Apr 232012

In January 2011, Tom Mele and LJ James came up with the crazy idea of being on the Radio together! The Show Started off at Long Islands Oldest Radio Station WGBB 1240 AM with the idea of doing a Radio Show in a classic style but at the same time it would be a party! The idea was to throw a party and invite everyone on Long Island and see who showed up! [I:http://autorepairarticles.com/autorepairarticles/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/MaddieHousier1.jpg]

After just over a month, Tom and LJ where in talks with one of Long Islands Premier FM Rock Stations, to bring their brand of insanity to FM Radio. LJ and Tom came up with the idea to take the Saturday Morning 8am to 10pm spot and make the show a Long Island Saturday Morning Comedy Radio Show for the hard working Men and Women of Long Island who need to work Saturdays to keep Long Island Running.

Tom and LJ gambled that if Monday through Friday Morning Shows where successful why not a Saturday morning Show? The Show brought to its listeners every Weekend The best Events happening on Long Island, it Spot Lighted Local LI shops and businesses, Interviews with well known and not so well known Long Islanders , Live in Studio each Week the best talent from the LI Music Scene and Long island news and Off the wall Comedy in the way only Tom Mele and LJ James could bring you. Soon the Show was reviewed as ‘The greatest thing to happen to Saturday Mornings since Cartoons”

Things went great and the listening audience grew faster then anyone could have hoped for. The Party was getting Crazy. It seemed everyone was showing up to be a part of it! Things seemed perfect.

At first there where just a few Suggestions from the Stations management, little things like play more of this band, How to sign on and off, nothing out of hand. Then it seemed everyone had a suggestion and then everyone wanted to be involved and tell them how to run the show. All of a sudden there where just too many different people from the Stations management involved trying to make The Long Island Old School Radio Show what they thought it should be.

Even now no one is sure if these people wanted credit for the success of the show or the reason or logic was behind it all. Because of it Chaos ensued. After talking LJ and Tom realized as much as they both Loved being on a well known Long Island FM Radio Station and making Saturday Mornings better for all the working Men and Women of Long Island, They could not continue with the Stations demands and interference. After talking to the Stations owner they parted ways with Long Islands 2nd best Rock Station.

Right away LJ and Tom started going to meetings looking to bring the show some where else. Before they could even get their feet on the ground and catch their breath, Tom and LJ got the phone call that Marc Hauptman the shows web designer, Board operator and close personal friend had crashed on his Motorcycle and was gone!

Have you ever seen the yin and yang symbol? There is a thin line in the middle that keeps yin and yang separated. That line was Marc always between Tom and LJ. With out Marc every thing just blended together into one big mess!

For a while things looked as if the party was over and the Boys would go their separate ways. There where phone calls and meetings with production companies about Radio Shows and TV Shows. With the lose of Marc so fresh neither Tom nor LJ really had their hearts fully into the meetings and it seemed as if they all wanted too much creative control.

After a while Tom and LJ started talking again about a Show and what they wanted to do, neither where ready to do the same type of show again right away. They talked about something different the idea of doing an online show started forming. They told each other that by doing an online show They would have full creative control and they would own everything! After hours of brain storming they came up with a new name for the show “The Tom and LJ Show” With only a very basic idea of what they where doing Tom and LJ started inviting everyone to the new party!.

In truth the online show was more for Tom and LJ to find there way with out Marc in between them. Because both Tom and LJ are too stubborn, or too stupid to give up. Most people who know them would say its 50/50.

Soon Tom and LJ received a call from a guy named Vince Alcarese who said he had the skills and the drive to help them take the online show to the next level. Vince met with LJ and Tom and showed them what he could do. Vince had done Pod cast shows for years and had experience! Vince was also very different then Marc and was exactly what the show needed. There would be no replacing Marc, but there was now a way to move on with the show in Marc’s Memory as He would have wanted. Soon Vince was part of the Family and as the shows them song says the Boys where Back in Town!

Things have grown and changed a lot in just over a year the “LI Old School Radio Show” in now “The Tom and LJ Show” and the Tom and LJ Show is now under “Madhouse TV”(MadhouseTV.com) with many new shows looking to come on board with them ! [I:http://autorepairarticles.com/autorepairarticles/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/MaddieHousier0.jpg]

Tom and LJ have had as many ups and downs in just one year as some shows threw in 10 years, the Boys have shown they have the true spirit of the entertainment world and that no matter what the up coming years may thrown at them “The Show must always go on!”

