If you're employed at sea on a ship you are covered by a sequence of special work laws

Under land based workers compensation, a lawyer is not invariably required as a claim is generally a straight forward affair. Nonetheless for sea employees, when filing a claim under the Jones act, it is vital the services of a seasoned team of Los Angeles workplace injury lawyers are called upon. In truth a talented workers compensation barrister can help in many ways. A lawyer could find themselves coming to the aid of a maritime worker who has been handed a ‘return to work ‘ note by the ship’s doctor when they don't feel prepared to return. T

he barrister may also provide aid in examining company records in the case of a failure claim to that the maritime worker may not have accessibility to. Ultimately an attorney can help in bringing about a case against a ship owner who is said to be operating an ‘un-seaworthy ‘ vessel. To be called ‘sea deserving ‘ a vessel has to be fit in its duty for intended use, and in doing so has to offer a safe and danger free place to work and indeed live.

As you can see, a bunch of professionally trained workers compensation attorneys who focus on maritime law will understand the proper avenues to take so as to deliver an auspicious result for the customer.

So what makes up a maritime employee?

An individual is deemed a maritime employee when they spend more that thirty percent of their working time at sea. If for instance an injury took place while a worker was on board an offshore rig, oil tanker, cruise liner or load ship, then possibilities are that they'll be covered under the Jones act. But if the injured party was somebody who worked in a ship building yard or at the docks themselves, then because this person is unlikely to be at sea for 30 percent of their working time, they wouldn't be covered under this law.

This explains why the Longshore and Harbour Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA) was introduced. This is similar to land based employees compensation in that an in injured individual does not have to prove laxity, in order to expedite a claim.

Maritime law is quite complicated and can be a mine-field for any counsel who doesn't completely comprehend the mannerisms this brings. Instead a firm of Los Angeles employees compensation lawyers who are experienced in such dealings will have the ability to deliver a rapid and full compensation claim for their customer, every time.

Since you are working in a ship at the sea then you've got to know that you're protected by the special employment regulations as a maritime employee. If there’s an accident occurred while you are in the ship for work then you have got the right to call on for workers compensation lawyers and accident lawyers in Los Angeles, CA to help you.

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