Aug 082012

Authored by Ravinder Singh, I Too Had A Love Story is his debut novel. The main ingredient of every love story us the honesty attached to it and this one is present in this novel to a great extent.

The USP of this book is the honesty with which it is written – a tale of true yet painful love. It touched a chord deep within my heart and also that of readers worldwide. It has gone on to become a national bestseller with thousands of copies in print.

One always remembers that first touch, that first kiss, that first of every relationship. All this has been captured very beautifully by the author. While reading it one can almost feel the emotions that are penned down in the book and honestly I was close to tears by the time I reached the end of I Too had a Love Story.

The book, I too had a love story, takes off when four old friends decide to meet each other for the first time after a few years out of college. Their topic of discussion, like all boys talk, soon moves to girls when each of the four friends discuss about marriage and the girl of their dreams. Once they go back home, Ravin, the protagonist, sees an online matrimonial ad and registers for the same just for kicks.

And as fate would have it, he ends up talking to a girl named Khushi. And even though, both of them don’t meet for a long time, their friendship starts over the phone and soon blossoms into love after many late night chats and phone calls. The beauty in which the author captures these conversations is commendable and makes one smile after every page.

The story continues forward when both of them meet for the first time and then take their relationship onto the next level. Readers of this book are bound to fall in love with the two main characters and the sweet and cute conversations between them. I too had a love story is one that is filled with pure innocence and that is what makes it even more special.

The climax of the story is one that will move you to tears. I will not reveal the climax but it is commendable in the way in which the author touches those painful chords inside all of us. I too had a love story is definitely a must read book for every person who has been in love and especially for those who have loved and lost someone special. I Too Had A Love Story is a must read book for everyone!

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Jul 312012

Life of Pi, written by the Canadian author Yann Martel and first published in 2001 is a Man Booker Prize winning novel along with being a winner of the Asian American Prize for Literature. It tells the story of a young boy named Pi who spends 227 days out on sea on a small raft with a group of animals after their ship sinks and is a tale of his journey towards survival.

Life of Pi is the story of Piscine “Pi” Molitor Patel, a boy who follows three religions of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and who lives in India where his father owns a zoo in the city of Pondicherry. After a brief stay in India, the Patel family decide to close their zoo and move to Canada due to the political turmoil in India.

However, due to bad weather, the ship carrying the family along with the zoo animals begins to leak water and ultimately sinks. Pi along with an orangutan, an injured zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker are the only survivors who take shelter on a small lifeboat.

A few days into the journey, the hyena kills and eats the injured zebra and then the orangutan. The tiger, Richard Parker, in turn kills the hyena and so Pi is left alone on the boat with a hungry tiger. In order to stay alive, Pi soon establishes himself as the alpha male of the group so that the tiger does not harm him. He, in turn, begins to fish and feed the two of them since he, too, doesn’t want to be alone on the boat for fear of going mad.

Life of Pi begins its last phase when Pi’s lifeboat washes up on the coast of Mexico after a nightmarish 227 days where the tiger, Richard Parker, escapes into a nearby forest. Pi then comes up with another story involving his mother, a sailor and a murderous cook instead of the animals because the authorities refuse to believe his original story.

However, the authorities prefer listening to the first story even though they do not believe in it, leaving Pi to end with a remark saying that it is the same way with God – those who do not believe in him miss out on something in life!

A must read book, Life of Pi is for all those book lovers who like a story that takes its time to build up. Although available at all leading shops, it is much better to purchase it online where one can get a great discount on it.

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Jul 272012

The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho, was first published in 1987 in Portuguese and has gone on to sell more than a million copies worldwide and is present on every best-seller list worldwide. A simple story about hope, destiny and dreams, The Alchemist has inspired people around the world to re-look at their lives and pursue what they actually believe in.

It is the story of a Shepherd boy named Santiago who has recurring dreams of hidden treasure and who is continuously troubled by these dreams. At first hesitant to venture out of his homeland, the boy finally realizes that these are prophetic messages that he should listens to and undertakes a long journey to search for The Alchemist who holds the answer to his dreams.

During his travels, Santiago learns to read the signs and messages that nature shows him and interacts with a lot of people, each of whom advices him on different facets of life and each of whom gives him a new learning. Every new day brings something new for the boy to learn and he slowly begins to understand the ways of the world. During his travels, he also falls in love with a girl named Fatima who teaches him about love and its purpose in life.

Throughout The Alchemist, there is one message that keeps getting repeated and that is that one must always follow one’s dreams and heart for only then will he attain true satisfaction. There is a beautiful saying in the book that if one truly wants something, then the entire universe will come together to make it happen.

Like it says in the book, it is better to overcome the fear because the pain of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. It’s not the goal that matters in the end, but the journey undertaken to achieve that goal.