Tom and LJ have built a State of the Art Studio ans with Vince running the Controls. They Curently do a weekly show on Thursdays at 8pm EST. The show might not be for everyone, but for Tom , LJ , Vince and the Thousands of fans world wide who tune in every week for a Show so out there it can not be defined, it is a #1 Hit !

Is a return to Long Island Saturday Mornings a Possibility for Tom and LJ in the near Future? No one can say for sure. But the one thing we do know is that these Boys never left Town. !!!

Maddie Housier is a huge participant of lots Online Show Maddie Housier also enjoys Ed Hardy style Clothing. Check here for free reprint license: Tom Mele And LJ James Best Comedy Duo On TV.

Feb 162012

It’s anyone’s worst nightmare; an ill family member or friend let down by the very person they thought could save them, their doctor. Unfortunately, between 2010 and 2011, we saw a 30% rise in medical negligence claims, suggesting that the General Medical Council (of the GMC) are not being strict enough.

This 30% increase means that the NHS has to find the money to foot a 15.7bn bill (a cost which will mainly go towards the care of those let down by their doctor). But although the cost it bad enough, people are growing increasingly concerned that the General Medical Council (or the GMC) are not doing enough to ensure inadequate doctors are fined or, in the most severe cases, struck off.

The GMC are an independent body that regulates the training and practicing of doctors throughout the UK, including the doctors register. Their focus, therefore, is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. But are the GMC really doing enough?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that no; the GMC aren’t doing enough. A case in the South West of England saw two doctors specialising in breast cancer hold onto their license following a series of life-threatening blunders between 1991 and 1997. Despite wrongly giving 82 cancer patients the all-clear, resulting in 11 subsequent deaths, Dr John Brennan and Dr Graham Urquhart were only charged with serious professional misconduct, and thus allowed to continue practicing as doctors (albeit with certain restrictions).

Other reports by independent health committees have shown many experienced doctors aren’t up to the same level as newly qualified physicians. And worryingly, in 2007, it was revealed in the media that there were at least 11 working doctors with previous sex convictions, with the GMC stating: ‘an automatic bar (on doctors with sex convictions), without exception, would not be compatible with human rights legislation’. But just as there are cases against the GMC not being strict enough, a recent announcement reveals how doctors who deft their terminally ill patients the right to refuse life-saving treatment will be struck off, showing that perhaps the GMC is listening the public concern over negligence.

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Dec 202011

Congress and the president have designated ten days as federal holidays. Being ‘federal’, these holidays technically only pertain to federal employees and inhabitants of the District of Columbia, although they are so widely observed that they can be thought of as national holidays.

Officially, it is up to each individual state to designate public holidays. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Friday before or the Monday after is given in lieu to make a long weekend.

New Year’s Day (January 1) – celebrating the New Year dates back to pre-Christian times, when rites were performed to attempt to ensure the return of Spring.

Martin Luther King Jnr. Day (third Monday in January) – before he was shot dead in 1968, Martin Luther King Jnr. was the foremost civil rights leader of the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Congress set this day aside to celebrate his life and achievements in 1983.

Washington’s Birthday (third Monday in February) – originally it was celebrated on Washington’s actual birthday, the 22nd of February, but it was moved in 1971 to make a long weekend. It is sometimes known as Presidents’ Day, because it is close to Lincoln’s birthday on the 12th February.

Memorial Day (last Monday in May) – also known as Decoration Day, it honours soldiers fallen in battle.It originates from the Civil War and is customarily marked by parades and services.

Independence Day (4th July) – this, the most significant US holiday, marks the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. It was first celebrated in 1777 and is marked by fireworks, parades and speeches.

Labor Day (first Monday in September) – this, the idea of Peter J. McGuire, the president of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, was adopted in 1894 to celebrate American workers.

Columbus Day (second Monday in October) – Christopher Columbus and his crew landed in the Bahamas on Oct 12th 1492. It was first commemorated in 1792, although it was not officially recognized until 1909. It is a cause of special pride to Italian-Americans, who claim the Genoan voyager as their own.

