperson is telling you, then you better read the succeeding paragraphs.

One of the usually words car lot salespeople use Demo, which simply means test drive or allowing the client to have a demo of the function of the vehicle to close the deal. Packing Payments is another term in car dealerships. This pertains to adding additional profit to the price of the car. Salespeople in car dealerships also use Home Run but this doesn’t refer to any baseball game. In car dealerships, home run means taking advantage by the salesman over all the aspects of the car purchase like trade-in, financing and sales price. Speaking of deal, when a car deal is closed and the salesperson got a $ 1, 000 profit, the deal is referred as Pounder. Contrary to pounder is Mini. It is the commission of the salesperson on a car that was sold nearly its invoice price.

If car lot salespeople have their own terms to describe selling strategies and profit, certainly they also have their own way of describing different kinds of customers. One of the types of customers that salespeople in car lot like a lot are the Lie Down or Lay Down customers. These customers are the kind of car buyers that just take whatever kind of deal the salesman gives. Another type of customers is those that have bad or poor credit records. These customers are called Roach by car lot salespeople. If you happen to hear car salespeople say Mooch, they are basically referring to a customer who wants to buy the vehicle at its invoice price. There are also other customers that like haggling for hours for just a small amount of money and car lot salespeople call them Grinders. To many professionals they are a waste of time whereas to others in the auto field they are a downright challenge. Customers who are promising to return after they tried the vehicle are called as Be Backs. Yet sales managers are fond of reminding their charges in sales training meetings that “comebacks are not greenbacks”. That is a person who promises to come back to purchase said product (and does not) yields no commission income to that employee (or the dealership) what so ever.

There are also words that are used to refer to specific people, place or office within the car lot. One example of this is the Desk. If you hear salespeople speak of the desk, they are not referring to a type of furniture but to the sales manager. Moreover, car salespersons call the office where the sales manager works as the Tower. F&I means Finance and Insurance Office and this is the place where documents are signed. Oftentimes, the salesmen from F&I are the ones who will convince customers to avail extended warranties buy auto anti-theft alarms and fabric protection.

These are the terms usually use in car lots. May this article was able to help you be familiar with some car lot terminology. V:8

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Thinking of buying or upgrading your car, truck or SUV? It’s a jungle out there. Many in the auto industry will stay clear of salespeople. Some consumers will even pay services or go online either to have an “expert” do the negotiations. Others like online dealing as its more objective without emotional ties and “you don’t have to talk to anyone”. Yet in most cases if you search out the most experienced and longest lasting auto salesperson on the floor, they can actually help in steering you a better vehicle to match your needs and hopefully get a good deal. On top of that – when you do you any problems or issues, they will most likely be around to help and assist you.

Another thing that you can do to ensure you get a fair deal is keep the transaction towards your target value. Determine your target price by adding four to eight percent from the car’s actual cost or the amount the dealer have paid for it. You can also visit sites that purchase car so that you will have a basic idea on how much that particular car can cost. If you have already gone to previous dealership then you can compare prices. In case the dealership meet your bid, be ready for the next step but if not you can always visit another dealership. Do not feel pressured, if you think the dealership is not being fair you can always turn your back and walk away. Do not give in to sale tactics like there are other people who are interested on that particular car and they might get it first before you do if you do not make the purchase quickly.

To be able to negotiate successfully for the right price of the car you desire you have to establish the amount you are willing to pay for. You can do this by getting the actual price of the car from the manufacturer and then adding around four to eight percent. You can also refer to other dealer’s price either online or locally so that you will be able to come up with the sound price. Bid from the lowest possible price. This can give you a better chance to get the best deal. Avoid caving in with sales tactics that put pressure on you to make a hurried decision.

Subsequent to successful price negotiation, you can now talk about trade-in. Remember though that you are not to proceed to this topic unless you have obtained the reasonable price for that car. And in case you encounter a lot of trouble in your trade-in with the dealership there are numerous car buyers out there that can very much meet your demands. The only problem with selling your old car to other buyers is you have to sell it in advance before you can purchase a new one.