The Alchemist, through its simple and poetic writing is one book that will force you to think about how to life your life. With a mix of spirituality and practicality, the book will help you understand the universal language of the world and more importantly, your heart. For all those who’ve always wanted to follow their dreams but were afraid to do so, this book is meant for you.

The Alchemist is present on every best-seller list worldwide and also holds the Guinness World Record for the most translated book in history ever by a living author. It is available at all leading bookstores worldwide and can also be bought through online retailers at a discounted price.

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Jul 252012

Written by the Australian, Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram is an autobiographical novel that was first published in 2003 and has sold more than a million copies the world over. It is the story of Roberts who escaped from an Australian prison and made his way to India where he lived for ten years amongst Indians.

The novel begins with the escape of an Australian convict called Lindsay who escapes from jail and lands up in the city of Mumbai, India. Although intended as a stop-over, Lindsay stays on in India for the next ten years and the book revolves around his experiences there and his journey to find a purpose for his life.

Here he befriends an Indian called Prabhakar who introduces him to other people and finds Lin a home in the slums of Mumbai. Since he is perceived as a peaceful foreigner by the Indians, it is here that he gets a new name called Shantaram, meaning Man of Peace. Lin then becomes accustomed to his life in the slums and learns to live along with other locals.

All along the novel, Shantaram tends to return to his old ways of crime and violence but each time returns back to the good side becoming a better and more learned man. He befriends several local people, movie stars, criminals and also begins to love an American woman by the name of Karla.

Lin also manages to travel abroad to Africa and Afghanistan through his connections where he deals in the illegal trading of weapons and arms. However, when his mentor dies, Lin regrets his crime filled ways and decides to live a better life. He returns back to India, shunning his old ways and tries to become a better man and changes himself from within.

The story ends with Lin deciding to travel to Sri Lanka where the sequel of the book is planned. Available at all leading bookstores, this book is still on every major best-seller list worldwide. In case you’re looking for discounts, then one should order online from some of the online retailers. Shantaram is a must read book for everyone who is looking for a purpose in life.

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Jul 232012

Amish Tripathi is the author of the Shiva Trilogy books that are a series of three novels which have become very popular in India. The first book in the series is called The Immortals of Meluha and was first published in the second half of 2010.

The second part of the trilogy is titled The Secret of The Nagas and is due to be published sometime in August 2011 and is already creating waves amongst book lovers in India. The Oath of the Vayuputras is the last part of the series on which the author is currently working on and will be published in 2012.

This tale of epic adventure takes place in the ancient world of Meluha, also known as the Indus Valley of old. It is here that we are introduced to Shiva, a tribal warrior chief who learns that destiny has a bigger role for him during his travels to Meluha. We are also introduced to the two clans of Suryavanshis and Chandravanshis who are at loggerheads with each other.

The first part in the Shiva Trilogy is The Immortals of Meluha which introduced us to all the characters in this amazing series. In The Immortals of Meluha, Shiva discovers his true identity and learns that he is the one chosen by the Gods to bring peace in the Meluhan land by defeating all that is evil.

It is also in this book that our hero falls in love with the Suryavanshi princess Sati and comes face to face with the mysterious warrior tribe of the Nagas who have taken sides with the evil Chandravanshis.

First published in 2010, The Immortals of Meluha soon became an instant hit with book lovers because of its unique storyline of history and mythology. Also, another reason for the mass success of the book lay in its smart marketing by its author who created a buzz around the book. The Immortals of Meluha had a very catchy cover and there was also a small trailer film released along with the book which went viral very quickly.

The next part in the Shiva Trilogy series is titled The Secret of the Nagas and will take be a true sequel to The Immortals of Meluha. Releasing in the August of 2011, many expect this book to outsell even the first one. As of now, this book can only be bought through some of the online retailers like Flipkart in India.

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Jul 102012

The Secret of the Nagas is the second part in the critically acclaimed Shiva Trilogy written by the Indian author, Amish. The first part, The Immortals of Meluha, was first published in 2010 and instantly became a runaway success. Amish is now back with the second part of this mythical trilogy, releasing in mid August, hoping to repeat the same magical performance once again.

The 1st part ended with Sati being kidnapped by the Naga warrior and this is from where The Secret of the Nagas will begin its journey. Shiva will also need to avenge the killing of his friend and this will form the major backbone of the book along with the rescue of Sati from the evil clutches of the Naga clan.

Once again, the author will use the interspersing of history and mythology to create a spell-binding tale of love, lies and deceit. Will we see the Suryavanshi and the Chandravanshi clans unite to fight a common enemy or will it be the triumph of evil over good?

Shiva, meanwhile, will continue his journey and his destiny of becoming the Mahadev, the lord of all lords, and Amish will try and portray his main character in a much stronger light. All the doubts that Shiva has in his mind and all his unanswered questions will hopefully be answered as he answers destiny’s call.

