GM Did Exceptionally Well For September!

GM sales did better for the month of September than the month of August. GM has had a gain for the last eight months except for August. Reports show that GM fell 25% from August of 2009 but that was due to the “cash for clunkers” incentive program from the government. GMC was the make that led with the highest increase with 41.6%, Buick is 36.2%, Chevrolet is 18.5% and Cadillac at 11.3%. That’s good news for all of us, since we own most of GM.

Creeping slow is this economy and it should be. Consumers are being extra careful with the lack of confidence some have with security of their jobs. All eyes are on GM with the tremendous weight they are carrying. The government bailout that was phenomenally huge. Wallstreet, politicians and consumers all have their eyes posted waiting to see how GM performs because everyone has their money in it somewhere.

GMC has their game back and it shows with them topping the list. Buick releasing the Lacrosse is having a excellent year. Oklahoma City GMC done phenomenal with transitioning the units off the lot. Chevrolet will continue to be at an average rate because of their loyal customers. When you have an awesome product and an outstanding dealership, consumers are bound to be loyal. Everyone remembers the slogan, “Heartbeat of the America, that’s todays Chevrolet”. Cadillac numbers are steady but that is due to consumers on the higher end of middle class can afford that model.

GM has restructured from dealership to corporate, weeded out what was not working for them. The Buick Lacrosse and the Buick Regal are fine examples of innovation meets style. Those beauties are a pure example of driving a sexy piece of machinery. Climb inside, stroke the wheel, caress the gear shifter and slam it into gear. The Buick Lacrosse is the vehicle that I would love to climb inside and take total control pushing it to its limits.

Overall, GM is starting their move forward. That is all one can expect. Soon, it is to where we need the government out and the people back in control. The government is suppose to work for us, not control us or our businesses. To me, they are to govern and tax us, which they have the taxing down to an art. GM needs to keep producing the vehicles like the Chevrolet Equinox and the Chevy Silverado HD, these two have posted big numbers recently. One interesting fact also, GM’s four brands have sold over 79,000 units than the eight brands GM had through September 2009. These numbers will get this company back to where they once were, on top!

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