Sep 232011

Inside an engine the chemical energy stored within petrol is changed to kinetic energy by combustion. A drive shaft is rotated using this energy and this connects into a gear box. The gears in this box determine how much of the engines energy is used. Another shaft then connects the gear box to the wheels via a differentials box.

Sending the power straight to the wheels from the gear box can cause difficulties. The wheels will not rotate at the same rate as each other when turning a corner, this is because they travel differing distances in the same space of time. They can be allowed to spin at different rates using a differential box.

Cars will have this system implemented at different places on them depending on which set of wheels the power from the engine is directed. A rear wheel drive car will have the differential at the back of the car while a front wheel drive car will have it at the front. A four will drive cars has two boxes for both sets of wheels with an additional set in between.

The differential box is essentially a set of perpendicular toothed gears. The input shaft is attached to a gear at right angles two it sending changing the direction of the rotation. The simplest way in which it allows for the wheels to spin in different directions is by use of additional pinion gears attached to the gears at right angle. When the wheels spin faster these pinions allow for this whilst the other wheel continues at a slower speed.

The basic form of differential allows applies the same torque (rotational force) to each wheel however. The speed of the wheel will be limited by how much traction is available to the wheels. This means if one wheel has less grip than its counterpart it will slip, which can damage components of the car. A limited slip differential can remedy this.

The limited slip uses a mechanism which detects if one wheel is slipping while the other is not. It can direct the torque to the wheel with grip allowing the car to keep moving. It does this by using a clutch mechanism, a spring forces the gears against a clutch plate when a wheel starts to slip. A lot of torque is needed to overcome the clutch so the majority of torque is directed towards the other wheel.

To summarise what differentials allow for is for each wheel to turn at a different rate to the others. This is helpful when a car is turning a corner or when one wheel has more traction than another. Not having this system in place the wheels would slip in these scenarios and cause damage to the car.

If you’re looking to get the most traction from your differential, we recommend installing a 4 wheel part lock right locker. These units offer some of the best locking performance with a very low price that all drivers will appreciate.

Sep 232011

There you are driving down the road, you are listening to your favorite radio station and life is great, then something happens and your car ceases to move forward. You still have power to the engine and plenty of gas. The car has just stopped moving forward. The most likely cause for this issue is due to a failure of your ring and pinion gears in one of your axles.

These are the basic components that are involved in the cars axles and can allow a person the chance to convert the power that is being sent to the wheels into energy that allows the car to continue forward. These are also important when the car is heading in reverse.

There is a set of gears in both axles that function for the purpose in allowing a car to move forward in a productive manner. This as a result allows a person the chance to have conversion in both the front and rear axles that allow for the car to move forward and take you down the road.

For various reasons, ring and pinion gears may need to be replaced. This is not a job that needs to be done by a person by themselves, there will need to be a professional involved in the repair of this in the axle.

This going to a special person, will result in the price being a lot higher than a person might expect it to be? This is due to the high amount of work that has to be done in order to get to these gears and replace them. This is a complex procedure and is not usually able to be done in a single day.

The cost for the swap can be a little expensive as this will many times require a person to have the axles removed from the vehicle and opened up in an effort to get to the gears, the gears themselves are easy to replace and as a result will only take a few minutes, it is the getting to and reassembly of the axles that takes so much time.

This is the basics of what the ring and pinion gears in a car do, this is information that you will want to make sure that you keep up with on a regular basis, this will be the one part that will sneak up on you and break with little to no warning at all.

The front and rear axles on your vehicle are the housing of the ring & pinion gears which determine the final drive ratio. The proper ratio can help your vehicle’s offroad performance in any kind of driving.

Sep 082011

Warn Industries is a northwest based company that has always provided high quality products for the off road marketplace. Their winches have been the gold standard for years. Over the years, as their product line has advanced, they have done a respectable job of keeping their output at an excellent level both for recreational users and industrial applications. The Warn Premium manual hubs are no exception to that.

Unlike other products in the off-road marketplace, Warn premium manual hubs feature an all-metal construction throughout that includes a thicker internal wave spring that assures once they’re engaged they stay engaged. For the serious off-road, this is a major area of concern.

When civilization has been left behind, it does not matter whether you’re at the Rubicon trail or on a local excursion, failure is not an option. It is with this thought in mind that Warn applies the title premium in their manual hub line. As usual they over-build and engineer to a specification that includes tolerances that meet or exceed anything likely to be thrown at them.

The Warn Premium manual hubs utilize a 9/10 turn on the dial to engage or disengage. This provides the driver a certainty that the lock has been set or released. The Premium hub line of products differ from the OEM options in several ways. First is the use of the ZA27 alloy for its nearly indestructible characteristics. Then comes the additional seals that provide the hub a higher level of protection against contaminants. Combine that with the all-metal construction and a lifetime warranty and you end up with a product that offers good value while leaving no questions about its “Premium” label.

As a company that is known for setting industry standards, Warn Industries is the undisputed “leader of the pack” with their Warn premium manual hub line.

The premium hubs are compatible with most domestic and import 4WD vehicles. Some products will even fit models from the 1950’s and even the less popular vehicles from International Harvester and the like. Whatever the vehicle you want to drive in an off road adventure, the Warn Premium manual hub will give you the performance and dependability that you need.

