Auto trans goes into gears fine – ”whirring” sound…

I have 89 Ford Ranger 6cyl…auto trans goes into gears fine, except when I reach a speed where it should go into 3rd or 4rth…it doesn’t…..makes kind of a ”whirring” sound…what do you think may be the problem? Will it be operable for awhile, til I can bring it to mechanic? 

Confirm that it is not low on fluid. Check with engine running and in park on flat surface. If it is full, then you are looking at needing a rebuild or replacement. I recommend as they come with a 3 year/100,000 mile parts and labor warranty. These are what i install in my shop. As for the noise, could be the front pump going out if it does it all the time, if it makes the noise only when it won’t shift, it may be the planet gears. I don’t think it will last a month if you continue driving it the way it is.

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