Jun 072011

When it comes to looking for and finding cheap affordable student vehicle insurance, a person could find themselves going to dozens of websites before obtaining a deal good enough to satisfy all of their needs. Folks must keep in mind that young new drivers are not really looked upon favorably by insurers and therefore they must be a little more creative on how they try to squeeze every ounce of discount and savings that are available. Today’s article will talk about how to get buying lessons by watching the actions of a Heisman Trophy winner.

1. Know Your Routes Thoroughly

The first way that you could study the habits of a Heisman winner in order to get better deals on cheap insurance for students is to get to know the routes you run really well. Much like a football player must know what they are doing on any given play; you must know the routes that you drive most often very well too. This means that you should focus on route-planning in order to increase the chances of you always arriving at your destination safely. If you are able to do this over time you will have fewer accidents, file fewer claims, and keep more money as a result of it.

2. Doing Homework Is A Key Component

2nd in the ways that people can use the actions of a star athlete to keep more cash on student vehicle insurance coverage is to study hard. Just like a Heisman athlete would study his opponents before a game, you must study hard in school in order to keep more dough in your bank account. If you are able to study well enough to get a “B” average, most insurance providers will offer you a “top student” discount.

3. Don’t Forget To Put On Your Safety Gear

Number 3 in the set of things you can do like a Heisman recipient in order to save cash on cheap automobile insurance for student drivers is to engage the use of equipment to keep you safe when behind the wheel. Football players always use equipment like shoulder pads, knee pads, and helmets to keep them safe when on the field. It is really crucial that you use equipment like seat-belts, daytime running lights, and anti-lock brakes to make sure that you stay safe as well.

4. Have Faith In Your Team

Fourth in the list of simple but effective buying lessons that can be learned from a Heisman Trophy winner in order to save on insurance for students is to put trust in your team. Just like a football player must lean on their team in order to win a game, you must lean of people like your insurance agent to make sure that you have the most comprehensive coverage that you can get. A good insurance professional will always treat you well and make sure you have the things that you need.

5. Coaches Are Essential To Success

Number five in the list of buying tips that can be gathered from a star athlete in order to save cash on cheap insurance for students is to always heed the guidance of coaches. Football coaches usually turn athletes that were once mediocre into great stars. If you view your parents as your coaches, be sure to heed their advice about driving in order to become stars behind the wheel.

As you continue to search for the best bargains on cheap car insurance for student drivers, don’t forget to mimic the actions of a top notch football player in order to succeed.

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Feb 272011

Hydroplaning is a one cause of car accidents around the world. Hydroplaning is the complete loss of tire traction. During hydroplaning, tire treads (the grooves in the surface of a tire) are unable to expel water efficiently enough to maintain tire contact on the roadway surface. The result is a condition (hydroplaning) in which the tire essentially “rides” on top of a sheet of water. Need Prices and rates for New Mexico Car Insurance.

The best method to avoid accidents on wet or slippery roads is to slow down. Also, during slippery conditions, drive with extreme caution and avoid all sudden maneuvers in braking, accelerating, and steering. Find information regarding New Jersey Car Insurance.

Some panic when losing control of their vehicle, making it hard to regain control. Hydroplaning is best corrected by removing the application of all input forces such as steering, braking, and acceleration and allowing the vehicle tires to regain traction. Therefore, in a hydroplaning situation, reduce speed by ONLY lifting your foot off of the accelerator, then maintain a straight and steady steering input to attempt to regain control of your vehicle.

You should first obtain maximum visibility (Headlights, Windshield Wipers, and Defrosters) Appropriate use of headlights when driving should be used. Headlamp use in snow should be limited to low beams. This reduces the return of glare to the driver and increases visibility.

Defrosters and windshield wipers should always be in good working order. Correctly operating windshield wipers and defrosters are essential to safety in snow and ice.

In states where snow is more prominent, there are special “snow blades” that are used to keep snow off of you’re windshield. Defroster effectiveness is essential in the initial clearing of snow and ice from the windshield – and in some instances the rear window when a vehicle is so equipped – and should be checked well in advance of need. In certain cases, a change of the vehicle thermostat will restore appropriate heat to the defroster system.

Keep you’re speed below the speed you would drive if the roads were dry. On roads containing snow and possibly ice, speed should be reduced.

The rule of limiting steering, braking, and acceleration inputs is essential to maintaining control of your vehicle. A responsible safe driver is always in control of his or her vehicle. But If control is lost, the driver is able to safely regain that control.

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