Physician Assistant Interview Questions

Prospective students wishing to enter Physician Assistant training programs must go through an extensive interview process After reviewing the applications of numerous would be students, a short list if created and those applicants are contacted to come in for an interview. It can be tough getting through the Physician assistant Interview Questions, but you should answer them honestly.

Here are some things you will want to know about those Physician Assistant interview questions.

1. You have to know that the interview process counts big time if you are going to be accepted into the program. You may have excellent scores on all your tests, have an impressive education as experience to back it up, and the essays you wrote demonstrate a special flare, but the school is looking for a much more in-depth picture of you. You will have to demonstrate that you are practical, calm, understanding, honest, mature, compassionate, trustworthy, and confident. This can only be determined in a face to face sit down meeting.

2. The purpose of the interview is to help determine if you can communicate effectively. Since you will eventually be dealing with doctors and patients in a variety of settings, you have to be focused, polite, sharp and be able to communicate your meaning regardless of the situation.

Interview Process

Interviews typically begin with the financial aid officer as well as the director of the program speaking with you in a group setting. Afterward, applicants will be asked a series of Physician Assistant Interview Questions. Prospective students are split into 2 groups where the first group goes on to the interview process while the other is allowed to sit in on a class with some first year students. Here your behavior will be closely monitored to determine whether you will fit well with the program.

Physician Assistant Interview Questions

Below is a list of questions you may be asked during the interview.

1. Can you tell us how your education has prepared you for becoming a Physician Assistant? To answer this question, you should be able to let them see how you have managed to get through the academic process. You may want to let the interviewer know how here that you were able to do some volunteer work as well as work part-time. You have to demonstrate that you can multi-task and manage your time well.

2. What are some important problems that you feel are facing the healthcare system today? You must be able to demonstrate that you have your ear on the pulse of the industry you are looking forward to entering. You will need more than the ability to memorize things you have read in journals, but instead will show that you do know what is going on within the healthcare system.

3. What has inspired you to want to become a Physician Assistant? The answer to this question is very important and you must answer it with real feeling. You may also be asked why you did not choose to become a Nurse Practitioner instead.

4. Has any patient of yours deeply affected your desire to further your education? This question is designed to determine if you are compassionate and your ability to communicate effectively.

Using these Physician Assistant Interview Questions you will be able to better prepare for the interview that is sure to come.

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