Buying A Used Vehicle Need Not Be A Traumatic Adventure

What makes car dealership unique today? It is the creation of their specific language. At the present, many salespeople use common terms to mean to or point some to things and events involving cars sales and the purchase of vehicles. Most of the time these terms are used by salespeople among themselves. Then again, since these terms have become a part of their vocabulary it cannot be avoided that they use these terms while speaking with their clients. Thus, if you want to understand what the salesperson is telling you, then you better read the succeeding paragraphs.

One of the usually words car lot salespeople use Demo, which simply means test drive or allowing the client to have a demo of the function of the vehicle to close the deal. Packing Payments is another term in car dealerships. This pertains to adding additional profit to the price of the car. Salespeople in car dealerships also use Home Run but this doesn’t refer to any baseball game. In car dealerships, home run means taking advantage by the salesman over all the aspects of the car purchase like trade-in, financing and sales price. Speaking of deal, when a car deal is closed and the salesperson got a $ 1, 000 profit, the deal is referred as Pounder. Contrary to pounder is Mini. It is the commission of the salesperson on a car that was sold nearly its invoice price.

If car lot salespeople have their own terms to describe selling strategies and profit, certainly they also have their own way of describing different kinds of customers. One of the types of customers that salespeople in car lot like a lot are the Lie Down or Lay Down customers. These customers are the kind of car buyers that just take whatever kind of deal the salesman gives. Another type of customers is those that have bad or poor credit records. These customers are called Roach by car lot salespeople. If you happen to hear car salespeople say Mooch, they are basically referring to a customer who wants to buy the vehicle at its invoice price. There are also other customers that like haggling for hours for just a small amount of money and car lot salespeople call them Grinders. To many professionals they are a waste of time whereas to others in the auto field they are a downright challenge. Customers who are promising to return after they tried the vehicle are called as Be Backs. Yet sales managers are fond of reminding their charges in sales training meetings that “comebacks are not greenbacks”. That is a person who promises to come back to purchase said product (and does not) yields no commission income to that employee (or the dealership) what so ever.

There are also words that are used to refer to specific people, place or office within the car lot. One example of this is the Desk. If you hear salespeople speak of the desk, they are not referring to a type of furniture but to the sales manager. Moreover, car salespersons call the office where the sales manager works as the Tower. F&I means Finance and Insurance Office and this is the place where documents are signed. Oftentimes, the salesmen from F&I are the ones who will convince customers to avail extended warranties buy auto anti-theft alarms and fabric protection.

These are the terms usually use in car lots. May this article was able to help you be familiar with some car lot terminology. V:8

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