Lastly it is best to deal with more credible dealerships rather than ones that advertise the lowest prices yet are flash in the pan. In some cases the highest volume auto dealerships in your area may also be the most fair to deal with. Look for outfits that have been around a long time in the industry. Word is mouth and personal referrals are good signs. Responsible high volume dealerships earned their reputation honestly. The automotive industry is like any outfit out for commerce. With high volume they are in a position both to demand and be offered better deals and absorb big lots of stock from head office out to keep up its own sales numbers and figures. It is best to see your purchase in terms of long term economy and economics rather than 2 cents that you save today only to have additional costs and no comeback later.

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It can be said that “everyone drives a used car”. Once your new car tires hit the pavement and roll out with plates out of the new car dealership your car, truck or SUV suffers great depreciation in value. After all “someone” ( meaning you in this case) has to pay for the beautiful new automotive dealership , the lot and building and overhead never mind to mention taxes of all types and labor costs to that business that sold you the vehicle.

Yet if you do purchase a pre-owned or “used vehicle”, off the lot or privately how do check the credentials? Luckily in 2011 we have modern computer networking technology along with standardized systems from the automakers to provide a basis for easy vehicle searches to a degree to that startle you and certainly work to either spot bargains on the spot, be in a much better position to negotiate or alternatively be able to spot and detect bad cars, trucks or those that have endured events or histories which you would prefer not to be involved with. Hence a simple vehicle search of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can either help you identify vehicles that you would want and that you should purchase on the spot, those you feel are fine but you are in a better position to “grind “the seller down on, and those which are better for you to decline – indeed get in your automobile and drive off into the sunset – rapidly.

Yet in these modern times it is as easy as pie to check out vehicles. EBay is integrated with auto reporting agencies. Your local dealers will often do the service and provide the search or searches at little or no charge for you as a proof source of the vehicle if you are seriously and honestly considering purchasing said vehicle or even vehicles. Just don’t be abusive of these fine people if they are honestly trying to help you out.

Just what can you expect in an online vehicle report? First of all to explain the information (data) on your car is provided via a cross reference to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is essence a serial number assigned to that particular unit since new. Each and every owner or change of ownership is tracked via this data. Attached to those changes of ownership should be addresses, perhaps phone numbers and mileage at that point in time. Traffic accidents and worse will be recorded as well as part of the process. If the car was in a very substantial accident and “written off” as salvage – and somehow returned to roadworthy condition (or at least the part attached to the VIN) this will be part of the report as well. Just one note – take into account practicalities of life. A computer report is a wonderful tool. Yet it is possible that owner’s may have had misfortunes in the auto’s life and done repairs under the table so that they do not appear on the roster. It’s always a possibility. So be wary of this. Stranger things have happened. The reports are valuable, one stop shopping pieces of information – however still use your practical judgment and skills of perception. Remember the other person is there to sell you the car. Once the contract is signed and the transaction of cash payment occurs for the most part you are on your own.

At the end of the day for most auto and truck buyers it’s about getting reliable transportation either for their family or as part of the requirements of their job and family income. Hence when out car or truck shopping it never hurts to be both on the conservative side and also drive home the best deal and overall value. At the end of the day, and at the end of the road it is as simple as that.

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If we are going to trace the history of Austin mini we will find out that it dated back from the year 1959 and then onwards in a new reincarnation for the year and new millennium of 2000. This vehicle was originally a construct of British Motor Corporation later the brand being acquired by the German auto manufacturer Bavarian Motors Works known to most simply “BMW.” To many it was the final World War 2 post war British insults as the Austin Mini and its sports car version – the Mini Cooper – indeed became symbols of the success of the British auto industry itself.

Thus at first glance at this car will be given and have the impression that it is a very car. Yet with the then revolutionary front wheel drive , sideways mounted engine the interior compartment has no large middle “hump” in the floor to take passenger and cargo space away. On top of that the Austin Mini and its Morris Minor re-badged product offered an innovation which was not introduced into American cars until Ford , on its deathbed introduced women into its “focus groups”. The Taurus which saved Ford at the time from extinction had side pockets in the door for storage. Believe it or not many drivers and passengers of original Minis used those side pockets in the doors for carting home groceries and the like from the supermarket and shopping. Interestingly even when GM attempted to copy the success of the Ford Taurus and its Mercury Sable product they – with a limited mindset – missed the boat with this simple feature which auto buyers and owners clamored for a lot more than styling and more chrome. The Lumina was essentially a lackluster me2 copycat product with side pockets in the doors wide and big enough only for a few folded maps.

