Dec 292011

When it comes to creating the ideal living space for you and your household, a smart carpet investment could make the difference between a room that no one cares to be in and everyone’s favorite room in the house. Every different room in your home will probably call for its own style of flooring, and if you want to get the kind of carpeting that makes the most sense for each room, you should probably understand a few things about the different styles of carpeting that are currently available.

There are only a handful of carpeting types for you to choose from, from the low-profile style of Berber to the plush and luxurious king of comfort that is more commonly known as Saxony. Berber is a surprisingly cheap choice that you could purchase for many different areas of the home that don’t require much comfort or buoyancy, but it is so flat and low-profile that it is not really something you’d want to lay in your family den.

If you want a room that is more utilitarian in nature, such as an office or a home gym, you would be wasting something as luxurious as Saxony by laying it in there, since it is intended for rooms that you want to be comfortable and able to relax in. You may be looking for new flooring for a room that is a bit more casual, such as a children’s play room or a casual sitting room, for which Frieze is a nice medium choice that is both casual and comfortable, as is Textured Plush.

Different kinds of carpeting also come with a different difficulty level of cleaning, so you want to be careful about what types you use in rooms where there is a big potential for food mess or and dirty shoe tracks. You may want to cover your entire house in Saxony, but since it takes a bit more maintenance when it comes to keeping it vacuumed and pristine, you should consider not putting it any place that sees a lot of traffic, like the hallway or foyer.

If you would prefer not to put so much effort into the type of carpeting that you choose, you could simply cover all of your floors with Textured Plush, since it is the most versatile of all the available carpeting types. But anyone who knows what they have to know in order to make smart carpet shopping decisions should be able to find the exact carpet that they want.

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