Jan 112011

So, you have been thinking about purchasing a gas powered two-wheeler? If you have, gas powered scooters are probably the best choice to start with. Most people who purchasegas powered scooters are worried about whether a gas powered scooter is street legal in traffic. This is not surprising ” every car driver has had the misfortune to get stuck behind a slow gas powerd scooter at some time or another and has wished that the scooter would pull over.

The speed of those gas powered scooters was practically non-existent. But no longer, modern gas powered scooters can keep up the traffic. It may not be a good idea to take a gas powerd scooter or any scooter on the highway, but they do have the capability to travel at high speeds, although the speed necessary to keep up with the flow of highway traffic may overwhelm a gas powered scooter. They are just not designed for sustained high speed travel.

Having said all this, gas powered scooters may be thought of almost the same as mini motorcycles. They can get up to a top speed of about 75 mph. That’s not so, is it? But it is perfect for zipping around town as they were designed to do.

As far as fuel consumption goes, most gas powered scooters can achieve 65 mpg, which is really quite exceptional millage. Furthermore, they usually come with a gas tank that can hold about three gallons of gas, which gives them a range of about 200 miles.

Put another way, if you used your gas powered scooter every day, every month you would probably have to fill the scooter up 3 to 4 times say, once a week, if that. If you compare that to a cars mileage per gallon, it is probably between a fifth and a quarter the cost, less if you are talking about big cars like SUVs. That is a huge economy with the way gas prices are bound to be headed.

Gas powered motor scooters are also so very easy to operate. Riders will not have the problem of changing gears as a motorcyclist does, as they are mostly automatic or semi-automatic these days. All the rider will have to do is: jump on, switch on and twist the handle for power. That is it and the motor scooter will take off the way you steer it.

The maintenance of a gas powered scooter is pretty much like the maintenance of a motorcycle, car or truck. The motor scooters oil should be dumped responsibly and changed every 2,000 miles or so and a complete tune-up should be done every 5,000 miles. This may differ slightly according to the manufacturers recommendations. It is recommended that one of the higher grade fuels be used for gas powered scooters.

It is of course your decision, but a general guideline is that 87 octane fuel is cheaper than all the other choices because the lower the number the less refined is the petrol, so it is not as clean as 91 or 93 octane fuel. 93 octane has an agent added to the fuel that will guard the moving parts of the engine and help to keep it clean over your gas powered scooters long lenth of life.

And, last but not least, change the fuel filter often as this will help keep dirt and sludge from getting into your engine thereby causing friction and check the spark plugs every 2000 to 3000 miles and, as necessary, adjust the gap with feeler gauges, if they need it. This should help preserve your gas powered scooter and keep it on the road for many years to come.

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