What’s The Solenoid And Way’s To To Know If It Has Gone Bad

The solenoid is a frequently missed electrical system of a car. The solenoid has a single simple job. It bridges the connection between the battery of a vehicle and the starter, allowing electricity to flow, and therefore, to start the car. Without this connection, there’s no way for electricity to flow from the battery to the starter and the car won’t start.

I have had more than one solenoid go faulty, and it’s troublesome to diagnose. Often, when you turn the key and the car doesn’t start, the most blatant culprit is the battery. Typically, when nothing happens when you turn the key, it means that either the battery is totally dead, or the ports are loose or corroded and not allowing electrical flow.

But the solenoid can regularly go faulty as well. When that occurs, you may notice two things. First, your car won’t begin at all, and second, you battery will still be charged. How can you tell if your battery is still powerful? One easy way is to look at your headlights. If your headlights still shine but nothing occurs when you turn your key, then you know that it is not your battery’s fault.

Even though there were a minor charge to your battery, enough so to switch on the headlights, there should still be some type of noise when you turn on the ignition. So ruling out the battery just about tells you their either your solenoid is faulty, or else that the starter has completely gone out. But even in this case, there should be some kind of noise.

Replacing a solenoid can be kind of a challenge depending on the vehicle. The solenoid is a tiny part, usually not too much bigger than a golf ball, but it can often be buried under other parts. So changing it can require a bit of experience. You could be able to still start your vehicle by manually bridging the link with a bit of metal and a rubber handle. I’ve made use of a screwdriver before for this by touching each of the raised posts together with the metal of the screwdriver, thus reestablishing the connection. But this is not recommended.

Understanding the electrical hardware of your car can save you a large amount of cash. Solenoid problems can be straightforward to mend. So can car battery issues. I don’t like to pay a mechanic unless absolutely required.

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