2000 saturn, secondary air system engine code P0410

2000 Saturn, secondary air system engine code, the pump is working , the fuse is fine, why does it still kick this code, cannot get the car inspected because of this. Had the air pumped checked by dealership and they said it was working, but when you drive to get ready for inspection that code still kicks up what could be the problem

the code is 0410 secondary air system


The computer turns on the air pump when needed as well as turn it on for testing of the system from time to time. It can be a tricky code in that the scanner may show pump OK and it does come on but..,. may not be coming on when needed or commanded by the computer. Since we know pump is OK, this narrows it down to a couple things that will cause code to still return. the combination check valve as shown below could be bad. You need to remove the vacuum hose from the valve, run engine at idle to see if hose has vacuum on it, is so,, very good possibility you have bad combination valve. the other item would be oxygen sensor problem. the o2 sensors are what tells the computer what the exhaust smells like and if the pump needs to be turned on to clear fuel vapors. I wish I could tell you what it is. I am leaning towards combo valve as usually? the o2 sensor will throw another code or 2 as well. Your problem is intermittent so makes diagnosis very hard.

94 lincoln towncar

My husband replaced the thermostat and the housing broke so he replaced that. My only problem before that was no heat but now it is stalling out. any clues to what he has done. The car was running before this repair. She was purring like a kitten-no stalling at all. The air bag light began flashing a couple days ago and i think she may need a little oil(couldnt get top off). I went to start her this morning and she wouldnt turn all the way over. I started her again again she ran for a few seconds and shut off. She did the same things a couple more times. She finally she¬†idled for me so i let her warm up for about 10 minutes. I went back and put her in reverse and she stalled again…and again..I couldnt get her out of the driveway. I did smell like antifreeze and she sounded like she was reving up and down in idle. Last weekMy husband had mentioned that he thought that the altenator might be going but we hadnt had any problem, so i asked he he knew how to test it.


you understand one has nothing to do with the other unless something was disconnected at the time of the repair.
if you would tell me other symtoms i will try to answer your issue?
how far or how long before it stalls and is there anything else going on at the time?
this is one  thing i would check the battery voltage and make sure your altenator is operating correctly.
Check your vaccuum lines for connections and cracks. There’s a diagram on the fan schroud to follow and they are colored.
Thank you. We have fixed the prob…the hoses were not connected. Shes running well. Thanks alot for your help. Goodnight and blessings to you and yours.