May 212012

Buying a vehicle is often known to be a process filled with a significant number of complications and stresses on multiple levels. There are many instances where this purchasing process can be difficult to weigh in when trying to sort through the vast array of competitors that are all attempting to reach as many interested consumers as possible. Consumers that are weighing in this process should understand several suggestions on how to pick a used car as part of their purchasing efforts.

The marketplace of options available to consumers looking for a previously owned vehicle continues to grow. This is a marketplace of options that continues to grow in mass appeal on a multitude of levels as people attempt to find the most cost effective means by which to make this purchase. Drivers are often very particular about the purchasing decision the ultimately make within this process.

Keeping this buying process as easy as possible is something that consumers heavily focus on at all times. The sheer number of variations offered to consumers continues to add up to a very difficult and stressful process for anyone to sort through. Keeping several factors in mind helps anyone pick the very best vehicle for their needs.

An initial consideration of focus is making sure the vehicle has a reduced amount of miles on it. The number of miles currently on the vehicle is always considered a main source of how much more life is left on it upon purchase. This helps provide the ability for people to find the longest lasting vehicle possible.

Make sure that vehicle is in great condition both inside and out. The assessment of its condition should be performed in person and focused on any obvious signs of damage and neglect. This is typically helpful in making sure that all facets of the vehicle are operable and functional.

Drives should also focus on vehicles that are equipped with a detailed history of all maintenance and repair processes that have been performed. This is now a common offering as it helps consumers determine if there are any patterns of issues present that must be dealt with. This should be offered during the initial viewing and test driving process.

A final suggestion on how to pick a used car is assessing its price. The price that is charged by the current owners should be kept as low and reasonable as possible to make this purchase affordable. This is often assessed in relation to the overall quality and condition of the vehicle in question.

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May 122012

If you watch the news or read it online, you should be familiar with the recent batch of car recalls. You may think your car is safe from the recall menace, but don’t celebrate just because your dealer hasn’t sent you anything in the mail. However, there are still ways that you can do your part in ensuring the safety of your car.

If you bought your car new from a reputable dealership, contact them to see if you car is on the recall list. Get in touch with other dealers who also carry the make and model of car you purchased if your dealer’s out of business. The manufacturer’s website is one of the best authorities when checking if your make and model is up for recall. You will most likely be pushed back to the dealer, so be prepared for this should your car be up for recall.

If your car is on the recall list, that’s the time to set up an appointment for the repair. It would be more polite to schedule an appointment rather than just walking in. This gives the dealership time to order parts, staff accordingly, and ensure that they’re giving your vehicle enough time to make the repair. You just might fall asleep waiting if you walk in.

Next thing to do is to have all your ducks conveniently in a row – ask them how long the repair would take, if you would need to loan a car, and if the repair is going to cost you – it shouldn’t. You shouldn’t pay because it is their defect that led to the recall. Their fault, they pay. The dealership, though, may not be able to let you rent a car for free if the repairs would take one night or more. You should have other choices. One such option would be a shuttle service. A shuttle service would be able to drop by for you before work once you drop off the car, then return for you after work. Regardless if you wait, take the shuttle or rent a loaner, being without your car, even for a few hours is tough, so plan ahead.

Documentation is essential whenever your car ends up on the recall list. Keep every piece of paperwork that you get regarding your car. Print out and save any email correspondence you have with the dealership or manufacturer, as well as any vital information found on a website. Also keep any estimates or receipts for the work. This may be the most important part of the recall process, so keep everything in order! If you have disputes regarding the cost of repairs or safety of your car, you will need this file.

All the tips above are applicable only for newer vehicles. If you are driving a used car, you will need to verify whether it is still covered by the recall. Don’t jump into any hasty conclusions. And take note that different models would have different reasons behind the recall. Don’t go rushing in like a fool, read up on the issue at hand and find out what it is before having your car repaired. Know what the problem is going in, how they intend to fix it, and keep any proof that shows the issue has been repaired.

