Jul 262012

If you are wondering what a Goodpickle is and why the Smart Carpet business has won so many, allow me to elaborate as I also had the same questions. A well deserving business or charity or product can receive a goodpickle, which is a compliment or positive testimonial from actual clients or supporters. The key to this is that these are real testimonials that are reputable and submitted to the Goodpickle site most often as handwritten notes from customers that are uploaded. This serves as a strong voice for good because of the candor of this website. The founders of Goodpickle know that reputation matters, which served as the basis for development of this authentic testimonial website.

But we still want to know why Smart Carpet got so many goodpickles and who are they? A customer in the market for flooring can choose to go to a floor-covering store or schedule a house call with the Smart Carpet mobile showroom who has a large fleet that will come to you. Various types of flooring including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile and laminate are available and installed by this company. Only one visit from their mobile showroom can provide over 4000 choices containing everything you could possibly want.

Although their motto may be shop-at-home and save, they also work with businesses and light commercial customers as well. They are really a mill-direct buying service rather than a floor-covering store, so they eliminate all of the expensive overhead costs making them extremely competitive when it comes to price and can offer as much as a 50 percent savings compared to traditional flooring stores saving their customers a lot.

And that is one of the many explanations why they have one of the highest repeat customer bases in the carpet and flooring industry, along with superior customer service that is indicated in the various testimonials. Customer feedback shown in the sampling that follows clearly shows this.

We had a great carpet buying experience from start to end. It began when the sales rep showed up on time with lots of samples for us to browse from, then he displayed them right in the room that we were carpeting and took the time to answer all of our questions made this a great experience. The carpet was ready when the rep said it would be and Smart Carpet called to arrange an installation that fit our schedule. The workers that performed the installation cleaned up everything when they were finished and the entire process went very quickly. Shopping for weeks by another customer was quickly resolved with one house call. In contrast to the other companies they had dealt with, the rep was prompt and professional while using plain terms to explain everything and answered all of their inquiries. The meaning of a goodpickle is now clear.

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Jul 242012

It’s not difficult to buy some okay carpeting if you know where to buy it, but a smart carpet buyer understands that there are quite a few details to be considered when shopping for carpeting. Many folks do their shopping based solely on the color and texture that they want their floors to be in each particular room, but there are many finer details that determine the overall quality of the product.

Of course, the first thing you should try to find is the color and texture you have in mind, whether it’s a plush burgundy or a solid black Berber. As long as you have already come to a decision on those two details, you can narrow the rest of your shopping down to looking through whatever falls under the categories they leave open to you.

You might go to just grab a roll of carpeting and have it put together however it fits, but if you want to cut down on all of the seams that occur, you will have to pay attention to the sizes you buy. Since rolls of carpeting are generally cut to be fifteen feet wide, your main concern should be the actual length of the piece that you get and making sure that it goes all the way from one end of the room to the next. If you are set on making sure there are no seams appearing in your floors, you could purchase a dark color or a thick texture, which is good for making those seams near invisible.

Construction plays a massive role in your carpet’s quality and is going to be where you spend the majority of your focus, because the difference in loops and straight cuts and other cuts affects the durability and appearance. Straight cut piles will lay one direction or the other when vacuuming or moving something across the floor, while loops can be snagged and have puffs of loose thread come up. If you want to avoid these kinds of issues, you want to offer up the extra money needed for the carpeting that has tighter construction and a higher density of threads.

One unsung hero of excellent carpeting is the padding that lays down underneath, so make sure you get some that offers the kind of cushion you want. By taking all of these details into account and choosing wisely, you will finally be able to make a smart carpet investment and have the kind of flooring you’ve been wanting.

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Jul 242012

Smart carpet owners understand the value of a good vacuum cleaner and what it takes to find one, and if you have some great carpeting in that you want to take care of, you should learn how to find one, too. Not every homeowner has the same exact kind of carpeting, so not every kind of vacuum cleaner is going to work for everyone, which means you will need research these products before you actually choose one.

Many people are very cautious about how they spend their money nowadays, so some price tags can be a bit discouraging, but when it comes to protecting your high-dollar flooring, it makes sense to pay for better quality. Many of the vacuum cleaners that are available today require you to replace the bags or filters, which are expensive, and depending on how effective the machine you choose is at doing its job, you could end up spending more on replacement items in the future.

Another issue with buying a low quality machine is the fact that you might end up needing replacement parts or doing a bit of maintenance after a while. If you repeatedly obtain cheap models that only last you a year or so, the cost of replacing it year after year can make it a lot more expensive than a high-end model, quick. If you are okay with having a machine that needs fixing every now and then, you want to ensure that you can get a hold of those parts rather easily.

