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The web is a good source if you are seeking recommendations and services about car audio and car stereo installation. There are several automotive audio equipment installers in the market. Have you ever wondered which one gives the best service at the best price? There are numerous factors that you should consider before selecting the right car-audio custom installation service company.

Three aspects that you need to think about are:

– Is the service company capable of performing all of your required jobs?
– How much do they charge?
– How fast can they deliver the final product?

Most of the time of the time car audio installation firms offer services aside from just stereo installation. If you visit one of the service companies you would notice that they will probe first about what kind of audio system you like, do you need other vehicle features like car security, or a car entertainment system. There are several sorts of stereo systems, so expect being asked on the sort of speaker systems you’d like or if you want audio accessories like earphones or amplifiers.

Speakers also vary in size and shape so select the one that most closely fits your automobile. Bigger speakers don’t always mean that they will give better sound. To make sure that the audio system is properly installed, it is best to have the installation of car audio done by a certified car audio expert. These highly skilled individuals are certified to install and check any vehicle audio system. You can also refer to them if you have questions regarding correct maintenance of the car sound system. They can also extend help if you’re comparing quality of different types of car audio and car stereo.

If you've got any concerns about the instalation of your car sound system, it is best to ask people who've got the right knowledge and have got years of expertise.Gearing your auto audio or car stereo is an investment so better do it the best way.

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Sep 072011

The formats responsible for surround sound are much more complex than the stereo sounds we hear coming from the radio or TV. This is why you need often need a system like the Sony BRAVIA DVD Home Theater System to process and produce quality surround sound. Let’s take a look at these different surround sound formats. Dolby Laboratories Formats – It was Dolby labs that pioneered the surround sound formats and have led the way with continuous advancement. Over time they have come up with a wide variety of formats.

Dolby Digital – This is the lossy audio compression format that popularized surround sound. It can support channel configurations from mono to 5.1 channel systems. It makes use of many channels to transmit audio at a setup that is true or virtual surrounds.

Dolby Digital EX – This is the Dolby Digital’s extension that is able to perform audio from up to 7 channels (6.1), but the center of the rear channel is frequently divided into two rear speakers for a 7.1 orientation. The new 7.1 surround system in theaters uses this format to place three front speakers and four rear surround speakers for a full 360-degree surround sound experience.

Dolby Surround and Dolby Pro Logic – These are the earlier versions of the Dolby Digital format, the former being the encoding counterpart to the latter’s decoding technology to extract the four channels (left, center, right, and surround) of the encoded Dolby Surround audio.

Before selecting a surround system for your home, for example the Klipsch Theater 300 , you need to consider whether it is compatible with Dolby, DTS, or both. Also verify which version or format within each standard.

DTS Formats – The competing company for Dolby is DTS Inc. (formerly known as Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) Its own brand of surround sound formats is the DTS Digital Surround and its various improvements.

DTS Digital Surround – Like Dolby Digital it is also configured as a 5.1 channel surround sound codec. Though DTS Digital Surround has some significant distinctions. First is it provides higher data rates, hence DTS has an edge over Dolby in audio quality especially in home theaters. Two, it uses more of the disc’s data capacity because of number one.

DTS Extended Surround – The counterpart of Dolby Digital EX is this format. It uses a matrix scheme that decodes audio data from the rear surround speakers. In this regard it is not truly a 6.1 channel system. Its variant, the DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 is the true 6.1 because it employs its own data stream independent of the rear surround channels.

DTS-HD – DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio is another extension to the DTS Digital Surround format. The two formats are able to support 7.1 channels surround sound, the latter supports a virtually infinite number of channels.

Whichever of the competing company surround sound formats you use, what you really have to do is ascertain that your hardware is compatible to the media products you own, especially if you utilize a component home theater system in which the separate components are of varying brands.

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Aug 092011

Since the early 1950’s when film projector equipment became more affordable, home cinema, or more commonly known as a home theater, has exploded in popularity. From then on there has been a steady stream of progress in the technologies behind this pastime.

For one thing, at a time practically immemorial, home theater systems consisted of nothing more than a standard television set or a projector, a VHS, and speakers capable of at least stereo audio. Presently, they consist of a range of input and output devices. A few examples are PC desktops for media streaming, Blu-ray 3D players, HD/3D video projectors and projector screens and complete digital surround sound systems like the Yamaha 393BL.

The entertainment industry has flourished successfully and has gone beyond the boundaries of the technology of the past and made it more advanced now. In other words, it’s certainly no surprise that such a progress was made possible what with the evolution of both innovation and technology.

The Purpose of Home Theater – Home theaters are meant to give a movie house experience within the comfort of your home. Some home theaters even go beyond just an entertainment set but customize their own room to get the feel or even go beyond a movie house, not just an actual experience of it but more.