Veterans Day (Nov 11th) – or Armistice Day commemorates the end of the First World War on Nov 11th 1918. It was made a legal holiday in 1938, but its name was changed in 1954 to honour all American veteran soldiers.

Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November) – it was first commemorated in Plymouth County, Massachusetts in 1621, the year in which the Pilgrims landed in the New World to give thanks for the new harvest and the new land they had colonized. President Lincoln proclaimed it a holiday in 1863.

Christmas Day (December 25th) – Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Nov 252011

Nuclear energy breakthroughs have proliferated all around the world, and countries with the wherewithal to do so have amped up the number of new nuclear energy locations. This increased interest in nuclear power has been one of the major developments to come out of 2011.

While the United States remains a frontrunner in nuclear energy technology, other states are exploring either beginning or further developing their own nuclear energy resources. This, in turn, has made nuclear energy more abundant worldwide.

Nuclear energy is one of the most consistent and sustainable sources of power development and will continue to be in the future. China’s mix of research and aggressive importation of technology has launched it to becoming on par with the United States in the development of new nuclear plants.

While the United States has eased off building new nuclear energy plants, China has amped up construction. It’s fair to say that while the United States continues to be the leader when it comes to nuclear energy development in 2011, but other countries are quickly moving into position to catch or perhaps pass them in nuclear construction.

African states have long relied on traditional fuels to power their cities; nonetheless, they are looking towards cost-effective nuclear energy solutions also, in part because the transportation of traditional fuels in those states is just too pricey.

As such, so as to meet the needs of its voters, African nations are moving toward building nuclear power plants also. Nuclear energy development used to be something that just one or two countries could afford to do; now, with its expansion across the globe, nuclear energy is beginning to become less expensive and cleaner to provide.

That in turn has prompted many countries to think about building new sources of nuclear energy. That is one of the largest developments in nuclear energy in 2011.

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Mar 192011

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the optimal men’s men of the big screen, in the last couple of decades, flexing his muscles on and off screen he has continued on with his muscle bound style even as he became governor of the state of California. When politics is involved, people take notice of the intricate details of the car you drive and the clothes you wear. Regardless of the situation, one has to keep their promises and the money where their mouth is. A Hummer is one of the quintessential muscle cars of our generation. Regardless of its class, hummers and muscle cars are known for their significant gas consumption. With a reputation for muscle cars to maintain, Mr. Schwarzenegger has to juggle his priority in the political world. Will one destroy the other?

The laws governing greenhouse gas emissions in new passenger vehicles also known as Corporate Average Fuel Economy or C A F E have succeeded in lowering the fuel consumption and car emissions since in the 1970s. Brought about by Arab oil embargos, these laws were meant to help us stop depending on oil and the countries we buy oil from and look towards alternative fuels. Alternative fuels have sounded a bit outrageous at times, fuel made from corn, and electric cars. Technology has once again amazed us.

The Toyota Prius is a great start in the field of electric cars and the use of alternative fuels, but if you are taller than 6 feet it may be a bit difficult to drive, and if you have to carry a soccer team or a load of groceries, the Prius probably will not hit the mark. So Governor Arnold Mr. Schwarzenegger teamed up with General Motors to develop and manufacture something new. So the question becomes a big, strong, Hummer versus a small practical economical car?

The H1 was created and in an effort for bigger, stronger, muscles moved on to the H2 and the H2H, after years and Hummer to Hummer, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger finally traded in his old Ferrari Spider for the new improved, electric Hummer.

The ideal solution is to search for a car that is suitable to carry the capacity of the average family and their belongings at an affordable price. To find a “green” car that is also inexpensive is far off, to find something new, alternative fuels for gas guzzling vehicles such as the Hummer maybe nearly impossible. When you consider it costs about $11.50 to drive an hour or 40 miles versus about $4.00 in the average American non-electric car, it may be quite some time before the general public will be able to afford the luxury of being both “green” and “economical”. With the people like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger nudging the industry along great strides are being made, as our need for alternative fuels increases, so will our options, but for now, The Terminator is still waiting for the Rise of the Machines. For now, we have to ponder if the The Terminator is going to “be back” with solutions to alternative fuels.

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