When it all comes down to what the average person is typically looking for in a good vacuum cleaner, you’re going to be looking at important factors like ease of use, ease of storage, and included accessories. In general, you will be balancing between these three features, because a vacuum with a lot of accessories is usually easier to clean with while harder to store, while a vacuum that stores easily tends to have fewer accessories and is therefore not as capable as other options. If you just take the differences between canister vacuums and uprights, it is easy to see where these features can conflict with one another, because uprights, while being easy to store, don’t usually come with the same type of wonderful attachments that canisters do.

Rest assured that these aren’t the only qualities you should be seeking in a good vacuum cleaner. If you want to be like any other smart carpet owner, you should do a bit of research and find the machine that offers all the qualities and features you are looking for and is perfect for you.

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Jun 142012

The last thing you want to see after you have spent hours, days, or even months selecting the perfect carpet for the rooms in your house is damage because smart carpet cleaning practices have not been put into place. Putting these practices into place is the best thing you can do to ensure your carpet remains in good condition for as long as possible.

The best smart carpet preservation practice you can carry out is to keep dirty shoes off of it. This means that your family and guests should take their shoes off before entering your house or walking on the carpeted areas. However, you are not always able to protect your carpet in this way and in these instances there are other strategies that you can employ to keep your carpet clean.

Vacuuming and shampooing should be carried out on our carpet regularly for smart carpet cleaning techniques. If you go too long between vacuuming, you may notice that your carpet will become flat and it can actually be difficult to get the life back into it after this. The flattening will happen due to the build-up of dirt and debris that will continue compacting due to the lack of cleaning. You can attempt to work the build-up of dirt out of your carpet to preserve it but it will take a lot of time and effort to vacuum and shampoo the debris build-up out.

There is no set amount of times each month that every person should vacuum or shampoo their house since the number is dependent upon foot traffic. People with pets frequently need to vacuum every other day, depending on how much the pets shed. It is also a good idea to shampoo your carpet at least once every other month but this will also depend on the amount of traffic it sees. Be sure to read and follow the suggestions given by the carpet manufacturer first because they may not agree with this recommendation. You should likewise be aware that not all cleaning compounds are designed for all types of carpet. This is why you have to know what the manufacturer recommendation is for this too.

Your brand new carpet will quickly become destroyed in front of your own eyes if you do not put smart carpet care strategies into practice. It will shed its soft feel and the beautiful color that you spent so much time picking out. You will find that many of your rooms will become uncomfortable once the previously beautiful carpet has become stained, less soft and generally undesirable.

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Dec 292011

When it comes to creating the ideal living space for you and your household, a smart carpet investment could make the difference between a room that no one cares to be in and everyone’s favorite room in the house. Every different room in your home will probably call for its own style of flooring, and if you want to get the kind of carpeting that makes the most sense for each room, you should probably understand a few things about the different styles of carpeting that are currently available.

There are only a handful of carpeting types for you to choose from, from the low-profile style of Berber to the plush and luxurious king of comfort that is more commonly known as Saxony. Berber is a surprisingly cheap choice that you could purchase for many different areas of the home that don’t require much comfort or buoyancy, but it is so flat and low-profile that it is not really something you’d want to lay in your family den.

If you want a room that is more utilitarian in nature, such as an office or a home gym, you would be wasting something as luxurious as Saxony by laying it in there, since it is intended for rooms that you want to be comfortable and able to relax in. You may be looking for new flooring for a room that is a bit more casual, such as a children’s play room or a casual sitting room, for which Frieze is a nice medium choice that is both casual and comfortable, as is Textured Plush.

Different kinds of carpeting also come with a different difficulty level of cleaning, so you want to be careful about what types you use in rooms where there is a big potential for food mess or and dirty shoe tracks. You may want to cover your entire house in Saxony, but since it takes a bit more maintenance when it comes to keeping it vacuumed and pristine, you should consider not putting it any place that sees a lot of traffic, like the hallway or foyer.

If you would prefer not to put so much effort into the type of carpeting that you choose, you could simply cover all of your floors with Textured Plush, since it is the most versatile of all the available carpeting types. But anyone who knows what they have to know in order to make smart carpet shopping decisions should be able to find the exact carpet that they want.

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Dec 222011

I’d found just the right book for my vacation last week

…or so I thought! I had been taken in by the back cover, the table of contents, and a five-star rating on Amazon, so now I was all set for some truly juicy new business-related revelations.