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May 082012

There are a few simple ways to perform little tasks on your car without destruction or complexities. Every level of experience for car repairs is addressed in several different manuals whether online, or in a book. A drastic improvement in the resale of a car and the overall performance can be achieved through small maintenance performed by the owner.

Although DIY automotive maintenance cannot replace a regular service at the shop, it can help maintain a car between services, and help stretch out the service intervals if budget constraints require more time between servicing.

Clean battery posts, new windshield wipers, and properly filled fluids under the hood of the car are all easy maintenance jobs that can be performed by the car owner to save a trip to the mechanics.

A radiator flush keeps corrosion from building up inside the radiator, ensuring that the cooling system in the car works properly. Radiator flushes are an easy way to participate in DIY maintenance of your car, using the right items, from the comfort of your home.

Changing brake pads and discs is pretty straightforward for most people who can handle tools. Pad replacements can be pinpointed by how much pressure you have to apply before your car stops, or a squeaking sound your car makes every time you brake. Many local automotive parts retailers have a variety of brand name and off brand items for your car.

Keeping the ABS sensors clean can prevent the ABS warning light from switching on and leading the owner to believe the brakes needed to be serviced. After you realize where the sensors are, it is easy to wipe them off to keep from having another false alarm. Often this simple job prevents an expensive trip to the repair shop. Take the car into a dealership or shop to check the performance of the car after a maintenance light turns on.

Improving fuel efficiency, car performance, and the prevention of costly affairs are easy to do by the replacement of fuel and air filters. In conclusion to changing air and fuel filters, it is important to have common knowledge about the tools being used.

Oil changes requires the removal of all old oil and for the sump to be filled with clean oil. Oil changes are rather filthy tasks that will clean and maintain the life of the engine.

Practice safety by making sure the car will not roll or move with proper security of tires before beginning. Use an extremely low skateboard or slider for under the car. Otherwise a rubber mat on the ground offers protection from dirt and scrapes.

Car parts are not as hard to replace as it may seem. Just remember the order in which everything was removed, put it back in reverse order, and make sure you use every nut and bolt you took off. Every part of a car is just as important as the next one.

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May 082012

It’s not impossible to slid across an icy road or be unable to see out a foggy windshield.

During the winter months, dangerous driving conditions will increase. Be positive that your car will be up to the test.

Your tires are the first things you need to think about. If you want to avoid feeling frightened that your car has little traction during these weather conditions, then it’s best to put on a set of winter tires. The winter tires today are designed to reduce the risk of slipping and also allows better traction. Keep in mind that the tires are the only part of your vehicle that touches the ground.

Besides getting the right tires, appropriate car maintenance is also important. If you want to be safe on the icy roads, then it’s good to adopt good maintenance practices.

Making sure your tires are properly inflated, rotated, aligned and replacing them whenever necessary is an important thing to consider, regardless of the season. But pressure is reduced when the air inside a tire contracts, and this usually happens when temperatures drop. That’s why it’s vital to check your tire pressure often during winter months. Over inflation or under inflation will cause trouble because it will lessen the gripping action due to the tread not meeting the road surface as it’s supposed to.

When tires have not moved in at least 3 hours or have been driven less than a mile, then they should be checked weekly.

A certified automotive technician should also check components like exhaust, batteries, heating and defrosting systems, and engine. Also remember to keep the vehicle’s main fluids filled to the recommended levels.

Keeping your gas tanks full is also a good idea because not only does it add helpful weight, it also helps to lessen moisture problems within the fuel system.

You’ll feel safer and thankful for the feeling of control while you’re driving knowing that your winter tires are given the right maintenance.

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May 062012

Most cars have AC in order to make summer driving more enjoyable. Everyone suffers when an AC goes in a vehicle in the Summer. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in five o clock traffic with no air conditioner.