Just like the 1st book in the series, the author will have a few aces up his sleeve while doing promotional activity around the book before its release. The cover of the book is already out and has become a hit in online forums with people loving its creativity. Also, the use of another trailer film like last time cannot be ruled out as well.

Some critics hit out at Amish during the release of his first book by claiming the language to be not up to the mark of a good writer. This time, I’m sure, Amish will have gone an extra mile to prove all his detractors wrong. There is going to be the introduction of some more new characters in The Secret of the Nagas who will bring alive the book.

The hype and publicity around The Secret of the Nagas is already at such a pace that it is expected to become a best-seller post its launch. As of now, the book is not available at bookstores and will only release in mid-August. However, for all those impatient folks out there, you can pre-order the book online through online retailers like Flipkart.

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Feb 282012

The actual fluke micromapper quickly tests turned pair wires, providing you with awareness involving opens, shorts, intersected, solved and also separated pairs. Simply push the TEST option and micromapper will certainly automatically have a look at all line frames for virtually any active defects in your cable television. The actual micromapper comes with an isolated product that allows one person to evaluate put in wiring as well as spot wires.

Fluke micromapper is straightforward to read fault exhibit.A dark tone generator is for searching for mounted cables concealed throughout wall space, flooring and also roofs.It rural unit allows one-person screening involving mounted cabling.

Micromapper – The very best Cable Tester

Circle cable tests mostly will depend on the purpose of the cables. For instance, whether it is the cellular phone cable, it will require considerably less variables through the entire checks, however, if it can be Class 5e or even Class 6 info cable television, it may need an in depth group of assessments to ensure it’ll be capable of deal with the appropriate files payment. The particular checks will be more strict around this degree.

Fluke micromapper incorporate a new cable mapping instrument that is certainly utilized concerning making certain the specific sets with regards to wire usually are properly associated with the pin number on the market plan employed. These kinds of individual cable tv test candidates are usually not expensive and definitely will assist in saving a lot of time. Your instrument enable you to look for open sets, swaps along with trousers. Offered pieces are generally wire connections which aren’t joined up with right at the end.

A greater level micromapper may be used to examination the dimensions of the specific cable television. Though, you’ll find detailed features for several forms of cable television operate, this differs good form of cable used as well as the type of system for installing. For this reason it is great training for being watchful not to meet or exceed the particular reduce regarding satellite tv able to have a marketing and advertising venture.

Your inspections mentioned previously and even more include the place when a fluke micromapper is necessary to examine this installations. There are numerous methods in addition to the trialist, however the cable television tester is a vital. An order in the fiber quickmap you will save time and expense over time. It will likewise take care of your consumers satisfied and also elevate your corporation’s position one step further.

On-line Ideas to Utilize the Best Fluke Quickmap

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Feb 242012

The liquid plastic resin that’s typically employed for the vehicle window is often completed of acrylic. By means of a small vacuum, the air trapped inside the split or flake is detached and restore together with the resin. A curing procedure follows where the resin is allowed to produce a molecular and permanent attachment while using adjacent glass for barely noticeable outcome – moreover coming from a noticeable or structural angle.

You can find added rewards for this quite structure, in addition to the deterrence of crushing. Collision analysis professionals estimate that up to 70 percent of a vehicle’s structural strong point arises from your window for the amount of overturn disasters. The automobile window repair moreover occupies a great deal of the crash in the course of an airbag use. Car window repair that some break off or split that goes unrepairable may in fact decrease the window’s usefulness for a structural portion of the automobile.

Receiving your car window repaired is concerning more than just fixing the aesthetic compensation grounds with a break or fragment. Whereas this surely plays a function – nevertheless, being able to glimpse out of the car window repair is certainly a important component of driver security – these maintenance also re-establish the automobile to the new form and observe after the industrial unit seal unharmed.

Windshield Replacement – Is The Car Windshield as Safe since you Think?

To check out how statistically likely it is that Car will be included in a rollover accident, observe its NHTSA Rollover Rating. Greater stars your car window repair receives, the more unlikely it is to be in a rollover. Without exception, you and also your passengers must always wear a safety belt. Auto glass is manufactured to resist certain guidelines which can be handed down for the industry through crash testing, and is particularly typically referred to as “safety glass.” What the majority don’t understand however is the fact you will find two distinctly unique variations of safety glass – tempered glass, and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is most ordinarily famous for the fact that when it breaks, it does not shatter but rather merely crumbles into tiny pieces that are not actually sharp. It takes a great deal of force to cause this to take place however, as tempered glass is recognized for being extremely durable and resistant against impact and the elements. Tempered glass is most typically used for rear and side windows of cars.

