the car acts like the clutch is slipping. 2007 ford mustang


2007 Ford Mustang with a saleen supercharger. spec 2 clutch. when I power shift the car from 2nd to 3rd the car acts like the clutch is slipping. I installed the heavier duty after market disc and pressure plate but the problem still exist. The car only has 9200 miles on it. driven once or twice a week. It has been to the drag strip twice but with the engagement issue it is not very competitive. I have heard their is an issue with the hydraulic slave mechanism?


Your tires may just be loosing traction. I had a customer with a 2003 Lightning that complained of a transmission slip. I could not verify the problem, so I rode with the customer. He treated the gas pedal like an on/off switch, and every time he lit the tires up, the tach would spike and he said, “see, the trans is slipping!” To my surprise, it would break the tires loose grabbing third gear. Since you are power shifting and you have a supercharger, I think your tires are loosing traction, not your clutch. If it was slipping, it would also slip in higher gears.


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