In order to conserve fuel, turning on the AC is a no-no, but it’s it’s hot, you may have to. If the car overheats, dangerous things can happen, but if the driver is overheated, road rage can happen. The air conditioner of your vehicle requires almost eight horsepower to function. This does consume fuel. You may need to turn the AC on. When the window is down, a drag will be created, forcing the car to work harder.

How does it all work?

Your air conditioner for your automobile works in the same way your window A/C works. Freon gets sealed. Then, a compressor pressurizes the Freon. The heat around the unit is absorbed as this happens. The hot gas is then dispersed over a series of coils and tubes. Contrary to popular belief, the unit doesn’t produce cold air, it just absorbs hot air. When pressure on the Freon is reduced the gas gets extremely cold and turns to a liquid. Newer models of vehicles use environmentally friendly Freon. It is now not illegal to work on these systems without a special license.

There are several components to the operation of the coolant system.

There is the compressor which is the main part of your air conditioning system. The compressor compresses the Freon. To run, the compressor is connected by a belt to the engine. The clutch is in the compressor and gets turned on when you flip on the AC.

The A/C unit has a condenser that is like a tiny radiator usually located next to the vehicle’s big radiator. The radiator pushes cool air in the car. This air can get super cold so there is a thermal expansion valve that controls the super cool air flow. This is how you will choose the temperature. There is an accumulator that acts as a safety for your system, a filter to collect sludge that collects from the system and different sensors depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

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May 042012

Recently, Renault introduced their new operational director, Tavares Carlos, and also their plans for the next few years. Renault is vigorously aiming to have a strong brand identity in Europe and America and be competitive in the SUV niche in China.

On the other hand, Renault is trying to become an eco-friendly company, so they are mounting solar panels on the roofs of their factories in France. It is the largest project of its sort in the auto industry with more than 450,000 square meters of solar panels producing 60 megawatts of electricity or enough to power a town with a population of 20,000.

The development will commence in June and they will not be finished until February next year. They want to reduce the degree of pollution in the environment. Another project similar to this was started by Seat and they have solar panels set up on their factories in Spain.

The business is additionally doing their best to renew trust after the industrial espionage. Renault is making every effort to be an appealing brand for the general public and do their best to offer high end cars. The industrial espionage scandal damaged the good name of the company but this is only one of the difficulties. The Renault authorities confessed they have a pale image and the design of some of their cars is somewhat obsolete.

Major changes began to happen at the company the moment Renault hired Laurens van den Acker as chief designer. The Clio is predicted to be the first car under Renaults new perception with a redesigned body and engine as well as state of the art electronics.

Moreover, Renault sold 150 000 vehicles of medium and superior class in 2005 and the sales from this past year hardly got over 100 000. The new line of Renault cars are not likely to hit the market until the 2014-15 season, they need to do their best to exploit those cars that sell well in their current line. The French media said that Tavares needs to attempt to even the difference between the partnership with Nissan as Nissan has sold more than four million cars while Renault has sold just 2.6 million cars.

Renault has a huge disadvantage; the company is not found in China and this problem must be solved in 2013-2016. Furthermore, they do not have pretty much any presence in the United States since they left decades ago. There aren’t any clear plans concerning the American markets but Renault will try to consolidate its position in Russia and Brazil. So far, they havent had much success in India but continue to develop for this market with newer and improved car models.

Therefore, for Renault to realize their goal of selling an additional 400,000 cars in the next few years, they will need to continue to innovate and improve the designs on all their cars.

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May 032012

Do you commute for miles to avoid wasting a few cents on the price of gasoline? Do you think hard about driving to a place, afraid of what you’ll have to pay to refill the tank, with fuel prices mounting all the time? You might always get yourself a bicycle, and dispose of your car keys, but there are some things that you can do before resorting to that.

