Ford Explorer runs but will not move

my buddy’s exploring has stopped moving,motor runs but no fwd gears or reverse gears it just won move but you can hear a gear grinding,anybody have any idea where to start looking for the prob?
how can we tell if its the rear end or transmission or transfer case that went south we can replace it if we knew where to find the prob


could be the transfercase? or maybe the sleeve that connects the trans to the t-case? when you put it in gear it should not roll, if it does it could be that. Probably the transfer case as if it were the axles you could see the driveshafts turning and the speedo would jump as well as the miles. My bet, is the input bearing of the trans failed and that’s what you hear or the clutch itself. Anyway you look at it, it’s time tp pull the trans. It’s not all that big of a job if your inside, have a hoist or floor jacks and stands

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