blower motor will cut on anymore

The car is an 05 vibe(pontiac). The blower motor failed it has been acting up over a year I have been popping it now it has just quit will not cut on at all. I have taken the motor out looking to test it and see if it is (need to test it) or a resistor anyone had this problem b4

If you keep blowing fuses you have something pulling too many amps. If it is not you can do a quick test on the blower motor without taking it out of the car by taking 2 long pieces of wire. Disconnect the plug in at the blower. Then get someone to hold the wires on the negative and positive side of the battery and touch both wires to the blower motor connection. This won’t tell you if it is pulling too many amps but it is a quick check to see if it works at all. If it works then check your resistor on the firewall. It could also be in the switch itself.

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