1984 w 250 pick up w/318 2 barrel automatic

i just got this truck, i think timing is off and its been so long since i have had to check and or change the timing im not sure what the timing is suppose to be or how to properly set it,
another thing thats confusing me is on the back of my mac timing light
i have a dial for advanced timing i t goes from like 0 to 50 or 60 can quite remember,where should that dial be set?


It’s been 100 years since I timed the ignition.  If I recall, the timing marks are on the vibration dampener on the front of the crank.  Also, I can’t remember if it was Chrysler who went to a plastic timing chain way back when.  I drive an ’89 Dakota, bought new, and just getting broke in, with 280K miles on it and have never adjusted either the dist timing, nor had problems with the timimg chain.  And my timing light didn’t have  adjustments on it.  It seems like before I had a timing light, we adjusted the timing by ear.  When you push on it without any pinging, you knew you were close.  We also set the plugs with a worn nickel, and the points with a worn dime.  Good old days.

Here we go!!!  On your Radiator Core Support or Fan Schroud you should be able to locate your timimg Specs, Vaccuum Routing and Speeds. To set Timing first unplug the vaccumm line from the Distributor and plug the line. Loosen the Distributor so that it will turn with resistance. On your Timing Cover is your Degrees Advanced and Retard with a 0 somewhere in the middle. Start your truck and let it idle to the specified RPM with the Chock off now you can set your Timing with your Light connected to number 1 Spark Plug. Be sure that your other components are working properly like your Mechanical Advance under the Distributor Cap and your Vaccuum Advance.

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