Chevrolet Has Been A Long Time Suporter Of The Military!

Chevrolet has construed yet one more military appreciation program. Through the years of support, Chevrolet has stood behind the military and their members. This relationship between the military and Chevrolet has started over decades ago. Since the day that Chevrolet and the military have formed a relationship, the programs or events have been in the hundreds. Chevrolet knows the military does not receive the pay is should, due to budget restraints in many cases, with this in mind, they extended a discount to the active duty members on the vehicle they purchase. Recognizing the military is what Chevrolet seeks out to do, and they know the members do it voluntarily.

Chevrolet knows not every man or woman could do what the few do in the military, it is not an easy job. It is hard on every person who joins, to be away from loved ones, knowing that at any moment one call can send you overseas to a country that does not welcome you. That those people do not like us for the freedom that you are protecting, then as you do this, you miss parts of your life. Children growing, missing things that you can never get back, babies born, first steps, first words, first day of school. This list goes on. Chevrolet understands the deep sacrifice of any service member. Florida Chevrolet Dealer teamed up with a local high school for the Cell Phones For Soldiers and they won the contest. The local high school that raised the most received a free concert from Steel Magnolias.

Chevrolet’s relationship with the military started in 1940. It negotiated its first military contract that built the explosive shells. After this, it did not take long for the military to see how well this was going, so in 1941 the contract was extended to build the military’s aircraft engines and trucks. During the wartime efforts, seven of Chevrolet’s plants across the United States received an Army-Navy “E” for excellence. This was to recognize their production during the wartime era.

This program that Chevrolet has just launched runs from August 22, 2011 to September 23, 2011. You can enter any service member that is from Pennsylvania. This program is for a member to win a Chevy-style celebration in their hometown. You can enter your service member that you would like to nominate on General Motor’s blog, Five finalists will be selected from the entries recieved and will have a profile of them on the blog. Then to show your support, GM wants you to log on and vote for your favorite finalist. The one with the most votes wins. The judging and selection of the five nominees will be September 26th, 2011 to October 4th, 2011. The winner will be selected the week of October 2nd, 2011. They will receive a hometown celebration that one will never forget.

This new program has been launched for the active duty member from the state of Pennsylvania. The active duty member can live in another state currently, but has to be from Pennsylvania. If you have an active duty member for a neighbor and you do not know where they are from, start probing for the information. Nominate them if you want to show them support. Chevrolet Chevy Dealer Dealership Sarasota is an profound avid supporter of the military, consistently showing support for the military.

The Chevy Dealer Florida knows all to well the commitment it takes to do a job well, that is why they show their support in any means possible.. Unique version for reprint here: Chevrolet Has Been A Long Time Suporter Of The Military!.

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