5 Things to Avoid When Employing New Social Worker Staff

It is vital to find the right staff when it comes to social worker recruitment, particularly during periods of a downturn in the economy.

Focusing on the objectives you hope to achieve and the sort of people you need to realize them will be of benefit when recruiting social workers for your organisation. As you go through the candidate selection process, you might find the world of social worker recruitment full of potential pitfalls; here are just a number of the things you may need to avoid.

Believing you are not likely to find the right person

Just because the economy’s struggling, doesn’t mean you can’t fill the social worker role required or that you have to settle for second best. It is not often easy to find the right staff for your social worker jobs, but the current economy will mean there will be a lot of eager and qualified people looking for an opportunity. In order to fill your social worker posts with relative ease you will need to make sure you have a budget in place for recruitment and plenty of time to allocate to this task.

Looking in the wrong places

Social worker recruitment is much like any other hiring process, it requires time and consideration in order to identify the best candidate. Knowledge and guidance can come from a recruitment agency or consultant to help with this process. If it is true expertise and the most relevant working experience you’re looking for, it will be worth speaking to a dedicated social worker recruitment expert who is dedicated to providing candidates that suit your specific needs.

Listening to the wrong advice

If a recruitment consultant suggests a certain recruitment path or candidate which you hadn’t envisioned, keep in mind that your don’t have to go with it. You may need a high level of input into your recruitment practices but if you know what you need and who you’re looking for, don’t be bossed around. You do not have to go along with their ‘best option’ if you do not believe it is the right choice. Only listen to those if you feel they have listened to you and taken your requirements on board.

Being unprepared for selection interviews

It is important to prepare interview questions for when the candidates have been shortlisted, be sure to come up with questions which will inspire the answers which you are looking for. Be aware that people may say what you want to hear for the right job, but there will be a lot of qualified people on the ground looking for a new role. Be careful when ruling out interviewees. Be prepared to ask unexpected questions, think outside the box, and consider what really matters to you.

Trying to fill a post too quickly

Don’t rush into hiring once you’ve identified some viable social worker candidates. It is fine to request a second interview or practical assessment to help you make the right decision. Candidates should be prepared to come back for another interview if required, as social worker jobs are few and far between and if you’re offering a good opportunity with development potential then it is not too much to ask to get them to wait a little longer.

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