Manual hubs are available for a large number of import and domestic 4WD Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. MY4BY OFF ROAD is an authorized dealer of 4wheelparts and has the service and selection to meets the needs of any 4WD customer.

Aug 302011

Being in the aftermarket automotive parts business with a focus on Rancho shocks and suspension, customers often ask, “What’s the difference between the Rancho RS9000XL, RS5000, and RSX shocks?” All three are reputable products, yet each is built for different uses and driving experiences. The Rancho RS line of shocks were engineered for the Jeep, truck, and SUV market and ideally used in off-road conditions.

At the entry level is the Rancho RS5000 shock absorber. The RS5000 is a premium (almost general-purpose) shock often installed as a better-than-factory replacement for vehicles with worn out shocks or upgraded suspensions. It’s also recommended for the budget-minded consumer. The RS5000 is designed to provide comfort and control across the driving spectrum from street to mild off-road. The result of this is a ride quality that’s often bumpier than what the factory shocks provided because firm shocks are ideal for off-road driving and this comes at the sacrifice of some street comfort.

The Rancho RSX shock is an upgrade from the RS5000. The RSX is unique in that it incorporates an automatic “impact-sensing” reflex valve. This valve automatically opens and closes depending on how quickly or slowly the piston is forced in or out. This provides a broader range of comfort and control across the driving spectrum from street to aggressive off-road.

Something unique about the RSX is that each shock is engineered specifically for the vehicle which it will be installed. They’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. This provides optimal performance in concert with the vehicle’s weight. The downside of the RSX is that it’s not available for heavy-duty (HD) and super-duty (SD) trucks and larger SUVs (at least not at this time). This isn’t to say that it can’t handle heavy off-road use, because it can. It just can’t handle the extreme weight of certain full-size vehicles, mostly the heavy-duty ones.

An upgrade from both the RS5000 and RSX is the RS9000XL. The RS9000XL features a manually-tuned valve system that allows the driver complete control of shock firmness setting. This provides the widest range of control across the driving spectrum from street to extreme off-road. Ride quality can be set soft for highway driving, medium for city/urban driving, and firm for off-road driving and even towing.

There are nine settings to choose from so even the pickiest drivers (or their passengers) can find a suitable comfort level. In addition to manual tuning, there is an auxiliary remote control unit called the RS999705 myRIDE wireless remote control. It allows the shocks to be adjusted at the touch of a button while the vehicle is parked or in motion. The RS9000XL was designed with today’s bigger trucks in mind so in addition to the typical 2-1/8″ and 2-3/8″ body diameters found on most shocks, the RS9000XL is also available with a 2-3/4″ body for select full-size applications.

In selecting your Rancho shocks, you’ll need to consider your budget and what kind of driving they’ll be used for. RS 5000 cost the least, RSX cost approximately 40-50% more than RS 5000, and RS9000XL cost approximately 40-50% more than RSX. If you’re looking to save money or merely replace your old, worn out shocks, the RS 5000 shocks will be fine. If you’re still on a budget, but want a ride superior to what an RS5000 offers, then the RSX is recommended. If budget is not an issue, or if you want the best shock available without getting into the “extreme” off-road shocks, then the RS9000XL is recommended.

Rancho shock absorbers have been the ideal choice for off-roaders for over three decades. Their newest line of performance shocks are called the Rancho quicklift which is a fully adjustable shock and suspension lift in one.

Aug 262011

The Rancho RS999705 is the latest in automated shock control and is part of the myRIDE tuning system. This remote works with Rancho’s myRIDE family of shocks including the RS9000XL and quickLIFT. They call it myRIDE because it puts you in control of your ride.

The RS999705 is a hand-held device similar to an electric garage door opener, but what it can do for the ride control of your vehicle is amazing.

At the touch of a button, all four shocks can be custom-valved for street driving, towing, off-road driving, or anywhere in between. That’s all there is to it. Just push the button and go! Never before has the consumer market been able to control their shocks wirelessly, and the myRIDE wireless remote control allows just that.

Simply select a factory preset, and if you like that setting, you’re done. Don’t worry about anything else. The RS999705 does everything for you automatically by constantly monitoring the pressure of all four shocks. If it senses a change in the valve pressure, then it will make necessary adjustments as needed.

If the factory presets don’t satisfy you, then just set it to “myRIDE”. The myRIDE setting lets you enter in any number you want, and that will now be your ride. The best part is it will stay that way until you change it again. There’s no need to re-enter the setting every time you get in your vehicle. You can turn your vehicle on or off as often as you wish, and the RS999705 will always remember how your RS9000XL or quickLIFT shocks were set.

The presets are Rancho’s recommendation; myRIDE is how YOU want it!

The RS999705 remote is small. It easily stows in the console or glove box. It can even be clipped to the sun visor. Since it’s wireless, there won’t be any wires running through the cab and it makes installation that much easier. Installation can be done in under two hours with the easy-to-follow, detailed instructions. The system includes all necessary hardware to complete the installation. Installation can be done by anyone that is capable of working with general hand tools – no special tools are required.

The RS999705 myRIDE wireless remote works with any of the myRIDE family of shocks including the popular RS9000XL and quickLIFT shocks as well as the Pro Series shocks.

There has never been another product like the RS999705 in the consumer automotive marketplace. MY4BY is Rancho retailer specializing in the myRIDE line of products for all Jeeps, trucks and SUVs. Visit their website for the largest selection of Rancho shocks available online.