toyota lucida, N reg. diesel 4 wheel drive, grinding noise


we have a toyota lucida, N reg. diesel 4 wheel drive. when we go around corners on full lock, and now when pulling away we get a grinding noise and the car appears to pull (juddering). we had the front cv joint done last year. we have just taken it to the garage and they say its the gearbox. we did have a replacement gearbox put in 18 months ago, i don’t even think they’ve looked at the car.  1996 Toyota lucida estima 2.2 td 


You need to have the car checked over fully to be sure – and I would suggest you locate a four wheel drive specialist to have a look at it…rather than an everyday garage who may not see a lot of four wheel drive vehicles…

I suspect from what you describe, that the problem is in the transfer box – but it could be a problem with drive shafts / cv joints as you mention or even a problem with the diff… ( as I have seen recently ) but its difficult to tell from here – thats why I recommend the use of a4x4 place to check it out – that has to be the very best advice for this one…

when i turn my car bucks and makes like a hitting noise


have a 98 acura integra when i turn my car bucks and makes like a hitting noise and feels like its slipping when i turn with hitting the gas but when i push the clutch in i can turn and stuff and it doesnt make noise at all some one told me it was my cv joints in my axle so i put 2 new axles on and it still does it but when i go straight its fine nothing happens can you tell me what it can be 


Make sure the axles provided are for your correct model, if the engine has been swapped make sure theyre sitting in correctly and that the cv nut it tight, and torqued to factory spec, around (134lb.ft) for most models, the problem could be anything so you have to rule out certain things, youve already replaced cvs but those would make a popping sound even with youre foot on or off the clutch.

Sounds to me like either your diff inside of youre transmission is bad, loose or damaged mainshaft(does it do it left or right, certain speeds), its not making the sound when you disengage the clutch because youre pulling load away from the trans.

car over heated water went all over engine now the car will not start

2002 Nissan Altima 2.5, car over heated water went all over engine now the car will not start . checked fuses, replaced sparkplugs 


If the engine overheated enough it could have warped the cylinder head. These cars have aluminum cylinder heads, not too hard to warp them. If the heads warp really bad you will loose compression. I would check compression and spark(you have coil over plug set up ,water’s not generally a problem)

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turning the idle screws seem to make no diffrence


I have a 1967 Chevy C20 pickup w/camper, 81m org miles 327 all org has set for set for several yrs. We cleaned out the fuel system & it runs but rough. It has a 4bbl carb, turning the idle screws seem to make no diffrence is there any other adjustment that cam be made? we’ve replaced the points & plugs 


If turning the idle screw does nothing then you more than likely have a vacuum leak !