Car Leasing Hints And Tips

With Car Leasing still relatively new within the UK, it is important that you understand what is involved, how it works and things to look out for when comparing prices and models.

The fundamental point of Car Leasing is that at no point will you ever own the car – you are in fact renting the car from a dealer, generally for a period of 3 years. The benefit of this is that you will not be affected by the decreasing residual value of the car, as suffered by many new car owners. The residual value does come into play when calculating your monthly payments. As certain makes and models hold their value better than others, it’s useful to know which manufacturers you should consider to get the best deal.

Lease an Audi

Most stockists will be able to lease you up-to-date models. First off there is the varied A3 range which blends an adventurous sense of judgement with outstanding design. The array of A4s comprises of the 4-door saloon, the spacious Avant, and the stylish and sporty Cabriolet. The recently launched A5 is also one to watch out for. If you are looking for something a little more snappy and sporty the TT Coupe and TT Roadster are renowned for their cool design and top notch performance.

BMW Leasing

There are a number of quality BMWs you should consider for a good car leasing deal. From the 1 series 5 door hatch to the 7 series 730d Sport, there’ll be something to suit every taste. 320i and 325i 2 door coupes are the pick of the 3 series whilst the 325i convertible and 335i 3.0 litre Touring also stand out. If fashion and comfort are your criteria try the 520d 4 and 5 door saloons from the 5 series, whilst the Z4 roadster is ideal for cruising in the summer.

Leasing a Mercedes

Whichever class you choose from, you cannot go wrong where a Mercedes is concerned. All tastes and budgets are covered starting with the A Class 5 door hatch and the CLS Class Couple. Up from this you should consider the sports tourer, Coupes and Estates from the B Class. Next up you could try the C Class saloons or for the traditional style and performance try the E Class. The top of the range sees the R Class and high spec SLK Roadster – with Mercedes you really are spoilt for choice.

Lease a Volkswagen

The large selection from VW cars includes the old favourites Polo, Beetle and lesser known Caravelle – all offer excellent driving experiences and top notch refinement. Did you know the Golf hatch is now available as an estate? Onto the larger cars and you can’t go wrong with a Passat or Jetta and for the larger families there are the 7 seater Touran and Sharan. Finally, for a fine example of VW build quality, you cannot go wrong with the EOS.

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