I could hardly wait to begin. The first few chapters began enjoyably enough, but they weren’t too helpful. Hmmmmm. I kept going. The middle didn’t exactly light my socks ablaze either, but I trudged on, certain I’d discover some content worthy of all those five-star ratings. Nope: it was a complete dud. Don’t you hate when that happens?

But you know, it got me thinking…

What makes a review, testimonial, or endorsement especially effective… and how can you create one?

– Want to slice through the hoopla & recognise a useful review when you see it?

– Want to compose more impactful recommendations for your friends & co-workers?

– Want to leverage more compelling testimonials & endorsements from your consumers, clients, & buyers?

You can- – and it’s surprisingly easy to do.

There are the pair of basic elements that will make all the difference in winning over an audience.

Before I share them, though, we’ll first take a quick moment to realise what’s occuring when folks use reviews, recommendations, endorsements, & other kinds of ‘social proof. ‘

Each one of these things are tools that help people reduce risk and make a case for their decision to purchase- – or reject- – a specific product, service, or idea. People understand that they’re being “sold”, and these tools enable them to step away from the marketer by giving attention to the “objective” voices of other purchasers. What they are truly attempting to do is to decide if they can replicate the experience other folks have had.

Think about it for a moment. When you read a review, aren’t you truly trying to answer questions like these?

– Is this person like me?

– Did they have an issue like the one I have?

– Do I suspect this product/service/idea resolved their issue?

– Is this solution something I can apply to my present situation as well?

Sure! And because that’s what people are thinking, a useful review, recommendation, or testimonial must do two key things: 1) concentrate on a specific problem and 2) provide specific details.

A problem-centered viewpoint is the key to convincing a doubtful audience.

Go to LinkedIn.com and have a look at the testimonials folks have written for each other. You’ll soon see that all those well-meaning blurbs mix together pretty quickly: “Sandy is the sharpest person I have ever worked with”; “Lynn is a real accounting whiz!”; “Bob is smart, nice, and tons of fun!”

It’s no different for products & services, either- – they are “all good”, all the time.

The result? Even though reviews can be handy, we start to discount them. We start to see all that fluff and puffery as nothing more than hype and hyperbole.

You can change that. Small business expert Sean d’Souza advises an extremely handy tool called the “Reverse Testimonial.” Reverse testimonials are particularly persuasive because they start with a nagging doubt/problem and then go on to show the way in which the person, product, or service triumphed over that initial objection.

Let’s re-do our LinkedIn examples to see this system at work:

– “Too many PhDs are full of ‘head-knowledge ‘ and can’t cross the bridge from theory-land into the real world. Sandy is different. Sandy takes all that intellectual horse-power and channels it into practical solutions, like the time…”

– “I thought all advertising execs were shallow, flashy folks who just wanted to win awards for creating hip commercials until I met Lynn. What Lynn does is…”

– “When you first meet Bob, he looks like a scurvy pirate, but really, he is smart, nice, and tons of fun!”(wink- – simply a reminder to use this technique with discretion).

Do you see what a difference this system can make? And obviously, it’s not just for giving recommendations. The next time you ask for testimonials on your business, encourage your clients to talk about their primary concern (s) and what happened once they went forward with you.

Deliver more details to improve your impact.

The strongest reviews, recommendations, & endorsements provide precise details to help an audience internalize if a solution will work for them.

This weekend, a coupon in the Sunday paper for a dog-and-cat-hair product featured a marvelous quote signed by “Pet Owner in NY City.” Pet Owner in N. Y. City? ! Can we narrow that down just a little, fellows? ! Wouldn’t you be more predisposed to trust a testimonial from “Barbara in the Bronx”? Or better yet ,: “Barbara Jenkins, Bronx, NY “, with a picture of both Barbara and her ‘baby ‘, followed by a story about how difficult it is to get Bailey’s brown fur off her favorite living room chair and light-colored carpet before visitors arrive? Can’t you see how those explicit details might really connect with this corporation’s target audience?

Looking for particular details makes you a more discerning consumer, too. If I had taken a few additional moments to really read some of the five-star reviews on amazon.com for that new business book I just read, I could have discerned that they were full of puffery & low in detailed business or marketing insights. What a great reminder: any time a seller uses the ‘friends-and-family ‘ plan to score near-perfect ratings, it’s “buyer beware!”

So remember- – it’s all about clearing up the problem and adding credible details:

To read, write, or leverage reviews to your benefit, first identify the real issue that must be unravelled and then add supporting details that make it more relevant to a particular situation.

So the next time you give or get a recommendation, try these 2 straightforward steps… You and your audience will appreciate the difference they can make!

Marie Elwood is an Atlanta marketing strategy consultant who helps top branding companies with new products and consumer insights.