Understanding the Basics of Home Theater – But going back to the basics, a home theater is made up of three elements of essence. One, you’ll need an audio/video feed or source. The advancement in the technology of today can provide countless devices that will give you a one of a kind entertainment. As mentioned earlier these may include: a home theater PC; a Blu-ray, DVD, LaserDisc, or VHS player; a satellite or cable feed; or a game console such as the Xbox or PS3.

Second thing you should have is either a Preamplifier and a Sound Processor or a stand-alone AV receiver. The former are receivers that amplify sounds from any given compatible source as well as route video signals to your viewing device. A preamplifier or just preamp alone is responsible in preparing a small audio signal for amplification processing and switches between various line level sources. It also adjusts for volume control. A Sound Processor analyzes digital surround sound audio formats (much more complex than simple stereo) such as Dolby Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby True-HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio among others.

Third, you’ll need an audio-video output device. You will need a lot of audio devices, at least two speakers for decency and at most five to seven separate speakers located strategically around the listeners for surround sound (you can have as much as 11 speakers including subwoofers, which are bass enhancers). For video, an LCD, HD, 3D, or plasma TV may be utilized as well as an LCD, HD, or 3D video projector with a compatible projection screen.

Perks over Actual Theaters – Home theaters like the Panasonic BT230 can be inexpensive yet more preferable than actual theaters mostly because they are yours for the taking. With home theater you will not experience the hassle of falling in line with some unruly persons and you’re sure you won’t miss a thing in the movie. Your comfort will also not compare to any other movie house since it’s your home. Truly there’s no place like home, and no viewing venue like a home theater.

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Jul 222011

We’ve all heard of MP3, WMA, WAV, and AAC files and they often are mentioned in electronic devices that play audio. We may likely understand them on the surface but what differences does one audio format actually make from another and how does it affect the quality of the sound it carries? Well let’s delve into the basic aspects so we can distinguish one from the other not just in identity but also in function.

File Size Large data simply takes up too much space on media playback devices and so technology gave birth to the compression method of such large data, allowing them to be reproduced as files with much smaller sizes.

The Waveform Audio File format, popularly known as WAV is the standard uncompressed audio format used by Microsoft operating systems (its Mac OS counterpart is the AIFF). Obviously this file is larger than the lossless compressed WMA and lossy compressed MP3, and AAC formats – up to 12 times larger.

Quality of Audio and Compression There are two types of compressed data and those are the lossless and lossy data. The former denotes that the compressed data keeps the original quality of the uncompressed one and is only a little smaller.The latter however, “loses” some of its portions (mostly those inaudible to humans) in exchange for a much greater compression rate. As a result, its size is comparatively smaller, however, its quality may also affected.

Most good quality after market car stereos and many of the newer factory head units will play many of these formats. We have done a few reviews on some stereos that play some or all of these formats. Just take a look at the double DIN JVC KW-XR810, and the DVD playing Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD.

Microsoft originally made the Windows Media Audio format to use lossy compression, however, more development was done and lossless can be used now (WMA Lossless), while the MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (MP3) and the Advanced Audio Coding format (AAC) are still using lossy compression audio files.

The MP3 format is widely known and used, since it became a standard to most established software and hardware companies like Microsoft and IBM. Utilizing set bit rates – the amount of data to be used per second – the MP3 format can be controlled to provide higher quality audio at higher bit rates and consequently at greater compressed sizes.

The latest format which is the AAC format is not yet well-known but it provides a better quality at a specific bit rate than an MP3 file with the same bit rate. The difference is more significant as lower bit rates are used. This audio format is the standard utilized by Apple.

The Common Uses and Their Benefits Each of these formats is preferred in different circumstances as each of them has its own advantages. WAV files, being large in size are not anymore practical in file sharing and transfer. However, they continue to be preferred in instances when storage capacity is of no concern and simple-structured, high-quality audio editing is.

WMA formats are a major competitor of MP3 format. Debates are still going on among audiophiles about the quality, if it really overpowers that of the MP3. However, as compressed files go, both of these formats are highly reliable and popular, playable in most programs such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealPlayer, VLC, etc.

The growing format for high quality compressed audio files is the AAC format. Since AAC has its edge in audio quality compared to MP3 format, in no time the popularity of it will continue for the reason that, Apple-the leading promoter for the AAC audio format also continues to govern the digital technology world.

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Jun 292011

Everyone has heard about surround sound since it is commonly available to the public especially through modern movie theaters and cinema. After all, we live in a time of rapidly evolving technologies that it would be unlikely and impractical not to experience them at least for a bit. With the advent of surround sound systems like the, Yamaha YHT-393BL, the home experience has definitely been amplified to accommodate high quality viewing with matching true-to-life sounds that capture the awe and amazement of the viewers.

