Replacing Rear Wiper Motor

I’m picking up a rear wiper motor for my 2003 Olds Silhouette today.

I haven’t yet disassembled the old one to see how it goes together, or what it’ll take to fix it.

Any suggestions/advice/links? I’m assuming it’s going to be undoing some bolts and/or threaded rings, cutting some wires, soldering or splicing, and putting the new one on in reverse order. (Yep, I know to take out the fuse first.)

By the way, I’m replacing it because it seems frozen up. I can’t try something as simple as oiling it to see if it’ll go again, can I? The motor still makes noise when you switch it on – a godawful one. But the blade won’t move.

The gear is probably broken in the motor… You will probably have to remove the back paneling from the trunk to install it you shouldn’t have to cut any wires… There should be a snap plug

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