Thankfully there are quite a few free and easy ways of saving on fuel. Do you ever check the tires to see if they are correctly inflated? Under-inflated tires cause elevated fuel consumption, so you can save gas by just making sure your tires are at the right pressure. A basic tire gauge is all you need to regularly check your tire pressure and save on gas, for free. It really is worth knowing that what you pay for the fuel you get is affected by what time of day you stop to refuel.

Liquids expand while it gets warmer and shrink with cold, and, since gas is liquid, it figures that you’ll get the best deal at the coldest time of day. Early mornings are often cold, so getting your gas then enables you to save gas while avoiding the risk of traffic jams. It’s great that we now have websites which tell you where gas is being sold cheapest, but obviously if you have to go far for a few pennies off you may end up not saving anything. A clean car looks and feels better, but washing it gets to be so much easier when you know your car will use less fuel if you keep it clean.

A clean car or truck will cause less drag, just like swimmers shaving off all of their body hair, or skiers sporting skin-tight racing suits, to go faster. Cleaning the car could become a fun thing for the whole family to do. Whenever the weather is adequately warm, children love playing in the water. How many times have you been at a traffic light and you revved up your engine to make an impression on another person? You probably never noticed that if you revved your engine 15 times, you just wasted enough fuel to travel a mile. Perhaps it isn’t much, unless you do it often. Think it over next time you get stuck without gas.

You’re going to get the top gas mileage from your car when you service it regularly, much as you may hate the idea. It’s a trade-off in the short term, between the additional gas you pay for when the car isn’t running optimally, and the amount you pay to have it serviced. It is quite crucial to have new spark plugs, clean air filters, and clean oil, in addition to an oil filter.

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May 022012

So as to save money, many people today are starting out to do car repairs by themselves. If you are one of those individuals, there are some items you really need. A couple of must-have items are generally a battery charger and a car starter. Because of this, we have decided to take a good look at the Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style Charger And Starter.

The one thing I have always hated about fixing my own cars is the fact that between starting them over and over and leaving the doors open so the dome light stays on, I’d have to charge the battery in order to get the car to start up again. I am certain you have been repairing a car and when you go to start it you find out that the battery is dead. After that you have to put the car on a charger and wait around for anywhere from 5 to 10 hours, depending on your charger, before you can start the car. So I was quite happy to discover that they are starting to sell charger and starter models for personal use. Even so the beauty of the new units is that you don’t have to pay $500 to $1,000 for a unit that gives you all the benefits of the more expensive units.

A Schumacher SE-4020 10/40/200-AMP Wheel-Style Charger And Starter happens to be an example of these cost-effective units. This unit can be so dynamic, that specialists use this particular model as well. I have a cousin who owns a garage and when his first $1000 unit broke down, he went out and bought two Schumacher units for just under $300.

When using the 10 amp option you can fully charge a battery in about 3 to 5 hours. What’s best of all is that you will charge a battery in forty minutes to two and a half hours if you crank it up to 40 amps. Not to mention my favorite feature is the 200 amp setting designed to allow you to jump start a car almost instantly. You can change between six and twelve volts so you can use this charger to charge up motor bikes and lawn tractors as well.

Another nice function would be the built in timer so you can charge something for a specific period of time without having to remember to turn it off. You do not need to fret about overcharging your battery all over again. The Schumacher system comes in handy all through the winter considering that cars usually have a hard time starting up, so you can use this unit to get a quick boost.

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May 022012

Every day people drive their vehicle but most have little idea how the car runs. For many people, it is a struggle just to have their car go through a scheduled maintenance. It’s way too easy for us to not think of it, but we need to make sure that the electrical system is properly maintained.

For those who know nothing about the workings of a car, the electrical system is only a cluster of wires. However, the big picture is that these wires are necessary in delivering the electricity the car needs to run. The power system of a car is tremendously complex and sophisticated with components like the voltage regulator, fuse panel, solenoid, starter and battery. The battery could possibly be the primary portion of the car, but others are equally necessary. A 12-volt battery energizes each of the electrical requirements of the system.