What is Surround Sound? – Surround sound specifically refers to a multi-channel system created by Dolby Laboratories. However, it may also be used to generally refer to a sound system that employs the use of multiple speakers set up at strategic places in relation to the listeners’ locations to create a multi-directional source of sound. Hence, “surround” sound.

How does it Work? – Surround sound systems like the Philips HTS3371D are different from the monaural systems of the old times, since it utilizes channels that output to several different speakers. With respect to a focal point or a sweet spot where the system is best appreciated (universally at the middle), these speakers are set up to make the listener hear the sounds from different directions (front, sides, and back).

This provides the listener with the impression that he is at the sweet spot or at the middle of the movie that he is watching making the experience much more realistic. This is where the attraction for the system becomes relevant to the customer.

Gone is the monotonous single sound that comes out of the earlier devices where there is only one speaker and all aspects and layers of the emitted sound come out solely from that. With this new surround sound you can artistically mix dialogues, sound effects, and music from distinct recordings and you can output them from different speakers. You can also apply some techniques to make the sounds effects of the movie more realistic by making it fade out of particular sound layers from one channel and strengthen the same at another to make the sound seem like it moves around you.

Different Surround Sound Systems – There are many methods where this technology can be used. The most famous and standard of these is the 5.1 channel surround. In this setup, there are six different channels outputting to five different speakers and one subwoofer for bass amplification.

In the 5.1 set up you will need to have three speakers in front (front center, front left and front middle) and another two surround speakers at the back to the left and to the right. This covers not only your front and side hearing, but also the back.

A more high quality system is the 7.1 channel surround. This uses an additional two speakers positioned directly at the two sides of the middle or the sweet spot. The additional speakers work by saturating the sound the audience hears to make it fuller and providing a more detailed directional distinction.

Breaking Boundaries with 10.2 and 22.2 – It seems like 8 channels are not enough since THX developed an even more impressive set up with the 10.2 channel surround system. In this setup, there are the standard left, center, and right channels, a left wide and a right wide channel, two oblique side and one back surround channels, one front left height and one front right height channel, and two subwoofers positioned directly at the sides.

The 22.2 channel surround system is employed by Ultra High Definition Televisions. It distributes 22 speakers across three layers (above ear level, ear level, and below ear level) and 2 subwoofers for extraordinarily explosive listening experiences. Surround sound can’t possibly more all-encompassing than this, or can it?

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Jun 152011

The world has evolved and made a lot of advancement in its technology. The progress of the automotive electronics industry is truly remarkable. Everything around us becomes easier to use, more fun, more reasonable and this is because of the beginning of the information technology and the more advance industrialism.

In that regard it is only fitting that we take some of our time to acknowledge those responsible for these advances and leaps into the future. Especially the leaders in automotive electronics.

Synergistic Clarion – Improving the interaction between sound, information and human operator through their inventive and unique products is a philosophy of this Japanese company. Clarion, an expert in automobile car stereo since 1940’s, came to be on top of the automotive tech field and managed to expand into audio-video devices and car navigation system manufacture and design.

As a forerunner in head units, Clarion upholds its commitment to ambition, creativity, and sincerity in their line of work. One proof of this is the Clarion CZ500.

Inspirational JVC – Another giant Japanese company, JVC intends to capture “The Perfect Experience” with its line of audio and video technology, ranging from televisions and car stereos to cameras and recorders. Experiences are gold and we cherish the stories of our lives. These moments that create beautiful memories are being enriched by JVC’s truly pleasurable music.

JVC is truly improve ones music experience on the road, at home, or in the office. Interested with JVC? Check out the JVC KW-XR810.

Innovative Pioneer – Pioneer leads the way to development with the electronics industry, especially with the sound and music technology in the Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD. Offering daring and genius products such as car stereo components, CD players, GPS Navigation systems for your car, HD plasma displays, and recently organic electroluminescent (OEL) displays, Pioneer is indeed the pioneer of innovative technology.

“Raising entertainment to the level of pure emotion,” the company delivers sound, vision, and soul in every product it offers to the modern era.

Visionary Kenwood – “Listen to the future” through the sounds of Kenwood. Kenwood sees sound and music uniting people and the world, and it aims to be the first to discover the most modern of technology. The company explores multiple horizons of automobile digital entertainment, home sound systems, multimedia expansion, and communication with their open-minded array of products. Kenwood sees happiness as they bridge people into the modern time, linking lives through media technology.

The future is the limit for the progress of the company and of technology for that matter. So, it is not a surprise when we see Kenwood as one of the companies leading in the continuously changing world of automotive electronics.