Originally this Austin mini was produced in England but later on all parts of the world. This two door car was at first available in the market as Austin and Morris. However during 1969 its name was changed into the Mini. And in 1980, the Mini was again altered and became Austin. As time passed by there were innovations done with Austin that eventually lead to the construct of several models. All models have the same name, Austin mini. In the long run, manufacturers opted to cancel the name Austin and settled with the name Mini alone thus it has been known simply as Mini. The most recently constructed mini dated 2000. However this model does not come up with the supposed expectation.

Austin minis have been widely used in car race competitions. This would definitely give you the idea that this car is a fast car. You would be able to see one in every race track there is. And the most important thing is, it constantly make it to the top. This car has been a winner in several significant contests. That is exactly the reason why this car, in this particular period of time, became one of the most well-liked. You will notice that Austin minis – even very old 60’s vintage models are still functional today in most parts of the world especially in Great Britain. Nowadays, this vehicle is one of the most sought after collector’s item. The demand is so great that collectors worldwide are willing to pay for overseas shipping just to have them. The cost of shipping from England to their own place maybe very costly but these collectors do not at all mind this. And the price value of this has tremendously increased. The functional Austin mini these days can be sold at a price much greater than the original brand new price. This is a very strong evidence of the uniqueness of this vehicle.

Austin mini is definitely a beauty, not only because of its facade but also its function. This is very sensible and dependable to make use of. I would definitely agree that there is no car that can compete with this car’s qualifications and achievements.

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When you wish to own a car but run short on budget you can opt for used cars instead. They cost pretty much lower as compared to the brand new ones. However you cannot be too sure on their quality and efficiency. It pays to complete a thorough and complete inspection of the cars and its history. First and foremost when it comes time to buy a first vehicle or replace your current form of transportation don’t be rushed. There are plenty of fish in the ocean or in this case car, trucks and SUVs in your local geographic area just waiting to be sold. Take full time and attention to inspect the car’s built, engine and history. Here are some tips on how to conduct a proper inspection for your desired used car.

A very good way to determine the real car condition is by knowing its history. Vehicle history reports can very well provide you this. This service rooted from the development in the field of record keeping and internet connections. Companies that offer this service make use of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to trace the used car history. Carfax is the very first company to offer this service. They began their operation by faxing car history reports to their customers thus the company’s name carfax. There has been a growing competition in the market for this kind of service. That is the reason why you can now obtain a car history report for only $14.99. But if you are trying to inspect several cars then you can opt for the unrestricted reports for a month’s time that is offered for only $19.99.

Next, check the built of your desired car. Make a thorough visual inspection of the cars exterior, interior and other accessories. On the exterior part look at the paint quality, rust spots, traces of bumps or accidents and alignment of doors and hoods. In the interior test the steering wheel, brakes, the different lights, controls, locks and conditioning system. Inspect also the carpets, seat covers and other accessories.

Inspect also the car’s history. This can be very performed by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will give you additional and much more precious information about the used car aside from the seller’s and mechanic’s statement. This very handy and powerful tool was made possible by computer and internet connection. There are several internet companies that were able to generate database on used car’s history. The first ever online company to offer this service operated by faxing used car’s history to customers, thus the name Carfax. This company began its business on 1986 and has grown tremendously over the past decade. This is together with the growing demand on used car history reports. Their database is drawn from about 450 sources of information. Other companies obtain their data from similar sources. Thus charges for this kind of service charge for as low as $14.99 for one car history determination and $19.99 for unrestricted car history verification. Another car history provider is the Consumers Guide. These companies can now offer other services like repair information and reliability information that can provide precise details of the car.

First inspect the general feature of the car. Look for ripples in the door panels and check for the evenness of the gaps between the doors and the hood. Open all the doors and trunk find out if they are still in good condition. Check if all lights, controls, heater and air conditioner are properly working. Try the steering wheel is easy to maneuver. Scrutinize for leaks or sprays that will indicate the presence of damaged hose. Listen to the engine as it runs, if it sounds smooth or creates noise. Do a detailed inspection of transmission fluid. Make sure it has a pinkish color and without metallic flakes. The antifreeze should have a green color. Test out the functioning of the fan and timing belt. And never forgo the inspection without checking the exhaust pipe that can signify used up valves and piston rings. Following these guidelines can help you on your used car inspection.

