99 olds alero is shuttering when the brakes are applied

My daughters 99 olds alero is shuttering when the brakes are applied. I have replaced rotors and pads and still shakes. It does have a broken wheel stud on one of the front wheels. Also has 147,000 miles. Would wheel hubs need replacing?


There may be an issue witht he hub bearings. There are two ways to check a hub bearing. One is to swirve a bit left than right while driving about 15-25 mph and listen for a whiring noise and the noise will change pitch as you swirve. For hub bearings that are in worse shape, Simply jack up the front end and grab hold of the tire and try to wigggle it top to bottom, any play or movement at all is from a failed hub bearing.

Another thing that can cause this is a bad spot on a tire. Rotating the front tires to the back and test driving it should let you know if this is the case.

One missing wheel stud will not cause an issue.

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