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Jun 052011

The JVC KW-XR810 is a double-DIN fully featured head unit with all the connectivity a common driver ought to ever need. This head unit has all the elementary features any worthwhile head unit should have along with sophisticated and practical features that push it beyond your typical stereo. These features include a 3.5mm auxiliary input on the front, variable light color, multiple USB ports, three preamp outputs, built-in Bluetooth, and will provide for the easy addition of HD or satellite radio.

Intuitive Navigation – The KW-XR810 provides you with exceptionally simple and intuitive navigation. This begins with the large buttons for preset FM/AM stations for those who appreciate multiple stations. You will also discover that the Menu and Back keys dramatically improve the navigation through the various nested menus and while navigating through your USB drive.

The KW-XR810 Equalizer – This JVC head unit uses a 24-bit TI /Burr-Brown analog-to-digital converter to produce a solid sound base and a three-band Equalizer. The equalizer actually provides 3 different adjustments for at least 3 unique frequencies in the High, Mid, and Low ranges giving around 9 adjustment points. JVC may be being conservative calling it a 3 band EQ or maybe there is some type of technical qualifications.

Either way this EQ allows you to tweak the sound to fit your audio system and your car’s acoustic characteristics.

Helpful Hint: To simplify the EQ adjustment. Find the preset setting close to what you want . Then while pressing this down make the manual adjustments. This adjustment will be saved as a user preset and can be accessed through that particular EQ button. The other option is to go through the Setup >> Audio Menu which can be cumbersome.

50W max (20W RMS) x 4 MOSFET Amplifier – If you are not ready to purchase an amplifier the JVC KW-XR810 has a built-in 20W RMS x 4 MOSFET amplifier. This should be enough power for everyday use and allows you to hold off on purchasing an amplifier or never buying one at all. However, if you currently have an amp or have plans to buy one in the future you still have three 2.5V preamp output terminals one for the front, rear, and a subwoofer.

Sound Quality – The The JVC KW-XR810 Car Stereo can certainly produce quality sound. These are just some of the comments from the reviews, clean, great sound, won’t disappoint, awesome quality sound, sound quality is superb, 10x better than factory, even made the factory speakers sound better and certainly not “over-rated” at 20 watts.

If you take advantage of the several adjustments like the equalizer and at least some simple after market speakers the sound quality can be dramatically improved . Remember the KW-XR810 has its own 20W x 4 Amplifier so the car stereo can drive an after market set of speakers without the extra cost of an amplifier.

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Apr 262011

Security is a big issue these days. Everyone considers themselves threatened in some way or another and there are devices on the market to alert one to these risks. One such system is the vehicle burglar alarm. Vehicle burglar alarms have been about for quite a while, but these days they are very advanced. There are also tens, even hundreds of types of vehicle alarms.

Car burglar alarms are a deterrent to most vehicle thieves or vehicle burglars, but they will never hinder the single-minded, professional crook. There are two kinds of vehicle thieves. There are those who want to steal your car and there are those who want to take its contents. Then there are opportunist car thieves and professional car thieves, some of whom steal to order.

In general, the more features that a car alarm has, the more costly it will be. Some vehicle alarms will have tremor sensors, some will have internal motion sensors and others will have immobilizers, which prevent the engine from being started under certain circumstances. Nowadays, most new vehicles come with a car alarm installed into the vehicle?s electrical system.

Some of these systems are extremely complex, while others, usually cheaper models, are fairly basic. The vehicle alarms on a Bentley, for instance, use digital finger-printing, or biometrics, to open the door and turn on on the ignition.

If your vehicle did not come with a factory-fitted vehicle alarm, you should add one as even fairly sophisticated vehicle alarm systems are relatively inexpensive now. However, most secondary auto alarms are fairly cheap because they still have to be fitted. If you cannot fit a vehicle alarm yourself, the cost of installation is usually more that the initial purchase price.

If you want to source your own vehicle alarm, whether you want to fit it yourself or not, the cheapest place to find one is on the Internet. However, because you will not have sight of the alarm before purchasing it, you should take additional care.

The first point is not to treat the Internet as an opportunity to buy the very cheapest alarm possible. It is a far better idea to use the Internet to purchase a model of car alarm that you already know of at the lowest price.

There is a big difference. First find out which car alarm suits your vehicle and then go surfing for the cheapest retailer. When you have located a few places that sell the item you want quite cheaply, then you should look at the location of the retailer.

It can be a huge advantage to have the retailer near at hand, if there is a problem with the item. This can be even more of a catch with cheaper models.

Next you should inspect the terms and conditions of the retailer?s sales and returns policy, especially if the retailer is situated in a country that is not your own. It is always safer to buy from your own country if it has good consumer protection regulations.

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