1990 900 turbo leaking hydraulic fluid


1990 900 turbo leaking hydraulic fluid. seems to be toward the radiator end of the engine. replaced clutch master cylinder, that was not the problem. any suggestions? 


Only 1 thing on your car uses hydraulic fluid. That is the transmission, the brakes and clutch use brake fluid (highly corrosive nothing like hyd fluid). If the master cylinder is running low, you are losing brake fluid. Probably the ABS pump or control unit. I believe that is where they mount it. More likely though is a transmission leak from the cooler lines (they run into the radiator). Check both of these.

2000 4×4 Isuzu Trooper 3.8 Liter. When it starts up it idles fine


I own a 2000 4×4 Isuzu Trooper 3.8 Liter. When it starts up it idles fine, however, when you put it in gear the RPM goes up and you have to keep your foot on the brake pedal because it feels like it wants to go and move fast. Very unusual to experience. Not sure if this is a sensor problem or not. The transmission was replaced or rebuilt in April 2007 with 120,000 miles. Any idea?


I looked up technical bulletins on your vehicle and it appears there have been problems with the Accelerator Position Sensor. Beyond that it will require some diagnostics by a good technician to determine the exact cause.

Key won’t come out of ignition


2000 grand am. Key won’t come out of ignition. can remove it by pushing button on underside of steering column. Electrical release solenoid beside Ignition  switch is working fine, where is the signal coming from that activates the release? 


There are 2 bulletins. One is for making sure the shifter is totally engaged in the park position. If it hangs up and doesn’t go into park, it won’t allow the key to be removed. The other is for a key cylinder that will not rotate back to allow the key removal. This involves drilling a hole in the aluminum housing to drill out the pin that releases the cylinder.

started smelling a burnt plastic smell then the brake light started coming on


I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata GL and started smelling a burnt plastic smell then the brake light started coming on and going off, and my dashlights started dimming then lost power all together. Diagnostics were run and were told that my battery was good and that all cylinders were running and that everything looked fine, we cannot figure out what is going on – there is no fluid drippings. Already Tried: Diagnostics on battery, checked under hood, checked battery cables, checked fluids, checked to make sure wasn’t a bag on the muffler, can’t find the starter to see if the cables to the starter were okay though


Check the engine drive belt tensioner. It may be sticking and allowing the belt to slip intermittently, this would cause you to lose charge and smell burning.

GMC Sierra with a 5.7 liter engine that started acting up while driving


I have a 1992 GMC Sierra with a 5.7 liter engine that started acting up while driving down the interstate. It was running fine, and all of a sudden began sputtering and “popping”, and losing power. I was down to around 1/4 tank of gas, so I stopped and filled the tank. I thought it might be bad gas (water), so I went to a parts house and bought some “Heet” and some Chemtool brand fuel system cleaner and added it to the tank. It has done “some good” at driving speed, but still “chugs” when idling. I also changed the spark plugs, which did not make much difference. Can you give me some hints as to what the problem may be? My next step is to pull and check the distributor cap and rotor for damage, carbon, etc.


There are so many different things that can cause this unfortunate situation, but eliminating some of them may help you narrow it down.

Checking the distributor cap for corrosion/burnt etc is good place to start.

Then test fuel pressure. Needs to be around 16 psi for TBI. Make sure it does not drop when accelerating. If not, replace the fuel pump and filter.

Then I would check, replace the ignition module (not expensive) as they tend to fail/break down often.

On a rare occasion the coil can start to break down and cause the same thing. Call around on this one and you can pick one up for around $16.00.

Worse case scenario, it could be a clogged converter and they are expensive for this model vehicle because of its size. You can test the back pressure with a gauge that screws into the O2 Sensor port and you should see no more than 1.5 psi

air conditioner is on it blows “mist” through the vents


I have a 1996 Buick Regal custom. When the air conditioner is on it blows “mist” through the vents, and when I turn the car off and look under the car, there is no puddle of water under the car from the A.C., whats wrong?


The drain vent is clogged up , it is sometimes difficult to access it , it comes through the firewall and generally you need to be under the vehicle..most any shop should be able to clear this for you in short time …easiest to do on a hoist

Which Hybrid or E85 is better?


Which do you think is better, I don’t care about brand just want your opinion, considered diesel but the cost of that is just as bad as regular


tough call, I personally like cars that run on E85 but now am seeing stuff in the news about production of E85, so who knows they are cheaper to drive because the cost of that type of gas is cheaper than regular, but Hybrid’s get better gas mileage. I personally was looking at both hybrid vehicles as well as E85 ones, I’d say Chevy Monte Carlo or Impala if you want E85 or like Toyota Camry Hybrid or Prius if you want a Hybrid, or maybe even the Civic Hybrid.

For now the Hybrids are on there 3rd generation (design) so I think I will wait a bit longer to see if they can get the bugs worked out and hopefully get the prices down a bit!

Worlwide Car Rental – Spain, Italy, France

A car rental, rent-a-car or car hire agency is a company that rents automobile for short periods of time (ranging from a few hours to a few weeks) for a fee. It is an elaborate form of a rental shop, organized in numerous local branches, primarily located near airports or busy city areas and often complemented by a website allowing online reservations. There are also third party websites (such as online travel agencies) which compare quotes from the major car rental agencies.

Car rentals are subject to many conditions which vary from one brand to another. The vehicle must be returned in a good condition and must not exceed a maximum driven distance, otherwise extra fees may be incurred. Additionally, some companies set a minimum age for the vehicle driver, which in some cases is as high as 25, even in countries where the minimum legal age to hold a driver’s license is much lower. Recent conditions have utilised GPS technology to limit maximum speeds or driving to specific regions. Renewable fuel vehicles are available in certain areas.

The vast majority of car rental companies require the use of a Credit card to make it easier for them to trace a person should they attempt to steal a car, or to charge additional fees at will if a defect is later found with the car.

There are two major types of car hire companies. The first group of companies own their own cars (known as a fleet) and may have agreements with car manufacturers to provide all the cars for that fleet. An example of this type of company would be Alamo or Europcar.

The other type of car hire company operate on a broker model and have commercial agreements with car hire companies to provide access to their fleets of cars.

To allow for a uniform classification and easy comparison of car rental prices, the Association of Car Rental Industry Systems and Standards (ACRISS) has developed the ACRISS_Car_Classification_Code coding system. This describes the size, dourcount, gearbox type (manual/automatic) and whether the car is air-conditioned in a short code.

O/D light is blinking


I have a 1995 Ford Explorer 4.0 push rod engine. my O/D light is blinking any help with where to start or what the problem is?


You have something going on with your transmission, If your trans is shifting OK , then it may not be a big deal. Next step would be take your car to the local autozone and have them scan your cars computer. They will give you the fault code, and tell you what it means or will steer you in the right direction on whats going on. They will scan it for free …