remote starter – poor range

Has anyone found a way too improve the poor range and some of the other undesirable shortcomings of the factory installed remote starter on the T Tundra?

You might try adding to the gray antenna wire and extending it. Not all models have this antenna wire though.

A Toyota Technician has proven that holding the remote up to your chin and pressing the button actually proved to add about 20 feet to the range of a remote.

Auto trans goes into gears fine – ”whirring” sound…

I have 89 Ford Ranger 6cyl…auto trans goes into gears fine, except when I reach a speed where it should go into 3rd or 4rth…it doesn’t…..makes kind of a ”whirring” sound…what do you think may be the problem? Will it be operable for awhile, til I can bring it to mechanic? 

Confirm that it is not low on fluid. Check with engine running and in park on flat surface. If it is full, then you are looking at needing a rebuild or replacement. I recommend as they come with a 3 year/100,000 mile parts and labor warranty. These are what i install in my shop. As for the noise, could be the front pump going out if it does it all the time, if it makes the noise only when it won’t shift, it may be the planet gears. I don’t think it will last a month if you continue driving it the way it is.

Ford sells Jaguar and Land Rover

DETROIT – After spending billions of dollars on Jaguar and Land Rover, Ford Motor Co. gave up on the storied British automakers Wednesday and unloaded them to India’s Tata Motors Ltd. for a mere third of the original purchase price.

Ford’s fortunes have changed, with slumping U.S. sales and billions in losses. The fire-sale price comes as the Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker concentrates on its main brands.

“You have to cut your losses at some point,” said Erich Merkle, vice president of auto industry forecasting for the consulting firm IRN Inc. in Grand Rapids. “It’s been draining them of cash and resources.”

Tata is India’s oldest and largest conglomerate, with holdings in steel, information technology and autos. It should have the cash to save Jaguar and Land Rover and develop new products to better compete with luxury automakers, Merkle said. Continue reading “Ford sells Jaguar and Land Rover”

Whistling Noise – Ford Truck

Hooting or Whistling noise.  Owners of some 2005-06 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators with dual a/c systems may hear an irritating hooting or whistling type sound from the rear of the passenger compartment.

According to Ford, the noise occurs most frequently when the vehicle is being driven with the front a/c on, the interior cooled, the rear a/c off and the blower motor speed set its lowest setting. A defective rear expansion valve has been identified as the likely source of the noise. Installing a new-design TXV (Part No. 6LiZ-19849-B) into the re3ar HVAC case should put the problem to rest. Should take about two hours for the part to be replaced.

I hear a whining noise

On my 1991 Ford Taurus GL I hear a whining noise when I press the gas pedal and the car does not accelerate until I raise my foot off the pedal then it sort of jerks and then accelerates. This is after being told I needed catalytic converters and EGR valve sensor replaced. Can you help me?

Already Tried:
New catalytic converters and EGR valve sensor

To me it sounds like a transmission issue. Check your transmission fluid level with the engine running , in park, and on a flat surface. The issue you are describing is what happens when the trans fluid level is low. If the fluid is dark in color or has a burnt smell you may have burnt the internal clutches and this will require a rebuild on the transmission.