Free Maintenance On Certified Pre-Owned Cars!

The certified pre-owned or used vehicles have had the roller coaster effect. The consumers have been more cautious than ever due to the economic downturn with Wallstreet causing havoc, the economy has tanked, jobs have been lost and automakers do not know if their company will survive. Consumers are now more aware of their lack of job security and what money that they owe and to who. Consumers have been introduced to, you cannot pay your bills if you do not have money coming in. There is a trend now of consumers insisting they can afford what they have. This is shifting the move towards used, purchasing what you want at a price you can afford.

New offers have come to light with the consumers shifting their way of buying. There are two different offers on the certified pre-owned vehicles of the low loan rate financing or the maintenance programs. GM has offered a very vigorous certified maintenance program. The Tampa Bay used car dealer can assist you to the finer details of the program. What General Motors offers is a 2 year/ 30,000 mile program. It covers tire rotations, the multi point vehicle inspection and the oil changes that the vehicle’s on board diagnostic system recommends. With that coverage, GM is also giving another incentive. GM offers 12 month/12,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, 24 hour road side assistance and the 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

The price of ownership of a vehicle can be daunting, General Motors is trying to assist with that. The certified pre-owned program will hopefully, have GM step away from the “used car” image. Taking into consideration of the offers, they are well on their way. It is not such a “taboo” thing to buy used between negotiating the price, having the maintenance program gives vehicles more worth. Back in the day, if you purchased used, you might of been out of luck when your vehicle would break down after a month of purchase. Consumers have reported that vehicles would break down after the 30 day warranty was up, which escalated horror stories to the max. The word “used” became a dirty word, a bad word, or just a thing you did not do.

General Motors is taking charge of their destiny. They have listened to the consumers and have implemented programs to fit the consumers’ lifestyle or budget. This new concept has drastically changed their way of doing business. They do not want to overproduce then have to give multiple discounts to move units off of the lots. Their end goal is always to sell and move units off the lots.

You will be elated if you take advantage of the offers that GM has laid on the table. Research, research and more research every option you have is the best advice anyone can give. Some consumers are savvy when it comes to saving money, even research is your best advice also. To save you even more money on a vehicle, dealers save money by moving units off the lot at the end of the year. If the units are sold, they do not have to pay the insurance for the next year on the “leftover” units.

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