Why Is It Important To Ask Questions?

Have you ever watched a good movie, and walked away from it thinking it was great? Why is it a good movie? You can tell it is a wonderful movie when it takes you on a smooth ride, and the story slowly unfolds right before your eyes through visual imagery and wonderful storytelling. Also, movies with parts that come out as a surprise are the memorable ones. On the other hand, if are already aware of what is going to happen, you will probably end up getting bored with the movie.

There tends to be a parallel relationship between movies and life. In life we’re driven to look for answers. Have you ever been told an answer only to find out it wasn’t what you were looking for? Sometimes, once we receive an answer, we walk away with the sense that we missed something, or didn’t get the answers we need. Like watching a movie, is it that part of the excitement to life the course of learning things inductively?

Scientist and writer Keith Raniere has written about the scientific process, and about the importance of questions. To him, science and life are the same when it comes to the fact that being able to ask questions is important skill to both.

I agree with his way of thinking. If I think of some of the contented people I know, they are those that seem to have discovered some things for themselves. Many of these are people that have overcome great hurdles – or rather, understanding how to overcome challenges.

If I evaluate the life I have lived, I can say that there is a certain excitement and a sense of accomplishment associated with me overcoming challenges and finding answers to my questions. On occasions when someone solved the challenge for me, I see myself left with a lasting feeling of defeat because I know I did not exert an effort into doing it and ultimately did not learn anything from it.

How can we develop an ability to ask in-depth questions, and what are the ways this could possibly impact life? There are various organizations that can help you unlock the secrets of critical thinking, and it seems that NXIVM and Executive Success Programs help individuals do it well. Improving our critical thinking skills and reasoning skills can provide a better direction in the way we navigate through life.

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