New Video Series focused on Customer Builds

PAOLI, Pa. (September 29, 2020) – ExtremeTerrain has launched its “Customer Builds” video spotlight series with an up-close look at a 2016 JK Wrangler 4-door owned by Will Cooper from California. The goal of the series is to inspire customers with concrete ideas for their next mod. Will’s fully customized project vehicle does not disappoint. The video is hosted by Merideth Evasew in a one-on-one virtual chat format with vehicle footage and information to supplement Will’s build page on

After a brief intro, Merideth gets right into the interview of the 2016 JK which she describes as “built to the nine, with a ton of armor, performance mods, and lighting.” As the virtual walkaround begins, Will confesses that his project vehicle has grown into a “fun addiction” with more changes on the way. His mods started with a DV8 heat dispersion hood and on from there to the inner fenders, outer fenders, and frame.


The customization continues to the inside where Will answers some questions about his Alpine head unit and camera system, as well as the inner roll bar he added for looks and safety. Will has loaded up his JK with a ton of accessories including an adjustable Body Armor roof rack, fastback hard top, and over 30 lights that give his rig a one-of-a-kind look.  Merideth and Will go over a number of other specific modifications, wrapping up the virtual interview with a look at his current lift kit and his plans to go even bigger.

ExtremeTerrain will continue to feature customer build profiles with more videos in the making. Will’s 2016 JK Wrangler helps customers imagine what their stock Jeep can become with a little help from XT’s extensive aftermarket parts lineup. Like Will, customers can expect XT to offer personalized support from answering fitment questions to sending diagrams and instructions as needed. More information on Will’s Jeep including his parts list can be found on XT’s customer builds page.

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