MyFord Touch improvements slated for early 2012

Ford’s cutting-edge touch-screen infotainment encounter MyFord Touch will obtain an upgrade by early next year, reports the Detroit Free Press. Sources claim that complaints that the old system was not fast enough and cluttered prompted the upgrade. Current owners of a MyFord Touch-equipped Ford automobile will be able to upgrade totally free.

Just a bit of change

The touch-screen system was released by Ford in 2010. The 2010 Ford Edge and 2010 Lincoln MKX were given the program. Other versions of MyFord Touch have appeared in the Focus and Explorer ever since then.

The system will be twice as fast as it was previously with the brand new MyFord Touch software update, according to several sources. The Free Press explains that the graphical user screen has been changed to be streamlined. Access to phone calls with Sync, cabin climate control, music and directional navigation will be there.

MyFord Touch was designed to work in tandem with Ford’s Sync cell phone system. A lot of customers have been brought to Ford through the new screen that is touch-screen. Still, a lot could be done to improve this interface for the future.

Increases made regularly

The Free Press spoke with Ford’s electronics engineering director, Graydon Reitz, who said that Ford is committed to improvement.

“Just as we love our electronic devices and can’t live without them, we always want them to be better. And that’s exactly what our customers told us,” said Reitz.

The 2013 Ford Taurus, Flex and Escape will have the new MyFord Touch in them. Owners will be sent a USB stick with any software improvements. A number of people don’t want to do self-installation. These people have the choice of going to a Ford dealership and getting it for free.

What other enhancements were made?

There are more features to the new MyFord Touch than just being easy to navigate and read. This contains voice commands. It will even work with Sirius satellite radio’s Game Finder feature so that drivers can speak the name of the broadcast sporting event to which they’d like to listen.

Using MyFord Touch with other things

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