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Chrysler began in 1908 when Walter P. Chrysler, who loved cars very much, went into Chicago and joined a car show. He was working in a railway company and was only thirty three years old at that time. Even though he was employed in that particular industry, his love was not for trains but for automobiles. When he saw a white locomobile for sale, he did everything he could just to buy it. He even went to the extent of getting into a lot of debt, since he borrowed money to make the purchase. He was always fiddling with the car. That was why he learned how to drive the vehicle pretty late.

In 1920, he left his job and took over the Willy Overland Company and the Maxwell Chalmers Enterprise. These corporate groups were losing and Chrysler tried to revitalize these companies, so that they could compete in the industry and make progress in their line of business. The first car in the Chrysler line was developed four years later. Amazingly, Chrysler’s first release had a very positive outcome which encouraged him more. Just three years after Chrysler bought the Maxwell Chalmer’s enterprise; the Chrysler brand was already gaining a lot of income and was making a name for it. All in all, Chrysler created a number of famous car manufacturer brands; the Desoto, Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler. Chrysler was considered a full-fledged car manufacturing company just after another five years. This is a testament to what the Chrysler brand is capable of doing, in a short span of years. Chrysler was now strong enough to compete against the two leading car manufacturers in the industry, which were GM and Ford Motors. Chrysler attempted to dislodge these two giant manufacturing companies in the market.

After ending his trade with the two companies in 1920, he worked once again. Chrysler tried to perk-up the sales of two companies that were not making progress in their field of business. These two companies were Willy’s Overland and Maxwell Chalmers. In 1924, that was another four years later, he introduced his own brand with his name carrying it. It was his first taste of success in the industry. More successes followed. After three years he bought out Maxwell. Chrysler was not only a brand of a car but also a successful manufacturing company. He introduced more lines such as the Desoto, Dodge and Plymouth as additions to his Chrysler brand. After five more years, Chrysler was now an entirely car manufacturing company. This was one of the more important highlights in the history of Chrysler. Slowly, the company he started became bigger and bigger. The company is now ready to face more serious challenges ahead and make a name for itself, in the industry. One of its challenges is to compete with the world’s two leading car manufacturers General Motors (GM) and Ford. A large percentage of the automobile market belongs to these two manufacturing giants. Chrysler would like to increase its share in the market.

After another five years, Chrysler became a major automobile manufacturer in the country, and was now ready to compete with the two leading automobile manufacturers in the world, namely GM and Ford Motors. These two giant companies were monopolizing the automobile the industry when Chrysler was trying to make waves in the industry. However, in 1934, there was a set back for Chrysler when a brand, Airflow, did not do well in the market. Followed by the Great Depression of the 1930’s, many companies were shut down. Chrysler was able to sustain its operations during the economic recession. During the Second World War, demand for automobile was very low. In order to survive, Chrysler manufactured military vehicles for sale to the government. Despite these challenges, Chrysler continued to progress. In 1951, it developed the Hemi V8 engine. The company is always ahead in the development of new technologies to create better and quality cars.

The past few decades gave Chrysler numerous good and bad times. Sometimes, they are at the top and, sometimes, they are at the bottom. Technological discoveries, wars, and economic problems all helped prepare and forge Chrysler into what it is today. It has always manufactured fine cars that grab the attention of the public. One thing is sure. Chrysler is here to stay.

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A lot of people who are thinking of buying a used car use the car’s price as basis for their decision. Although this is justifiable, used car buyers must be careful in engaging deals because used cars that are way cheaper than it is supposed to be may have been flood damaged. It may be hard to believe, but there are a lot of people nowadays who will try their best to convince innocent buyers to purchase flood-damaged cars by making the car look alright and totally in good condition. Aside from this, they also go as far as transporting these used cars to countries or states that has no laws about flooded cars and sell these cars in the said places. If you are thinking of getting a used car, then this article may be helpful to you. In the following paragraphs, you’ll be given ideas on what to check and look for in the car in order for you to avoid purchasing flood-damaged car.