Educate yourself on the the right maneuvering to get treating your car window repair in case you temporarily come unglued. Creative emergency braking techniques can be far towards preventing the accident initially. As well as, never drive after drinking. Most of all fatal rollovers involve alcohol. What you may do, don’t cut lots of corners in relation to vehicle safety. Don’t sacrifice quality on safety considerations by seeking low cost auto glass replacement for your automobile. It isn’t worth the risk. Auto glass windshield replacement is going to be taken very seriously. Your lifetime, and others’, could rely upon it.

Glass is a crucial component in each and every automobile designed for many decades now. It’s miles more than merely practical however, serving as a valuable protection component, when any sort of accident. Glass windshields first came into regular use within the 1920s, with the ability to mass-produce them successfully enough for automotive use.

Activities in Repairing Chips in Your Car Window

Car window repair doesn’t have to be challenging or pricey! Visit and learn about DIY repair, protection issues, choosing an auto glass specialist and more as windshield replacement.

Feb 222012

It is imperative to test a new fluke microscanner after the installation with cable testing tools. Many things can go incorrect through the installation process such as cables being ruined, insulating material may crack and connections may not be effectively terminated. In addition, electrical disruption as well as ecological parts also affects network performance.

Cable testing assures the customer that all perform continues to be completed to necessary normal. Testing regarding fluke microscanner will also avoid the consumer calling down the road to say this individual attempted to patch a fresh port and the connection is not functioning, in order that it has to be a poor cable.

Microscanner – The very best Cable Verifier

Network cable testing mainly depends upon the purpose of the cabling. As an example, when it is a cell phone cable, it should take much less parameters throughout the assessments, but when it is Group 5e or even Class 6 info cable, it may need reveal group of assessments to ensure it will be capable of protect the appropriate information price. The assessments are much tighter only at that stage.

Fluke microscanner consist of a line mapping instrument which is used regarding ensuring that the particular twos of cable tend to be correctly connected for your pin out there program in use. These kinds of person cable testers are not expensive and will conserve lots of time. The actual instrument may be used to check for open up twos, swaps as well as short. Open sets tend to be cables that aren’t became a member of at the conclusion. It’s usually as a result of wires upon both end that aren’t pressed completely in to the ending hooks.

A greater level microscanner can be used to check the length of the particular cable. Despite the fact that, there are comprehensive specifications for those forms of cable function, this may differ depending on the form of cable being used and also the form of system for installment. For this reason it’s great practice to be careful never to go beyond the actual reduce regarding cable tv authorized to get a social networking project. It may seem okay when coming up with on paper, but there is a necessity to test out following the installation is finished.

The assessments mentioned previously and more are where a fluke microscanner is needed to verify the actual installation. There are other tools aside from the specialist, but the cable television specialist is the central. A purchase in the cable tester could save you money and time in the end. It will keep the clients delighted as well as raise your company’s popularity to another level.

Online Suggestions to Use The Very best Cableiq

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The moment you’ve finalized the type of truck that you’re looking to obtain, you now must research for any dealership that sells the used commercial trucks of your respective decision. Really going on the net to the exact is recommended and is quite hassle-free as you possess the comforts of your respective home so you can search by distinct types by all manufacturers at an individual place. It is possible to also ask your mates and the extended members of the family to propose you a single and dependent on the above, you’ll be able to now check out dealerships for exclusive inspection in the truck that you simply intend to get.

Some Tips for Buying Used Commercial Trucks

Be certain that you just examine every single little bit of the used commercial trucks on display as well as question for virtually any change/upgrade finished from the motor vehicle and not up to date on the web. Consult for finance alternatives if in any respect you need an individual. It’s superior if you have the required papers along with you at the dealership demanded for this goal. You have to make sure which you have understood many of the paperwork.

Normally prepare a list of concerns right before traveling to the dealership as it is kind of achievable for you personally to neglect some things in that instant. It is usually recommended to notice every single and each assure and declare which the product sales consultant would make. You will need this checklist at the time of delivery to be able to confirm regardless of whether everything has long been delivered as per promises and guarantees.

Taking a test drive from the truck is amongst the most significant stuff you must do. The most essential and an preliminary point to complete is, check the engine for virtually every abnormal sound. This on your own can say a whole lot regarding the truck plus the motor. Examine the service record and whether the used commercial trucks has undergone any key maintenance work. When over the road, be extremely critical with the dealing with, the pickup, braking, and so on.

Drive over uneven streets and check the suspension for its shock absorbing abilities. After the examination generate, it is important to verify the motor for virtually any leakage, look at the electronic elements on the used commercial trucks and make sure they do the job because they need to. Once again, it will always be superior to organize a checklist while it is kind of achievable to overlook some critical products and skip out on the fact you should really have known nicely ahead of acquiring a truck.

Obtain the very best understanding on used commercial trucks

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