I have a 1998 Lexus GS-300. The car won’t start ?


It’s a 1998 Lexus GS-300. The car won’t start. Interior lights work, no head lights. When ignition key is turned there is a sound coming from a fuse box that buzzes. I tried a jump with no success. The buzz sounding fuse box is located on the driver”s side in the engine compartment. there a four of them. Blue, green and pink are the colors. The fuse box is labeled “fuses and relays.


If you still have the original battery in the vehicle I recommend replacing it first.(9 out of 10 no start conditions are caused by a bad/internally shorted battery)

There is a Starter Relay that receives power from the ignition switch and then sends power to the starter. Most likely this relay needs to be replaced. It is located in the Fuses and Relays box you described. To test, you can just swap it with a new one or you can use a multi-meter and check for battery voltage at the “s” terminal on the starter solenoid (small wire) while someone holds the key in the start position. If you see battery voltage at the “s” terminal and it does not turn the engine over, you need to have the starter replaced.

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