Although criminals are trying hard to cover up the damage of the car, there are still things that they could have neglected or overlooked and these things often come in minute details. Hence, when engaging in a car search, be sure to check the vehicle’s dashboard, floor and glove compartment. Mud, rust or stains can be found in these areas if it has been soaked in water. Sellers of flood-damage vehicles will mostly try to change the upholstery and carpet of the car since it will greatly show that water has got inside the car. Therefore, if you noticed that the car’s upholstery and carpet are loose and don’t fit properly, then you can say that the car is probably damaged by flood. If they fit perfectly then try to look for faded, stained or discolored areas. Water can cause the car’s carpet and upholstery to fade, discolor or get stained.

Aside from checking the dashboard, glove compartment, upholstery and flooring, also check the car’s warning lights if they’re working properly when it’s switched to ignition. Make it also certain to check the car’s airbag and ABS lights. Test other equipment of the car such as the heater, air conditioner, radio, signal lights, interior and exterior lights if they’re working by turning it on several times.

Check the wires under the car’s dashboard by flexing them. Water can make the wires brittle hence it will crack once it dries up and flexed. Also use your sense of smell and sniff the interior of the car if you can smell mud or musty odor brought by mildew. If what you can smell is the strong scent of deodorizer, then it could also mean that the seller is trying to cover up something.

A used car seller who is not hiding anything about the car will show the car’s history report to the buyers. However, if your car seller refuses to show the documents to you, then he is most likely trying to hide something. It would be great if you get the 17-digit vehicle’s identification number found on its dashboard so you can do history check of the car yourself. It is also important that you have the car looked at by a credible and knowledgeable car technician before you make the purchase to be certain that the car will not cause you troubles in the future.

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You may have already found the car you like and have practiced the art of negotiating ad so, you are now aching to go to the dealership lot and get the car you want. However, before you continue with the dealership you have to decide what kind of dealership to go to for they are not created equally. Certainly, you want to go to a dealer that give you fair treatment and give you good price. There are different types of dealerships and they will be discussed here.

Turn-over houses is one of the kinds of dealership. These dealerships are called such because you are going to be turned over from one salesperson to another. When you go to a car dealer that follows this system, you will be greeted by one salesperson upon your arrival. This person will be the first of the many possible people you are going to meet and talk to during the whole transaction. If that person notices that he is not making any improvements in convincing you to buy the car, then he will refer you to another salesperson or more known as the “closer”. This person will then continue the transaction and will try to persuade you to buy the car. Such system will not be good for you since you can neither choose the best car or the best price. Such system is very common to big dealership companies.

Another type is the straight sale dealership. This is a kind of dealership where you have a salesperson with you through the entire transactions. This means that you are able to transact with the same person each time you visit the store and until you make up your mind and finally make a purchase. Such dealership is good if you have already established a good rapport with your salesperson.

With the advancement of technology today, even car dealerships are being brought to the next level. There are already online sites that offer services that let one post a legitimate advertisement about selling items or services. Hence, online car shopping is made possible. Kijiji, eBay and Craigslist are just few of the many sites that allow people to post the items they are selling and also allow interested buyers to browse and make purchase. Purchase for cars or any other item in these sites is also done online. Payments may be through PayPal, bank or money transfer, credit card or check —depending on the indicated payment method of the seller. Buying an item an also be through bidding or instant buying.

Purchasing car is not that simple. You have to make plans and consider so many things. Part of purchasing car is choosing which car lot to go or what dealership look for. Picking a car dealer is crucial in the whole car purchasing experience because picking your car dealer is as good as picking your own car.

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Purchasing your own auto mobile can be so exciting and at the same time frustrating. That is due to the fact that there are so many different things to consider in doing this. First, you have to consider the model that you would want to have. There is a wide range to choose from like car, truck or Sports Nullity and S.U.V. Then, you also have to decide whether to go for a brand new or second hand type. However, the ultimate things to consider will always be the liking and the financial ability of the purchaser himself.

Deciding on the dealer to whom you will make a purchase is just as important as deciding on the type of vehicle you want to posses. The commendation from previous customers is one good aspect to look into. Those that are highly recommended by others are most likely to be the best one in the field. So it is a good idea to ask those who had beforehand meetings with a particular dealer. Soliciting advice from friends, coworkers and other acquaintances can be another excellent way to get to know the best dealer. Know their experiences in either online auto dealers or local ones. Get their feedback both on the first meeting as well as subsequent contact with the dealers. Because there are cases wherein first meeting went out so smooth, everything falls into places, but follow up meetings represents the opposite scene. Since afterward meeting is vital in maintaining you vehicle condition you would not want to experience being left out during this time. Knowing the experience of others, you will be on the better end to make your decision on choosing the dealer that will cater your need.

