The Basics of Touching up Car Paintwork

Some people cry over a scratch on their car like it’s the end of the world. It’s really not. You can fix things yourself if you’ve half a mind to, and actually if your car is newer there’s even less reason to despair – your paint will easily match the touching up pot you order for the job. If you are going to commit to doing the job yourself it helps to follow a few handy hints.

The first thing to assess is whether this is a small enough job for you to do on your own. Any large areas of paintwork that need patching up – anything larger than a scratch really – will look fairly poor if you decide to fix it with a little touch up paint. For this you’ll need to either take it to a garage, or invest in a spray can and apply a comprehensive re-spray in a well ventilated area. The problem is that the paint colour of your car changes dramatically in a fairly short space of time, due to exposure to the elements, so even if you carefully choose your match pot, you’ll find it doesn’t quite fit with the existing colour of the car.

With that settled you can go shopping. In your basket there are some obvious essentials, namely the paint you’re going to use. The colour should be able to be determined easily by looking at the details beside the serial number of your car. Most pots of paint also come with their own little brush or applicator, and for tiny jobs you’re sometimes better off using a matchstick anyway. Also buy some paint primer, and possibly some rust protector, if you’ve noticed rust on the damaged area.

To prep the car for its paintjob the process is the same however severe the scrape is. Get some tape around the affected area, and rub it with some sandpaper. If the scratch goes down to the plastic or metal you’ll definitely need to put some primer on. If it goes down to the metal and it’s corroded you need to put some rust corrector on. If it’s a shallow scratch with existing paint in tact, you just need to apply fresh paint.

And then it’s just a case of applying the paint. Less is more in this instance. If you put too much on the paint will bubble or run onto the existing paint. Just put on enough to bring it to the level of the other paintwork.

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