Used Cars And Deciding When Is The Right Time To Buy One

If the time comes to trade in your old car then you could easily find that you will end up paying more than you should for a car unless of course you are in the trade such as a sales person or a mechanic. The reality is that using a little common sense and doing some research could help you to save some money. Here are a few tips that everyone should know before buying a used car.

Choosing the right time to buy is always a good idea so knowing when the dealers are overloaded with cars on their forecourt will help. The best time is just after the new registrations come out which are twice a year in March and September. Because many people will part exchange their old car for the new one the dealers will have plenty of cars to sell.

Many people will be trying to sell their old car privately and will want to get it sold as quickly as possible so the classified ads section might be one to try as well.

People at this time may be more willing to accept a decent offer for their car as it is just depreciating in value every day they keep it.

If you are looking for a gas guzzler then you will find that a lot of people will be selling them cheaply just after the budget has been announced by the government. A lot of people will want to get rid of these large engine cars because they are finding them to expensive and that is why they will be prepared to accept cheaper prices for them.

Even though fuel was not directly increased in last year’s budget, the increase in VAT meant that the prices rose anyway.

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