For busy individuals, they may find it difficult to free some of their time to go around the town and look for private merchants. So instead they go for the commercial auto dealers. There are several advantages that can be derived from dealing with this kind of merchants. One is having a wide array of automobiles you can chose from. These commercial dealers would have almost all the current models of vehicles. You are also given an assurance so that if your newly purchased vehicle has troubles in its mechanical functioning you can always go back to your dealer and ask for assistance. Because you know their specific location this is very easy to do as compared if you dealt with a private dealer. Another interesting component posted by commercial auto dealers is their in-house financing feature.

There are also compensations you can get when you opt to transact with private sellers. First and foremost, you would not go into trouble of choosing from the assortment of automobiles available in the commercial dealership. That is because the vehicle is already there and if meets your basic wish for an automobile that is all the more wonderful. Another thing is you will be able to get your vehicle in a much lesser price. This is because private dealers do not spend a penny for facilities, manpower, and taxes as compared to the commercial ones. So the tendency is they can offer their vehicles in a much cheaper cost. Ultimately the tax that you are going to disburse in you privately purchased vehicle is lesser, though this is true for some locales only.

After all that is said and done, the ease and comfort on transportation that you and your family members will experience is what matters most in purchasing your automobile.

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Oldsmobile is the oldest passenger car manufacturer in the United States, and one of the world’s oldest. Everything came about when Frank Clark and Ransom Eli Olds agreed to produce a “horseless carriage” with Olds supplying the engine and other mechanical components (his father built immobile gasoline engines), and Clark providing the carriage (his father had a carriage business). After making the vehicle run successfully, Olds and some Lansing businessmen established the Olds Motor Vehicle Company in 1897. Olds relocated to Detroit in 1899 and became the Olds Motor Works. They built a new factory – the first specifically designed to manufacture vehicles – on the Detroit River banks. The facility at Lansing was maintained as an engine factory.

The Oldsmobile curved dash Runabout was developed after moving to Detroit. From 425 cars in 1901, sales gradually increased to a staggering 5,508 units in 1904. Olds Motor Works was then selling more cars in America than anyone had sold before. Many Olds were also being exported to the Royal Houses of Italy and England, and even to the Middle East and Russia. In 1908, the Olds Motor Works was made part of the upstart General Motors Corporation, which had the Buick Motor Company as its chief asset. Olds continued to prosper under GM, and in 1915 production rose to almost 8,000 cars.

The economic explosion during the Roaring Twenties propelled Olds production to 45,000 in 1925. That same year, Olds started using chromium-plating as trims on cars. Depression dampened sales, but new Oldsmobile sales still reached 183,000 cars in 1935 the 1 millionth Oldsmobile rolled out. Olds introduced the first completely automatic transmission, the Hydra-matic in 1939, which made considerable sales, resulting in the production of the 2-millionth Oldsmobile in 1941.

On January 1, 1942 General Motors Corporation officially made Olds Motor Works its Oldsmobile Division. Oldsmobile continued making milestones after World War II. It introduced the first overhead valve, high-compression V-8 engine. In 1953, Oldsmobile pioneered power brakes and air conditioning. In 1955 the 5-millionth Oldsmobile was built. In 1958, the “Trans-portable” radio was introduced. For superior fuel economy, a new carburetor, the “Econo-o-Way” and in 1959 a split choke system, were introduced.

Oldsmobile’s compact F-85 came in 1960. It was designed to combat imports, rated at 18 mpg on the highway, and geared for people who sought a small, inexpensive car but disliked the austerity of the current imports. In 1966 Olds introduced one of that decade’s most essential advances; the use of front-wheel drive on the Tornado. Although this move came as strange to many viewers, it permitted Oldsmobile to achieve something it had always wanted: a flat floor for more space and comfort, and a chassis/drivetrain assembly which permitted finer traction and handling unattainable in cars of this bulk. The “muscle cars” like the 4-4-2, the Hurst Olds, and the W-30, 31 and 32 were also introduced during this time. 1978 saw the first V-8 diesel engine for an American passenger car and in 1982 Olds launched the Cutlass Ciera, which used front-drive, and had a new V-6 diesel engine.

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