The battery pack is consistently being energized by the generator, or alternator. The alternator is attached to the engine by way of a belt which recharges the battery and keeps the car in motion. The voltage of electrical energy produced in the battery is passed on to the starter in order to start the vehicle. Therefore if the electric battery has no charge, your car won’t start. That is why the battery pack is such an essential part of your car’s overall system. It holds all of the power needed to make the car move, and also to enable the things such as clocks, radio and car alarm to function.

The battery pack functions by having six cells that are divided into negative and positive plates through insulators. They are immersed in an electrolyte material composed of water and sulfuric acid. The alternator similarly creates electricity which powers the engine controls and ignition. The belt-driven alternator is utilized to transform AC power directly into DC power. The most significant consumer of electrical power is the starter, and without this element working the car wouldn’t start. The power is administered and controlled by the solenoid and ignition switch. When you are getting into your car and switch on the ignition switch, a lot happens, quite quickly to make your car start.

All of the electrical parts of the car links to the all-important fuse panel. The panel contains fuses that prevents the power system from overloading or short circuiting. When you at least have a fundamental idea of how your car’s electrical system works, it will possibly help you when you next need repairs.

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May 022012

The potential risk of having an accident is greater for people over 50 years old, but, even so, anyone driving a car is subject to some risk. It might be your mistake or the fault of the other party, but in both circumstances you are involved and stressed. The only way that will stop the situation going down hill, is for both parties to make an endeavor to be rational. If you are in a vehicle accident, here are some tips which will help you to face the situation more successfully.

Right after an accident, try to get your automobile off the highway. This is usually a preventive measure against the occurrence of subsequent collisions. Whenever your car remains on the road, other vehicle operators, who have not a clue about the accident, may also collide with the already crashed vehicle, making the situation worse. Thus, delivering your car off the road without delay is very important. After that, switch on your hazard lights, to ensure that others can see the danger from a distance. Obviously, this is essential to the prevention of further accidents.

Transferring your car off the road is the first thing to do after an accident. This can be very essential to avoid even more accidents. Other drivers could be taken unawares by a crashed automobile on the road and smash into it, making an already bad situation worse. Therefore the urgency connected with removing the crashed vehicles from the highway. Your emergency warning lights should be turned on as soon as possible, so that others can see the danger timeously. Again, this is crucial to avoid more accidents.

As a second step, you have to call the police – whether someone is injured or not, you have to call the police anyway. Their task is to check the scene of the accident, identify what happened and book or fine some of the participants. Your insurance policy furthermore mandates that a police report be made out. You’ll find that if you have no police report your insurance company can refuse to help you.

Talk with the other person / persons and find out if they need medical aid. If you have a first-aid box in your car, supply them with immediate medical aid. It really is pointless to talk to them about the accident before the arrival of police. Whenever both parties vehemently insist on their interpretation of events it might become difficult to settle matters. Remain calm and rather concentrate on offering the injured medical help. Your insurance provider ought to be informed as soon as you have the police report. Many companies offer you a towing service allowing it to move the automobile off the road or to the workshop themselves. The insurance company’s first goal is the restoration of your vehicle. Talk to a quality workshop for the repair service of your automobile. The trend now is for insurance companies and repair shops to liaise directly, minimizing your time and reducing the administration overhead.

It’s imperative that you check the brakes as well as the alignment of the wheels as well, to avoid a road accident. Just before undertaking a journey, pay due consideration to the weather conditions. If it is raining a great deal or snowing, rather travel by public transport instead of riding your own automobile. Remember to keep a compact first aid kit in your car, which is very important after a collision. Always taking an extra bit of care will lessen your chances of being in an accident. However, if it happens, manage your nerves and try to remain calm. You will manage better if you are able to handle the stress. And don’t forget that trading choice expletives with the other party won’t help matters at all, so keep a check on your composure.

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