driving a cool car

In an increasingly fashionable world, owning a car with the intangible quality
of cool is still important for many image conscious drivers. Of course, there are those
that are content with any old sedan to get them from A to B but for others a car is
seen as the ultimate accessory to exhibit ones cool factor.

Reasons for driving a cool car vary, from attracting the opposite sex, to representing
your powerful business position, symbolising an elite social status or simply to
express your passion for these beautiful pieces of machinery. Whatever the reason,
a cool car has always managed to turn the heads of passersby regardless if they are
car fans or not. Drive a cool car and you will not go unnoticed.

And so what is it exactly that makes a car cool? For some, this may be defined by a
vehicle’s price tag, how deafening it’s stereo or exhaust can be or by it’s top speed.
Some say celebrity endorsement propels a car into the cool stakes and others that ‘a
cool car all depends on an individuals opinion of cool’. Whilst to some minorities, this
may be true, at large it is way off the mark.

A truly cool car has something far more special than these stereotypes and gimmicks
(Sure, Cameron Diaz is a big fan of the Toyota Prius, but let’s be honest… green
has become ‘trendy’, which is a long way off classic cool). Whilst there is no single
definition of cool, there are some brands in the competitive world of the automobile
industry that have just got it so very right. Some cars that have the elusive x-factor
thanks to a unique identity that separates them from the rest of the crowd. Stylish,
authentic and of top quality, these vehicles signify their owner has an exceptional
sense of taste and style.

When it comes to cool cars, the Italians are the definite frontrunners. Alfa Romeo
(the 8C is achingly sexy), Maserati and Pagani supercars are pure class as are the
more accessible Italians for us mere mortals, the Fiat 500 and the Mini Cooper.
Ferrari and Lamborghini have suffered from being overplayed so whilst they used to
be top of the pops, they’ve lost their shine a bit.

Other car brands amongst the prestigious ranks include the timeless Porsche
and Saab. Aston Martin has still got it and the folks at Audi are doing some very
special things indeed (including models that are actually affordable). Of the classic
range, Chevrolet’s Corvette and Camaro set the pace, as did the ever-popular Ford
Mustang (and still does).

With the cost of car ownership on the increase, with fuel and car insurance prices edging towards criminal it may appear that the era of
the cool car is set to become the exclusive premise for the ultra rich and hardcore
collectors but it’s not. Cool cars are still turning heads, attracting the opposite sex,
exuding power and class and causing the general public to ponder the dream-life of
whoever is behind the wheel. As long as the world remains fascinated by beautiful
things, there will always be a demand for the cool car.

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