The Happening Christchurch Cafe Scene

The cafe landscape in Christchurch altered considerably in the year 2011. What at one time existed as a defined city centre with bars, eateries and shops, now Christchurch has seen its cafes dispersed throughout the urban centre drawing inhabitants and visitors to almost all parts in the city. This is great for the suburbanisation of Christchurch as much regions have been lacking developed areas of local independently owned stores and cafes. Visitors and residents will still be spoiled for choice in regards to deciding the best place to eat.

But not only are eateries appearing on the borders of the city, cafes in the middle of Christchurch are making a come back. With the opening of the city mall (that’s where you can find three Christchurch cafes) and also the re-opening of C1, a Christchurch caf institution, the situation is looking good for the central city Christchurch cafe scene.

People of Christchurch are passionate about cafes along with their coffee. The fact is we have seen a bit of a coffee revolution in the last number of years. Because of this increased popularity, the quantity of cafes and eateries have significantly increased and coffee drinkers have grown to be rather picky with where they are going to have their hot beverage of choice. You can find a large number of varieties of coffees to choose from in the local cafes. What’s more, customers also have a choice of cup sizes, sort of milk and number of espresso shots. Christchurch baristas regularly take the New Zealand top barista award which is given out each year, and there are a number of schools where barista beginners can go to discover ways to get the best espresso.

With regards to what you should expect at a Christchurch cafe … well it’s really a mixed bag. There are many cafes inside the city all with their unique character and style. What is excellent about the caf scene is that you likely will discover a cafe that suits you. At the same time, cafes are appearing round the city practically weekly.

If you’re looking for a unique cafe Christchurch is the perfect city. Almost all cafes in Christchurch have re-opened in their original location or have opened up within a temporary pop-up location or have moved to a fully new premises. Also, it is good to hear that many guidebooks still encourage tourists to travel to Christchurch whilst in New Zealand, particularly due to the variety of stores and cafes which are open.

The food items in cafes in Christchurch is normally shown in glass cabinets and you will have a wonderful choice of food available (including a blackboard menu that shows the daily specials). A number of cafes choose to roast their very own beans, doing this they have total control of the final product (the cup of coffee).

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