Pastor Jones Is Coming Home

My family started over 30 ministries so I’ve been a member of church after church during that time, some of which were more than a century old , and that makes for a lot of returnees to an even they call Homecoming . Coming home is a favorite human activity; the High School Homecoming , or home for the Holidays. Many churches share the Homecoming Sunday tradition. One Sunday each year a huge preachers list , deacons, and teachers return for a day. There’s extra preaching, stories, music, and of course special church homecoming bulletins It’s one part Spiritual, and one part family reunion .

How to Advertise a Homecoming

First you must know who’s missing from home , which is no small task . An unassuming office volunteer gets the task and spends a week on the telephone, and yelling Christian obscenities on their commute home . Then formal invitations must be printed , and of course design the “Happy Homeliness” cake.

Who wouldn’t want that job? If it’s you, check out these possibilities. Email made this job somewhat simpler , but phones are still involved. Unless you stole a McDonald’s drive-thru headset you’ll be at your desk a lot and your children will wonder why you’re home so late . You might try Googling their name of each 75 year old former Sunday School teacher , hoping you do don’t find it under obituaries, or you can use the free White Pages thing online, I recommend the latter. Keep samples of the various church bulletins you have used. Definitely keep a notepad ready of those names, addresses, and phone numbers. It makes next year’s job easier, and it could be sold to any new admin!

Homecoming The Next Generation

A big reason to have a Homecoming event is so people can follow up. Try these ideas: Have a section that’s blank on for autographs and emails. A lot of them are boring and empty, but there are hundreds of covers – Bible verses, laughing children, or the standby little white church with a steeple. Get extra for the overflow crowd, and watch the fun.

For a short period, while there is still time to either order, or run – select online Christian stores are offering all church bulletins 25-50% off! Select from hundreds of designs for every occasion. This year, keep the trauma to a minimum, take time to research , and get a pad to write on . Be blessed! Godspeed.

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